Revision history for Perl extension MP3::M3U::Parser.

Time zone is GMT+2.

1.1 Mon Aug 25 21:42:31 2003
	=> Better XML escaping.
	=> Added '-ignore_chars' parameter.
	=> Fixed a bug in seconds()
	=> Moved module to ./lib/MP3/M3U in the 
	   distribution package.

1.04 Sun Jun 22 15:54:43 2003
	=> Removed sort() from export() method (the module was using 
	   it on the $self->{M3U}{$cd} object table). 
	   Thanks to Patrick Bourdon.

1.03 Tue Jun 10 22:38:53 2003
	=> HTML code is valid HTML 4.01 & valid CSS. But you can get 
	   "non SGML character number" errors if your list(s) have 
	   some of the undefined chars. I may add a filter to 
	   escape these in the future.
	=> Some minor fixes.

1.02 Mon Mar 10 22:33:04 2003
	=> Fixed the comma bug. Reported by Brandon Lederer.
	=> Fixed a bug in the formatting seconds part.
	=> Empty result keys (if a search didn't find any matches 
	   in a list for example) are ignored when exporting to xml.
	=> Fixed the html playlist (css code was wrong and only 
	   IE was displaying it correctly).
	=> Updated the POD.

1.01 Wed Feb 26 18:14:51 2003
	=> Fixed definition of Dump() in the POD. 
	=> Added the definition of the parsed data structure to 
	   the POD. 
	=> Added the test 't/use.t' to the distribution. Module's 
	   code didn't changed.

1.00 Tue Feb 25 19:23:14 2003
	=> First release.