Revision history for RT-Extension-MergeUsers

1.06 2020-07-17
 - Add RT 5 support

1.05 2020-02-05
 - Fix the logic of "skipping duplicated records" in users collections

1.04 2020-01-22
 - Extend user search to merged users in ticket/asset search
 - Check all the merged users for user's group memberships
 - Support to delete group members for merged users
 - Check user merge info in deeper RT::Users search code
 - Update documentation

1.03 2016-11-28
 - Fix tests not being able to load RT::Test
 - Update documentation

1.02_01 2015-01-30
 - Compatibility with Assets on UserAssets portlet

1.01 2014-12-01
 - Fix name of upgrade script in documentation
 - Update Module::Install and Module::Install::RTx

1.00 2014-06-20
 - Better compatibility with shredder -- tool to repair badly shredded
   merged users, and adjustments to make shredder un-merge before

0.12 2014-03-27
 - Merge users as the current user, not always the superuser
 - Propagate Disabled bit to users that are merged in

0.11 2013-09-10
 - For every merged user in a collection one user at the end of the
   collection was skipped, for example in owners drop down, admin interface
   or in autocompletion lists.

0.10 2013-08-02
 - Enable user autocomplete on the "Merge user into" form for RT 4.2
 - Correct a packaging error in MANIFEST in the previous release

0.09 2013-06-26
 - Update Module::Install and Module::Install::RTx
 - Fix "Merged into ..." messages in user comments
 - Remove Hook::LexWrap, to allow useful stacktraces
 - Hook for user summary (RT 4.2)
 - Fix a bug with the unique'ing code in RT::Users
 - Fix for loading from a RT::CurrentUser, not just an RT::User

0.08 2013-02-25
 - Move tests to author-only; they require having an RT installed somewhere
 - Switch to .in files for substitution so as not to trash
   version-controlled files
 - Record the merged/mergee's user Name if EmailAddress is empty
 - Unset EmailAddress by setting the empty string rather than undef
 - Switch to modern RT::Test infrastructure for testing plugins

0.07 2012-08-30
 - Fix bug of "user email address destroys matching address in other user"

0.06 2011-10-17
 - Actually clear the seen_users cache when we get undef back from

0.05 2011-09-30
 - Update packaging and install infrastructure for RT 4

0.04 2010-12-14
 - Also clear cache when merging
 - Update docs

0.04_01 2009-10-03
 - Fix bug in cache and unmerging
 - Apply modified patch from Jason A Smith to make it clearer which users
   are being affected.

0.03 2009-09-16
 - Release updates from 0.03 prereleases

0.03_02 2009-04-06
 - Track merged users bidirectionally
 - Allow unmerging users from the main user's modification page
 - Show errors/results from merging
 - Add new script for adding bidirectional attributes to old installs

0.03_01 2008-11-23
 - remove User_Overlay and Users_Overlay to avoid conflicts with other
 - Use callbacks available in 3.6/3.8 rather than overriding the whole
   Admin/Users/Modify.html template
 - Upgrade Module::Install::RTx to work with 3.8