Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::URI

0.15   2010-09-23
        - Read from $req->query_parameters rather than $req->parameters
          in prepare_path to avoid race condition with POST requests with body

0.14    2010-07-19
        - Fix behaviour when debug is turned on by wrapping prepare_path
          rather than prepare_action (RT#56753).
        - Fix warning about test plugin inheriting from Catalyst::Component.
        - Fix for loading the session ID with a cookie for some actions
          and Session::State::URI for others (RT#57620)

0.13    2009-10-16
        - Port to new session config key.
        - Port to Moose.

0.12    2009-10-06
        - Make tests not warn with latest version of Catalyst.
        - Prefer session configuration to be in the 'Plugin::Session'
          config key, but provide backwards compatibility for the
          deprecated 'session' key.

0.11    2009-07-25
        - When rewriting URIs, avoid doubled slashes. While this is
          mostly a cosmetic problem, if you issue a redirect with a
          URI like "//-/...", some browsers (or Firefox 3.0, at least)
          may get very confused. (Dave Rolsky)

0.10    2009-07-11
        - Separate rewrite config item into rewrite_body and
          rewrite_redirect. The old config setting will still
          work. (Dave Rolsky)
        - Shut up warnings from test code with newer Catalyst-Runtime.
          (Dave Rolsky)

0.09    2009-03-26
        - Avoid bug in URI::Find causing test fails (RT#44593)
        - Remove use of NEXT missed last time from the test suite.

0.08    2009-02-08
        - Switch from NEXT to MRO::Compat (t0m)
        - Switch to Module::Install
        - pod fixes (RT #23749)

0.07    2006-10-13
        - Fix dependencies (URI::Find was in the Build.PL, but M::B is being
          phased out so the makefile wasn't regenerated)
        - Fix tests due to changed behavior in Test::MockObject

0.06    2006-09-04
        - reintroduce URI::Find based rewriting for non HTML bodies
        - more robust storage of session id in $c, using the api
        - rewriting of Location headers during redirects
        - various refactorings

0.05    2006-08-01
        - DWIM behavior when using both State::Cookie and State::URI together,
          through App->config->{session}{no_rewrite_if_cookie}.
        - Add App->config->{session}{rewrite_types} = [qw/.../] support.

0.04    2006-07-31
        - rerelase with proper version dependencies

0.03    2006-07-29 19:07
        - Update to new session state plugin api (get_session_id)

0.02    2006-01-20 17:30
        - Rewriting is optional (gphat)
        - Support relative uri rewriting
        - Support parameter style rewriting
        - Filter mime types of binary and text

0.01    2005-11-14 12:41:00
        - Initial release.