Revision history for Perl extension GitLab::API::v4.

0.03 2018-01-12

- Greatly extended authentication and configuration options for the
  gitlab-api-v4 script; added GitLab::API::v4::Config.
- The gitlab-api-v4 script now always outputs JSON (the default was YAML,
  with the option to pick other formats).
- Fixed the fork_project method to hit the correct URL.

0.02 2017-12-15

- Fix double-slashes in URL paths.
- Fixed gitlab-api-v4 script to actually work.

0.01 2017-12-11

 - Added the sudo method and the sudo_user argument.
 - Split the token arguments into the access_token and private_token arguments.
 - Removed the login/email/password arguments as they are not supported by v4.
 - Many many methods added/removed/renamed/modified.
 - Imported GitLab::API::v3 @ fb9253c58b68ca1be71feedf12c1d6004c8ba8d6.