Revision history for CLI-Startup

0.25    2020-05-18
        Fixed broken support for hash-valued CLI options separated by commas.
0.24    2019-10-25
        Added diagnostics to test that is mysteriously failing on cpantesters.
0.23    2019-10-23
        Removed EXPORTER as base class to silence a Class::Std warning.
0.22    2017-12-05
        Cleaned up handling of collisions with default options.
0.21    2017-06-21
        Added perltidy to author tests. passes test.
0.20    2017-06-18
        Ensure that get_options()->{verbose} is always defined, even when it's 0.
        Consolidate the --verbose and -v options (-v is a magic pseudo-alias).
        Enable init() to work even if you only want the default options and no others.
        Add a verbose explanation of the default options to the man page.
0.19    2017-06-18
        Updated Perl dependency to 5.10.0 -- need regex (?&..) operator
        Removed case insensitivity of command-line options.
        Replaced deprecated JSON::Any with JSON::MaybeXS -- nice drop-in replacement.
        Cleaned up optspec validation code. Does the even-righter thing.
0.18    2017-06-17
        Cleaned up handling of option aliases to POSIX options will work.
        Added require_order option to improve POSIX compliance.
0.17    2017-03-24
        Removed test for unsupported optspec "foo:+".
        Added optional user message to die_usage().
        Changed --help and --manpage to exit 0 instead of 1.
        Updated author tests to work under Perl 5.24.
0.16    2014-10-17
        Removed alias --? for --help due to subtle bug.
        TODO: Add support for users to add aliases for --help.
0.15    2014-10-16
        Fixed tests that break when Config::Tiny isn't installed.
        Changed write_rcfile() to exit automatically.
0.14    2014-10-15
        Cleaned up some test code and fixed some failed tests.
0.13    2014-10-13
        Added explicit destructor, to turn off a Class:Std warning.
        Added documentation to the man page.
        Set explicit configs for Getopt::Long that are saner than the defaults.
        Added -? as an alias for --help.
0.12    2014-05-20
        Removed support for colon-based format for config files.
0.11    2014-05-19
        Added implicit dependencies missing from the Build.PL.
0.10    2014-05-18
        Improved config file processing to avoid corrupting non-config data in the file.
0.09    2014-05-17
        Switched from Config::Simple to Config::Any to add JSON, YAML, XML, and Perl support.
        Added --rcfile-format option to allow any of the above formats to be specified.
        Fixed a bug where some attributes were returned by reference instead of by copy.
        Bunches of cleanup to fix perlcritic warnings, some legitimate bugs among them.
        Moved POD to end of the file, making it easier to read.
0.08    2012-12-15
        Added example script: rsync wrapper similar to manpage example, but robuster.
0.07    2012-09-23
        Put back missing sort of command-line options in help message. TNX Tim Heaney.
0.06    2012-04-07
        Fixed a small typo in the POD example code. TNX Tim Heaney.
0.05    2011-08-20
        Added workaround for instability in File::HomeDir. Grumble. See:
0.04    2011-07-10
        Replaced $HOME with platform-independent File::HomeDir.
0.03    2011-07-09
        Fix documentation and one failed test.
0.02    2011-07-08
        First feature-complete version.
0.01    2011-07-04
        Initial revision