1.10 (2010-10-31)

  - permit 0 as a filename.  https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=62004

  - add Riak target, allowing backups to a riak cluster (Gavin Carr)

  - add uid/gid info to metafile, and use in restores (where possible)
    (Gavin Carr)

  - allow multiple gpg recipients to be specified, any can restore (Alex 

  - if IO::Compress::Gzip is available, write a compressed brackup metafile in
    unencrypted mode, and handle properly for reads and restores (Gavin Carr)

  - remove orphaned chunks from inventory as part of garbage collection 
    (Gavin Carr)

  - add simple config section inheritance ('inherit' directive) (Gavin Carr)

  - convert DigestCache from is-a-Dict to has-a-Dict, allow dictionary type
    to be specified for both DigestCache and InventoryDatabase, add slower/
    lighter iterator-based Dict::SQLite2, and (test) Dict::Null (Gavin Carr)

  - make encryption and chunk storage use filehandles (where possible)
    instead of scalar contents (Kostas Chatzikokolakis)

  - update metafile storage to pass filehandle instead of full contents 
    (Gavin Carr, Kostas Chatzikokolakis)

  - make brackup-restore use brackup.conf target settings, if available 
    e.g. for passwords (Gavin Carr)

  - sort brackup-restore files to avoid loading composite chunks from
    target multiple times (Kostas Chatzikokolakis)

  - write metafile as we go, instead of big bang at the end (Gavin Carr)

- add Brackup::BackupStats implementation, brackup stats output, and 
--save-stats argument (Gavin Carr)

  - fix filename trailing whitespace problems with open (Gavin Carr)

  - add metafile path name escaping using String::Escape (Gavin Carr)

  - add brackup-verify-inventory utility (Gavin Carr)

  - add chunkpath and size methods to Amazon S3 target (Gavin Carr)

1.09 (2009-05-18)

  - move all decryption to one place; support decrypting metafiles.
    (Stephane Alnet, stephane@shimaore.net, Chris Anderson, cva@pobox.com)

  - added CloudFiles target to enable backups to Rackspace/Mosso's online
    data storage service. (William Wolf)

1.08 (2009-04-26)

  - make brackup-target --verbose prune and gc more verbose (Gavin Carr)

  - add a --interactive option to brackup-target gc (Gavin Carr) 

  - add a --source option to brackup-target prune, to restrict a prune 
    run to a particular source (Gavin Carr)
  - update Amazon target to handle new ISO8601 modify timestamps (Ben 

1.07 (2009-04-04)

  - fix utime warnings on restore (Gavin Carr)

  - actually strip non-ASCII characters (gary.richardson@gmail.com)

  - smarts to filesystem target, noticed when using sshfs (slow filesystem).
    does .partial files now, is smart about not overwriting existing chunk
    that's there, etc.

  - bradfitz: optional smart mp3 chunking. (start of file-aware chunking
    strategies)  with smart mp3 chunking, the ID3 tags are kept in separate
    chunks, so future re-tagging of your music won't force iterative backups
    to re-upload all the music bytes again... just the updated
    metadata (tiny)

  - Add a new option to the Amazon S3 target to force a prefix to be 
    added to the names of any saved backups.
    It might be worth moving this up into Brackup itself at some point,
    since it's probably useful for other network-based targets.

  - Fix Restore.pm to use binmode for operating systems that care about
    such things.

  - Added a first whack at a FUSE filesystem for mounting a backup
    as a real filesystem.

  - Added FTP target.

  - added the aws_location option to set the datacenter location for
    S3 targets. from Alessandro Ranellucci <aar@cpan.org>.
    The Amazon S3 target now depends on version 0.41 of Net::Amazon::S3.

  - fixed tempfile creation in gc (orphaned files were left in the
    working directory). from Alessandro Ranellucci <aar@cpan.org>.

  - added the aws_prefix option to configure multiple backup targets
    on a single Amazon account. from Alessandro Ranellucci <aar@cpan.org>.

1.06 (october 20, 2007)

  - new on-disk layout for the Filesystem target.  fully backwards
    compatible with the old layout.  also, if max-link count (max
    files in a directory) is hit, this new version will carefully
    rearrange the minimum files necessary to the new layout to
    make room, all automatically.  the new format is xx/xx/*,
    rather than xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/* which was stupid and overkill.
    stupid because that's 65k of files in the root, twice ext3's
    limit, and overkill because leaves were always just 1 file.
    thanks to Max Kanat-Alexander for pointing this out, and
    part of the patch to use new layout pattern.

  - quieter (no) error messages on death/control-C from gpg child
    processes who were previously confused by their parent processes
    going away and cleaning up their shared temp files.

  - actually respect the --just flag on restore

1.05 (2007-08-02)

  - 'prune' and 'gc' commands commands for both Amazon
     and Filesystem targets.  from Alessandro Ranellucci <aar@cpan.org>.

1.04 (2007-06-30)

  - Amazon list_backups and delete backups (and delete for filesystem
    target too), from Alessandro Ranellucci <aar@cpan.org>

  - make tests pass on OS X (Jesse Vincent)

1.03 (2007-05-23)

  - brackup-restore's verbose flag is more verbose now, showing files
    as they're restored.

  - brackup-restore can restore from an encrypted *.brackup file now,
    firing up gpg for user to decrypt to a tempfile

  - brackup-target tool, to list/get brackup files from a target,
    and in the future do garbage collection on no-longer-referenced
    chunks (once a command exists to delete a brackup file from a target)

  - stop leaking temp files

  - doc fixes/additions

1.02 (2007-05-22)

  - support for merging little files together into big chunks
    on the backup target.  aka "tail packing".  requires no changes
    to target drivers.  this should speed backups, as less network
    round-trips.  will also be cheaper, once Amazon starts charging
    per number of HTTP requests in June.

  - improved docs

1.01 (2007-05-21)

  - lot of new/updated docs

1.00 (2007-05-21)

  RELEASE NOTE: The author/maintainer of Brackup is finally happy now,
    and has 40 GB of data stored on Amazon, encrypted.  You can
    trust this now.  And the file formats aren't changing (or aren't
    changing without being compatible with old *.brackup/Amazon

  - track in meta header the default (most often occuring) modes for
    files and directories, then don't list those for each file/dir
    with those mode.  saves on disk space on *.brackup files

  - support 'noatime = 1' option on a source root, because atimes are
    often useless, so waste of space in metafile.

  - rename digestdb back to digestcache, now that it's purely a cache

  - fix memory leak in case where chunk exists on target, but local
    digest database was lost, and digest of chunk had to be recomputed.
    in that case, the raw chunk was kept in memory until the end
    (which it likely would never reach, accumulating GBs of RAM)

  - make PositionedChunk use the digest cache (which I guess was
    re-fleshed out in the big refactor but never used...).  so
    iterative backups are fast again... no re-reading all files
    in, blowing away all caches.

  - clean up old, dead code in Amazon target (the old inventory db which
    is now an official part of the core, and in the Target base class)

  - retry PUTs to Amazon on failure, a few times, pausing in-between,
    in case it was a transient error, as seems to happen occasionally

  - halve number of stats when walking backup root

  - cleanups, strictness

  - don't upload meta files when in dry-run mode

  - update amazon target support to work again, with the new inventory
    database support (now separated from the old digest database)

  - merge in the refactoring branch, in which a lot of long-standing
    pet peeves in the design were rethought/redone.

  - make decryption --use-agent and --batch, and help out if env not set
    and gpg-agent probably not running

  - support putting .meta files besides .chunk files on the Target
    to enable reconstructing the digest database in the future, should
    it get lost.  also start to flesh out per-chunk digests, which
    would enable backing up large databases (say, InnoDB tablespaces) where
    large chunks of the file never change.

  - new --du-stats to command to act like the du(1) command, but
    based on a root in brackup.conf, and skipping ignored directories.
    good to let you know how big a backup will be.

  - walk directories smarter: jump over directories early which ignore
    patterns show as never matching.

  - deal w/ encryption better:  tell chunks when the backup target
    will need data, so it can forget cached digest/backlength
    ahead of time w/o errors/warnings later.

  - start of stats code (to give stats after a backup).  not done.

0.91 (2006-09-29)

  - there's now a restore command (brackup-restore)

  - amazon restore support

  - use gpg --trust-model=always for new gpg that is more paranoid.

  - mostly usable.  some more switches would be nice later.  real
    1.00 release will come after few weeks/months of testing/tweaks.

  - restore works

  - lot more tests

  - notable bug fix with encrypted backups.  metafiles could have wrong sizes.

  - first release to CPAN, didn't support restoring yet.
    also didn't have a Changes file