Revision history for GRNOC-Config

1.0.9   01-01-2012
	ISSUE=1762 PROJ=102 This will allow the config module to return undefined if the attribute doesn't exist, but the path does

1.0.8   12-29-2010
	ISSUE=1572 PROJ=102 GRNOC-Config will also work with XML strings instead of just files

1.0.7   4-22-2010
	Will now validate your xml using the validate function

1.0.6   11-24-2009
	Changed get to use XML::LibXML to improve speed

1.0.5   11-17-2009 aragusa
	Added the ability to edit configs

1.0.4   6-?-2009 cviecco
	Support for XML::LibXML
1.0.3   2-18-2009 4:30pm aragusa
	no longer dies when it has invalid xml or no file
	improved error output
	improved debugging

1.0.2   mitch/ian made some changes

1.0.1   12-5-2008 2:30pm aragusa
	force_array option available default is on
	also have the ability of pulling just attributes instead of entire nodes 

1.0.0   12-5-2008 11:00am aragusa
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.