-- don't even try epoll if not on a known/tested arch
   -- updated POD docs

   -- use the right epoll system call numbers on non-x86
   -- start of a good test suite
   -- 64-bit struct support (test suite passes on ia64, ppc)
      (and presumably ppc64, but yet untested)

   -- make the Poll mode behave like Epoll/Kqueue in that
      fds returned w/ no corresponding Danga::Socket object
      or OtherFds coderef just get ignored.  make it robust
      against apps with races, perhaps?  patch from Justin Azoff


   -- Kqueue support from Matt Sergeant


   -- make BSD::Resource optional


   -- added support for profiling (epoll only at the moment while this
      feature is further fleshed out); user application is required to
      enable profiling and actually process the resultant data

   -- if epoll_wait returns an event we can't handle, delete it.
      this means the application fucked up and lost its state somehow.
      or maybe Danga::Socket did?  still debugging this in Perlbal.

1.25: (2004-10-22)

   -- move the syscall.ph require into "package main" rather than stealing
      all its definitions into our namespace.  now other modules can
      use syscall.ph and Danga::Socket at the same time (as long as they're
      also polite and load it into main)  (NOTE: if you know a better way
      to do this, let us know...)

1.24: (2004-10-21)

   -- ability to steal the underlying socket from the Danga::Socket
      object.  this is useful if a caller wants to hold onto the socket
      but destroy the Danga::Socket object (previously the Danga::Socket
      close would close the underlying socket)

1.22: (2004-10-21)

   -- minimal POD docs
   -- first public release