0.37_01 Released at 2007-07-20.
        Added set_log_buffer() and get_log_buffer() to Log::Handler. This was
          a feature request for debugging reasons from David Coppit.
        Kicked now the would_log_* methods. Since 0.33 the is_* methods exists
          as replacement.
0.37    Released at 2007-07-04.
        Added option rewrite_to_stderr.
        Replaced syswrite to print in _print().
0.36    Released at 2007-06-15.
        Now it's possible to set utf8 on the filehandle.
        Kicked CLOSE().
        Kicked File::Stat because CORE::stat() is much faster and I did some
          other improvements. Now _print() is ~50% faster if reopen is used.
0.35    Released at 2007-06-05.
        Added method trace() to prints caller() to the log file.
        Did some code improvements and fixed POD typos.
0.34    Released at 2007-05-22.
        Changed the regex /.*\z/ to /.\z|^\z/ to append a newline if not
          exists because /.*\z/ seems to be a regex bug.
0.33	Released at 2007-05-09.
        Added 13 is_* methods. They do the same as the would_log_* methods.
        Added close() as replacement for CLOSE(). CLOSE() exists in further
          releases but is deprecated.
        Did some code improvements and fix some POD typos.
        Kicked IO::Handle from PREREQS and autoflush myself on the file handle.
0.32	Released at 2007-04-26.
	    I jumped from 0.15 to 0.32 because there exists brownfields on backpan.
	    Replaced my own routine to get caller() informations with Devel::Backtrace.
	    Added the option debugger_skip.
0.15	Released at 2007-04-25.
        Fixed typos in POD.
        Changed the way to activate the debugger. Now the debugger is activated
          over the call of new().
0.14	Released at 2007-04-24.
        Fixed "use Log::Handler debug => ...".
0.13    Released at 2007-04-20.
        Added the availability to activate debugging with "Log::Handler debug => 1".
0.12    Released at 2007-04-15.
        Fixed DESTROY(). DESTROY() tries to unlock $self->{fh} in any case.
        Autoflush wasn't set if the option "filename" was set to STDOUT or
           STDERR or a GLOBREF.
0.11    Released at 2007-04-10
        Add the methods set_prefix() and get_prefix(). Did some POD changes.
0.11_02 Released at 2007-04-04
        Add the alternative to set "nothing" as option for minlevel and
0.11_01 Released at 2007-04-04
        I changed the log levels because they wasn't in the right order.
          0 debug     is now 7
          1 info      is now 6
          2 notice    is now 5
          3 warning   is now 4
          4 error     is now 3
          5 crit      is now 2
          6 alert     is now 1
          7 emergency is now 0
          8 nothing is still the same
          If you set maxlevel and minlevel as strings in your code than
          you don't need to change your code, but if you used numbers
          than you must change it! BIG sorry to all users that have to
          re-write code in this case.
        Thanks to betterworld for his tipps about the log levels! (thx pepe ;-))
0.10    Released at 2007-04-04
        Add the alternative to set STDOUT and STDERR as a string
          with the option "filename".
0.09    Released at 2007-03-01.
        Fixed t/03handler.t. The test log file was in unix format
          t/Log-Handler-Test-File.log, now it use File::Spec catfile().
        Forget to CLOSE() the log file in t/03handler.t and test fails
          on Windows.
0.08    Released at 2007-02-25.
        Now it's possible to hand off GLOBREF to option filename.
          There are some options that will be forced automatical:
          - fileopen => 1
          - filelock => 0
          - reopen   => 0
0.07    Released at 2007-03-13.
        Fixed t/03handler.t.
0.06    Released at 2007-03-11.
        Fixed a bad typo in SYNOPSIS of POD.
        Changed the description in NAME of POD.
0.05    Released at 2007-03-11.
        Fixed some typos in the documentation.
0.04    Released at 2007-03-09.
        Fixed code in new(). There was three typos.
0.03    Released at 2007-03-09.
        Fixed t/03handler.t.
        Added some points to the documentation.
        Add an example for die_on_errors.
        Add an example to call syslog methods.
        Different code changes.
        Fixed new(). Now it returns undef if open()
0.02    Released at 2007-02-05.
        Added eight new methods:
          would_log_notice(), would_log_note()
          would_log_error(), would_log_err()
          would_log_critical(), would_log_crit()
          would_log_emergency(), would_log_emerg()
        Changed the POD.
0.01	Released at 2007-02-04.
x.xx	Thanks to Larry Wall and all other Perl developer for Perl :-)