Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication

      - Add hook for failing user restore.
        - Add test for this.
      - Fix bug in Credential::Password with password_type: clear.
        - Add test for this.
      - Add mock object tests for Credential::Password with password_type: 

      - Release new version, no changes since dev release.     

      - Fix POD escaping, from RT#38694 (Luke Ross)
      - Change authentication backwards compatibility handling to not rely on
        Class::Data::Inheritable side effects, and so be Catalyst 5.80 safe 

0.10009 2008-11-27
        - Including progressive realm for multiple authentication attempts
          in a single request.

0.10008 2008-10-23
		- Updating config to allow for inclusion of realm ref's in the main
		  config hash rather than in a subref called 'realms'

0.10007 2008-08-17
	- Update tests prereqs to include Test::Exception (RT #36339)
        - Some documentation fixes (including RT #36062)
        - Compatibility fix where the use of new style config and old
          style Authentication::Store::Minimal would cause a crash 
          (Reported & fixed by Jos Boumans C<>)
        - Documentation update on Password - to indicate proper field naming
        - Decouple Authentication system from session.  The realm class
          now allows complete control over how a user is persisted across
        - pod fixes (RT #36062, RT #36063)

0.10006 2008-02-15
        - Additional documentation for Realms
        - Added update_user_in_session routine to allow re-saving of user data
          into the session.

0.10005 2008-01-24
        - Bugfix release - correcting 'Plugin::Authentication' configuration

0.10004 2007-12-04
        - Added some code for back-compatibility

0.10003 2007-12-02
        - Added a "Null" store for credentials that don't require real stores.
        - Make realms bonafide objects
        - Added auto_update_user and auto_create_user options to the Realm object
        - Doc updates

        - authenticate() in credentials are now passed a realm object instead of
          a store object. A realm object still implements find_user() so unless
          you're doing something special you won't notice the difference.

0.10002 2007-07-22
        - $user->store() should NOT be set by C::P::Auth - if it's needed - it
          should be set by whatever module creates the user. We use realm for
          saving into the session.

0.10001 2007-07-17
        - updated tests

0.10000 2007-07-11
        - Minor updates to work better with compatibility mode
        - Producion release
        - switch to Module::Install

0.09999_01 2007-02-21
        - major changes to the internals of the plugin, to better encapsulate
          credentials and stores.
        - introduction of 'realms' concept, allowing multiple different
          pairs of credential and store in a single application.

0.09    2006-08-01
        - be a bit more pedantic about checking values for definedness before
          invoking methods on them

0.08    2006-07-29
        - factor test applications out to files due to changes in Catalyst::Test
        - don't load session at prepare time unless necessary

0.07    2006-03-17 17:33:12
        - allow base64 hashed passwords

0.06    2006-03-14 19:23:50
        - pass extra get_user args to store so they can be made use of

0.05    2006-01-01 13:58:00
        - Add debugging to Credential::Password
        - Important doc fixes

        - With User::Hash and Store::Minimal together session will store
          userid, not actual user object

0.03    2005-12-03 18:00:00
        - Added user_exists method.

0.02    2005-11-29 11:39:00
		- Fixed a typo (PLugin instead of Plugin) that caused user objects
		  to not be restored from the session properly. Modified test suite
		  to actually test for this case.

0.01    2005-11-27 02:30:00
        - Initial release.