Revision history for Test-NoBreakpoints

2021-02-23  v0.16
    - Convert build to ExtUtils::MakeMaker

2012-02-16  v0.15
    - fix RT#75059
    - Fix tests to not exclude author only tests when it isn't appropriate
      to do so (e.g. file finds / counts)

2012-01-04  v0.14
    - apply patch from
    - Remove deprecated methods
    - Convert to Dist::Zilla
    - Make tests pass under 'dzil smoke'
    - Make tests pass under 'dzil test' and 'prove'

2005-01-13  v0.13
    - change 'brkpts' to 'breakpoints' on the advice of Andy Lester The old
      names still exist, but will emit warnings unless supressed using the
      warnings pragma.  The old names will be removed after two releases or a
      reasonable period of time, whichever is longer.

2004-12-30  v0.12
    - require v0.09 of Test::Tester.  Should fix the blow-up reported in
      cpantesters report #176356.

2004-12-27  v0.11
    - Fix $VERSION to be interpreted as a string.
    - make t/baz/foo.t a usable do-nothing test script - it seems that some
      versions of EU::MM recurse into the t directory, trying to find all.t
      files.  Should fix the problem in cpantesters failure report #170736.
    - re-steal^H^H^H^H^Hborrow all_pod_files() from a newer version of
      Test::Pod in an attempt to make it more robust and fix the problem
      reported in cpantesters failure reports #170633 and #120973.
    - Switch from Test::Builder::Tester to Test::Tester, which has a less
      arcane syntax and isn't as bothered about newline differences.

2004-01-28  v0.10
    - Initial release to CPAN