1.08 2018-07-11
    - Add CGI prerequisite, it has been removed from base Perl.
    - Sort keys when working with hashes.  This gives reproducible
      results and the tests will pass everywhere.
    - Store indices to get predictable results in output.
    - Update meta information.
    - Sourceforege no longer supports cvs, move to git repository.

1.07 2012-09-19
    - I give up running perl -Tc on CPAN testers for all platforms.
      skip the -Tc subtest in syntax-cgi.t if it might create problems

1.06 2012-09-18
    - ospfview recognizes when the dot process dies and restarts it
    - add @INC to syntax-cgi to increase chances that CPAN testers pass

1.05 2012-09-03
    - test that an ancient yaml file without version can be converted
    - show intra-area router prefix as octagon in ipv6 legend
    - next try to fix perl taint mode syntax-cgi test for cpantesters
    - make ospfview.cgi save to ospf6 file name when ipv6 is used
    - fix typos in ospfview.cgi man page, from Stuart Henderson

1.04 2012-08-16
    - check ospfd socket permissions instead of user id before invoking sudo
    - add pdf and zipped svg to ospfview.cgi formats
    - add man page for ospfview.cgi
    - rework logic of ospfview.cgi parameters
    - fix perl taint mode syntax-cgi test for CPAN

1.03 2012-08-11
    - intra-area-network-LSAs create missing networks
    - ospfview kills dot view when there is no ospfd available
    - fix ipv6 designated transit link detection
    - ospfview warns but continues when ospf parse fails
    - add syntax and taint mode check for cgi scripts
    - add ospfview.cgi to display the ospf graph by a web server

1.02 2012-06-30
    - test parsing ospf6d intra-area-prefix-LSAs and link-LSAs
    - empty prefix arrays may not exist, OSPF::LSDB::View6 must not die
    - fix parsing of ospf6d intra-area-prefix-LSA router prefix options
    - if -H user@host is given, use ssh to login and receive lsdb from there
    - make tests independent from version number in examples
    - minimum perl version is 5.10.0

1.01 2012-06-14
    - fix links in pod see also
    - test scripts with do instead of executing perl
    - eval script with do for usage test
    - use Test::Strict for syntax check
    - test that syntax check processes all files
    - test dot syntax only if graphviz is installed
    - add missing prerequisites

1.00 2012-06-11
    - add readme for CPAN
    - move Net::OSPF to OSPF::LSDB to be CPAN compliant

0.53 2012-06-10
    - no more red in IPv6 legend, all features have been implemented
    - interface reuse checks for IPv6 were too strict
    - add IPv6 tests for pointtopoint and virtual
    - fix link-LSA and intra-area-prefix-LSA in legend
    - make edge from link-LSA to network or transit net
    - keep track of transit net interfaces in transitnets
    - check duplicate IPv6 router LSID correctly
    - sort Net::OSPF::View methods according to LSA types
    - command line switches -p and -P enable prefix LSAs
    - add intra-area-prefix-LSA with type router to Net::OSPF::View6
    - add intra-area-prefix-LSA with type network to Net::OSPF::View6
    - parse intra-area-prefix-LSA from ospf6d
    - adapt link and intra area prefix in legend
    - add link-LSA to Net::OSPF::View6
    - parse link-LSA from ospf6d

0.52 2012-06-02
    - make legend consistent with implemented features
    - check boundary router advertized by itself
    - check for multiple link state IDs at summary, boundary, external LSAs
    - add address field to IPv6 boundary router containing the LSID
    - support for intra-area-router-LSAs to allow boundary tests
    - deduplicate create_router for IPv6
    - support for intra-area-prefix-LSAs to allow summary tests
    - use Test::Pod for checking pod files
    - make error messages about designated router less confusing
    - deduplicate code in Net::OSPF::View6 by removing unneeded functions
    - legend displays unimplemended IPv6 features in red

0.51 2012-04-19
    - write manual page for ospfview
    - ospfview -D -d can print yaml dump or diff when database changes
    - script ospfview periodically polls ospfd and displays dot graph on X11
    - implement legend with OSPF for IPv6
    - test ospf6d parser and fix bugs
    - use more specific regex in parsers, they should never match with .*
    - split validator into IPv4 and IPv6 part to validate yaml properly
    - test ospf6d example files
    - start with dot tests for IPv6

0.50 2012-04-16
    - experimental OSPF for IPv6 support
    - convert graph and legend functions to class methods to allow inheritance
    - pimp error messages about designated router
    - add Net::OSPF::View6, buggy and limited functionality
    - boolean method Net::OSPF->ipv6 tells ospf database version
    - rudimentary ospf6d parsing, Regexp::IPv6 required
    - let ospfd2yaml -6 use Net::OSPF::ospf6d
    - add Net::OSPF::ospf6d, not finished yet
    - add intranetworks, intrarouters, links to yaml for IPv6
    - add ipv6 flag to yaml file, major version bump

0.43 2012-04-14
    - fix typo in *2yaml manual pages
    - add ciscoospf2yaml script and manual page to installation set

0.42 2012-04-14
    - check for consistent designated router for network
    - check for consistent designated router of transit network
    - check for networks without or with only one attached router
    - check for symmetric point-to-point and virtual links
    - check for duplicate point-to-point interface address
    - check for duplicate transit net interface address
    - check if transit link from router to network is symmetric
    - check if link from network to router is symmetric
    - check if link-state-ID of router-LSA is equal to advertising router
    - only aggregate indentical network summary-LSAs for different areas
    - Cisco output format changes frequently, catch more cases
    - test for Cisco OSPF parser
    - manual page for Net::OSPF::Cisco and ciscoospf2yaml
    - implement Net::OSPF::Cisco and ciscoospf2yaml for basic Cisco
      IOS OSPF support

0.41 2010-09-16
    - manual page for Net::OSPF, Net::OSPF::View, Net::OSPF::YAML,
      Net::OSPF::ospfd, Net::OSPF::gated modules

0.40 2010-08-02
    - save link state ID of router-LSA in database
    - improve error handling of Net::OSPF::ospfd parser
    - better test for Net::OSPF::ospfd parser
    - test ospf2dot, ospf2yaml, gated2yaml, ospfconvert perl scripts
    - options check for ospf2dot
    - fix ospfconvert output file
    - test usage of all perl scripts
    - add -h help option for ospfconvert
    - test pod syntax check for manual pages
    - manual page for ospf2dot, ospfd2yaml, gated2yaml, ospfconvert scripts
    - change version numbering from X.Y to X.YY

0.3 2010-06-24
    - verbose switch for warnings in graph or stderr
    - show area and error messages as tooltips
    - proper name and color for ase
    - reorganize color checking and handling
    - convert Net::OSPF::View->legend() into a class function without $self
    - remove global variables from Net::OSPF::View
    - remove N="nodename" in graph
    - change organization of router links, yaml format changes

0.2 2010-06-14
    - convert version and validate automatically at yaml load
    - method validate dies on error
    - converter for different yaml file versions
    - modularize gated2yaml into Net::OSPF::gated
    - import gated2yaml
    - modularize ospfd2yaml into Net::OSPF::ospfd
    - use module members in Net::OSPF::View

0.1 2010-06-9
    - ospfd2yaml writes version
    - add cpansign signature
    - add test for files in example directory
    - ospf2dot uses Net::OSPF
    - use YAML::Syck as it is much faster than YAML
    - import existing test
    - add version number to ospf yaml file
    - use Data::Validate::Struct to implement input validation
    - import existing code and scripts
    - start sourceforge project
    - start work on public version

0.0 2010-06-04