2006-06-02  CAIDA Perl development team  <cpan@caida.org>
	* All modules
	1) fixed image links in docs to point to caida website
(release 3.1)

2006-06-01  CAIDA Perl development team  <cpan@caida.org>
	* All modules
	1) general update of documentation
	* Graph/Gnuplot.pm
	1) Fixed bug in png output for newer versions of gnuplot
	2) Added SVG support 
	3) Output to STDOUT by setting 'output file' to undef

2001-10-24  CAIDA Perl development team  <cpan@caida.org>
	* All modules
	1) Corrected/updated the email addresses for the Chart-Graph
	2) Changed the convention for setting the debug and save temporary
	   files flag to be consistent with CoralReef and other CAIDA
	   applications.  Setting: $Chart::Graph::debug = 1 will turn on
	   debugging for any module and $Chart::Graph::save_tmpfiles = 1
	   will do the same for saving temporary files.
	3) Converted all documentation to Perl POD format.
	4) Expanded the number of test case examples.
	5) Fixed bug in creation of temporary files that prevented more
	   than one graph to be created at time within a given Perl script.
	6) Moved the graphic files produced in the 'make test' phase of
	   the install into the subdirectory 'test_results' so that they
	   won't clutter the installation directory but are available for
	7) Changed the output of each test file so that when a test is
	   skipped, an explicit message is given reporting that.

	* Graph/Gnuplot.pm
	1) Added recognition and creation of png files.
	2) improved timescale resolution.
	3) added a uts_normalize option to work around a gnuplot bug.
	4) Replaced out of date and awkward html documentation with Perl
	   standard POD documentation.
	5) Implemented date/time handling as currently used by Gnuplot as
	   part of the standard options of Graph/Gnuplot.pm.  Added global
	   options for input and output to support syntax as Gnuplot
	   implements date/time.  Included details on date/time handling
	   in documentation.
	* Graph/Xmgrace.pm
	1) Fixed the handling of data options that were lists of options.
	   This made the bar charts options work correctly among other
	2) fixed DESTROY error that prevented this module from running
	   under Perl 5.6.
	3) fixed bug that prevented column data entry format from working. 
	4) fixed bug that caused the test run for Xmgrace to fail even if
	   the run of the Xmgrace application was a success.
	5) Updated syntax in Xmgrace.pm to run consistently under Perl 5.6
	6) Created a new hash to handle options of Xmgrace that consist of
	   lists of options and provided new infrastructure for checking user
	   choices against lists of options.
	6) Cleaned up the way internal errors where handled.
	6) Replaced out of date and awkward html documentation with Perl
	   standard POD documentation.

	* Graph/xrt2d and Graph/xrt3d
	1) fixed bugs that resulted in the path location of xrt binaries
	   not being stored in a place where Perl wrapper could subsequently
	   retrieve it.
	2) Replaced out of date and awkward html documentation with Perl
	   standard POD documentation.
	3) Fixed bugs in the way global symbol spaces where used so that
	   paths to various applications weren't lost between subroutine
	4) Added support to Graph/xrt3d to read data from a file instead
	   of a matrix.
	5) Changed the way images were converted from one raster format to
	   another.  Changed Graph/xrt2d and Graph/xrt3d to use either
	   Imagemagick or Netpbm for making image conversions.  Expanded
	   the number of supported image formats to include: Postscript,
	   X-window (xwd), JPEG, and PNG.

2000-04-25  Esmond Lee  <e3lee@ipn.caida.org>
	* Graph/Gnuplot.pm
	1) added option to handle extra options
	2) added option to support errorbars
	3) added option to support unix time stamps on the x axis

	* Graph/Xmgrace.pm
	1) completed preliminary release version

1999-08-26  Esmond Lee  <e3lee@ipn.caida.org>
	* Graph/Gnuplot.pm
	1) setting $Chart::Graph::debug = 1 now increases 
	   debug messages
	2) setting $Chart::Graph::save_tmpfiles = 1 now preserves 
	   temp files
1999-05-21  Michael Young  <mhyoung@ipn.caida.org>

	* Graph/Gnuplot.pm: 
	1) added option to print out default x2y2 tics
	2) setting $Chart::Graph::debug = 1 now preserves 
	   temp files

1999-04-26  Michael Young  <mhyoung@ipn.caida.org>

	* Graph.pm (\$xvfb):
 	1) made a working test suite
	2) all distribution files are in place
	3) many bugs have been fixed

1999-04-19  Michael Young  <mhyoung@ipn.caida.org>

	* Graph.pm :
	1) fixed bug with $ENV{TMPDIR} being overwritten
	2) split Graph.pm into Chart::Graph, Chart::Graph::Utils,
	   Chart::Graph::Gnuplot, Chart::Graph::Xrt3d
	3) fixed typos in documentation

1999-04-05  Michael Young  <mhyoung@ipn.caida.org>

	* Graph.pm : 
	1) added POD documentation to the end of file
	2) using $VERSION = 1.0 for the first release.
        3) made updates to documentation
1999-03-31  Michael Young  <mhyoung@ipn.caida.org>

	* Graph.pm : This is the first entry in the changelog. 
	1) added /usr/dt/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the xrt 
	   binary "graph". graph has rouble finding libMrm
	2) now searches environment variable TMPDIR for a 
	   place to store temporary files. Will default to 
	   "/tmp" if TMPDIR is not defined.
	3) fixed bugs in programs not found in the search path
	   i.e. Graph.pm will only search for programs needed
	   by gnuplot if gnuplot() is called. It will exit if
	   a necessary program is not found.
	4) added missing calls to carp for abnormal exits.