$Id: Changes 1915 2006-02-06 06:26:33Z btrott $

Revision history for Authen::TypeKey

0.05  2006.02.05
    - Fixed a validation bug where verify would incorrectly return a true
      result for an invalid signature like "foo". Thanks to Tatsuhiko
      Miyagawa for the spot and test case.

0.04  2005.05.27
    - Use 'B*' in unpack, rather than 'B160'.
    - Added support for supplying a hash reference to verify, in addition
      to the query object (already supported).
    - Test suite now uses Test::More instead of Test.

0.03  2005.05.15
    - Instead of using Crypt::DSA for signature verification, the signature
      verification is now done inline using Math::BigInt. Math::BigInt
      has a plugin architecture allowing multiple math libraries to be used
      under the hood, and provides plugins for using both GMP and Pari. It
      also has a pure-Perl implementation that will work without any
      external math libraries. See Math::BigInt::GMP and Math::BigInt::Pari.
    - Added ability to override the LWP::UserAgent-like object used to
      retrieve the public key from the network. Thanks to Brad Fitzpatrick
      for the patch.
    - Use Class::ErrorHandler instead of replicating functionality. Thanks
      to Tim Appnel for the patch.
    - $tk->key_cache can now be a CODE reference, allowing a callback to
      fetch the key from a MySQL database, session, or otherwise. Thanks to
      Tim Appnel for the patch.

0.02  2004.07.29
    - Added support for TypeKey 1.1 protocol.
    - Added $tk->token and $tk->version settings.

0.01  2004.06.20
    - Initial distribution.