$Id: Changes,v 1.7 2001/02/24 00:18:01 btrott Exp $

Revision history for Net::SSH::Perl

    - added Net::SSH::Perl::Config; reads ssh config files
      and merges constructor options with config options
    - updated DESCRIPTION for Net::SSH::Perl

0.52  Wed Feb 21 20:27:01 2001
    - added ability to specify RSA identity files; defaults
      to "$ENV{HOME}/.ssh/identity"
    - Blowfish cipher will try to use Crypt::Blowfish_PP if
      it can't use Crypt::Blowfish
    - added lots of POD
    - fixed bug where unknown hosts wouldn't be added to
    - sorted out common sections between Net::SSH::Perl POD
      and README

0.51  Tue Feb 20 22:43:15 2001
    - Blowfish support has now been added.

0.50  Mon Feb 5 13:52:02 2001
    - moved my Net::SSH libraries into the Net::SSH::Perl
      namespace; hooked up the main Net::SSH interface lib.
    - added ssh and issh wrappers around OO methods.
    - added configure method to Net::SSH interface; used to
      set up connection params when using procedural
    - added RSA authentication.
    - ripped out IO::Socket usage, replaced with manual
      socket creation and connection so we can try to bind to
      ports 1023 down through 512, if the user wants to
      connect on a privileged port.
    - added Rhosts-RSA and Rhosts authentication, with the
      caveat that they only work when running as root
      and on a privileged port.

0.03  Fri Jan 19 17:52:34 2001
    - integrated modified CBC and CFB ciphers into distribution;
      no more reliance on Crypt::CFB and Crypt::CBC
    - improved cipher checking; added list of ciphers supported
      by client, based on which cipher drivers can be loaded
    - fixed rsa_private_decrypt bug (occurred when session key
      int was 255 chars long as hex string, rather than 256).
    - Chip Turner, author of Math::GMP, added my patch to his
      distribution, thus making installation much easier. Thanks
    - added cipher support to installation process.
    - abstracted the auth plugins into Auth modules; this will
      allow the addition of other authentication modules in
      the future.
    - moved utility routines into Net::SSH::Util.
    - changed Net::SSH::Constants to use Exporter.

0.02  Thu Jan 18 14:39:15 2001
    - added DES and 3DES ciphers
    - more host key support: adds new host keys to user host key file
    - checked for unsupported Net::SSH::Buffer methods in AUTOLOAD
    - added example script, eg/cmd.pl
    - can now specify cipher via new method
    - checks against server's supported cipher list

0.01  Wed Jan 10 14:45:19 2001
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19