Revision history for Perl extension GitLab::API::v4.

0.14 2018-12-04

 - Add all_project_members and all_group_members methods.
 - gitlab-api-v4 now handles -- like you'd expect your typical linux tooling would.

0.13 2018-11-08

- group() now accepts parameters.
- Add the transfer_project_to_namespace() method.

0.12 2018-09-11

- Added API methods for Protected Tags, Search, Project Import/Export,
  Project Badges, Resource Label Events, Discussions, Markdown,
  Group Issue Boards, Group Badges, and Snippets.
- Reorganized project/group members/access requests sections to better match
  the official API.
- Renamed the various project snippet methods to have "project" in their name.
- Added constants for the snippet visibility levels.
- Overhauled the POD heading layout in order to avoid the massive TOC.
- Fix minor typo.

0.11 2018-09-01

- Fixed the raw_file method to not try to decode the respository file contents and
  instead just return the undecoded response content.
- Renamed the POD section "FILE METHODS" to "REPOSITORY FILE METHODS", to better
  match the GitLab API docs.
- Add the hidden NO_ACCESS constant to ::Constants.
- Live tests now run against GitLab CE 11.2.3 (was 10.2.2).

0.10 2018-06-05

- Fix project_hook() so it uses the correct path.
- create_project_hook() and edit_project_hook() now return their decoded
  response (the hook).
- delete_project_hook() no longer tries to return anything as a successful
  delete is a 204 (no content) and a failed one is a 404.
- Tests for all of the above.
- Fix typo.

0.09 2018-05-28

- Ensure chmod 600 of ~/.gitlab-api-v4-config is maintained.
- Enable and fix upload_file_to_project by using HTTP::Tiny::Multipart.
- Individual methods may now have a custom note added to their POD.
- Added a self-contained unit test, unit.t, which can be expanded on in the future.
  This is unlike regression.t which requires that a GitLab installation be available.
- Added the rest_client_class argument.

0.08 2018-05-14

- Many API endpoints which return lists and did not support parameters now do
  in order for pagination arguments, and the paginator, to be used with them.
- Add project_languages method.
- Remove upload_file_to_project since it doesn't work.  Will re-add when
  it is made to work later.

0.07 2018-05-10

- Completely overhaul ::RestClient to use HTTP::Tiny instead of
  Role::REST::Client.  This change will make it much easier to alter the
  behavior of the HTTP communication.
- ::RestClient now supports the ability to decode non-ref JSON, such as
  unblock_user which returns just a JSON boolean.
- block_user and unblock_user now return their decoded response.
- delete_user is no longer expected to return anything.
- Response decoding will now only be attempted for methods which are
  expected to return something.  Slight optimization.
- A 404 on a non-returning method throws an exception now, matching the docs.
- The *_token arguments are now stored in a closure to help users avoid
  accidentally dumping them somewhere such as logs.
- Added all methods for the TODO API.

0.06 2018-04-09

- Add the project_service method.

0.05 2018-03-06

- Fixup gitlab-api-v4 to support parameters who's values are empty or have
  whitespace in them.

0.04 2018-02-03

- Support parameters in the project method.
- Allow wide characters when printing the response output in the
  gitlab-api-v4 script.

0.03 2018-01-12

- Greatly extended authentication and configuration options for the
  gitlab-api-v4 script; added GitLab::API::v4::Config.
- The gitlab-api-v4 script now always outputs JSON (the default was YAML,
  with the option to pick other formats).
- Fixed the fork_project method to hit the correct URL.

0.02 2017-12-15

- Fix double-slashes in URL paths.
- Fixed gitlab-api-v4 script to actually work.

0.01 2017-12-11

 - Added the sudo method and the sudo_user argument.
 - Split the token arguments into the access_token and private_token arguments.
 - Removed the login/email/password arguments as they are not supported by v4.
 - Many many methods added/removed/renamed/modified.
 - Imported GitLab::API::v3 @ fb9253c58b68ca1be71feedf12c1d6004c8ba8d6.