$Id: Changes,v 1.15 2004/01/05 16:17:41 btrott Exp $

Revision history for XML::Atom

0.05  2004.01.05
      Removed XML::Atom::Entry::get_links and XML::Atom::Feed::get_links,
      in favor of new link() method in both classes, which returns a list
      of XML::Atom::Link objects. Also, add_link() now expects an
      XML::Atom::Link object instead of a hash reference.
      Renamed XML::Atom::API to XML::Atom::Client.
    - Added XML::Atom::Link, an encapsulation of the <link> tag in a feed
      or an entry.
    - Added XML::Atom::Server, an implementation of an Atom core server
      (to be subclassed for implementation-specific methods).
    - Fixed feed auto-discovery to work with all client tests at
    - Added (and documented) XML::Atom::Feed->find_feeds, to return all
      of the Atom feed URIs on a page given a URI.
    - Fixed issue with PasswordDigest in API (use sha(), not hex(sha())
      for generating password digest).
    - Stream parameter to XML::Atom::Entry::new and XML::Atom::Feed::new
      is now optional; if passed only one parameter, it's assumed to be
      the Stream parameter.
    - Fixed bug in XML::Atom::Content::as_xml (it didn't work).

0.041 2003.12.15
    - Fixed issue with calling $entry->content on list of entries generated
      from $feed->entries. (Thanks to esummers for the report.)

0.04  2003.12.14
      <content> elements are now represented as XML::Atom::Content objects
      instead of just get/set accessors. You can still set
      XML::Atom::Entry::content with a scalar (it will be automatically
      upgraded to an XML::Atom::Content object), but to get the value of
      <content>, you need to call XML::Atom::Content::Body. For example:
    - XML::Atom::Entry::content now removes the <div> wrapper from
      XHTML <content> when called with no arguments.
    - Changed XML::Atom::Author to XML::Atom::Person and re-implemented it.
    - Changed "WSSE" to "UsernameToken" in X-WSSE header.

0.03  2003.12.05
    - Added XML::Atom::Author to represent author or contributor, with
      accessors for name, email, URL, etc.
    - Updated XML::Atom::API per the 08 API spec:
          * Removed searchEntries and replaced it with getFeed
          * Removed introspection and replaced it with URI parameters
            to createEntry and getFeed (introspection will be added
            back in once it is more locked down)
    - Added support for easily adding <link> tags to feed or entry
      (eg XML::Atom::Feed::add_link) and getting <link> tags from feed or
      entry (eg XML::Atom::Feed::get_links).
    - Fixed XML::Atom::Thing::get to return undef when an element is
      not found in the object at all (it used to return the empty string).

0.02  2003.09.28
    - Completely revamped authentication mechanism to use X-WSSE header
      (or corresponding SOAP headers).
    - Removed 03-client.t test, because there aren't any publicly
      available servers to test against. (Are there?)
    - Added support for SOAP wrapper in API client.
    - Added namespace support in XML::Atom::Namespace using get and set
      methods in XML::Atom::Entry and XML::Atom::Feed.
    - Added namespace normalization for produced XML (if XML::LibXSLT
      is installed). This is really just a cosmetic thing.

0.01  2003.09.07
    - Initial distribution.