Revision history for Perl extension Storm-Tracker bundle.

0.01  Wed Oct  6 14:41:21 1999

	- Original version; created by h2xs 1.18

	- Structure generated by h2xs was rearranged similar
	to that of the MIME::Tools distribution.  This is
	because there are several modules that must coexist
	in the same bundle.

0.02 Thurs Oct 28 10:35 1999 to Tues Nov 16 12:00 1999

	-Changed namespace from Geo::Storm_Tracker to Geo::StormTracker

	-Added epoch_date method to Geo::StormTracker::Advisory and
	modified Geo::StormTracker::Parser to fill it.  Also modified
	Geo::StormTracker::Main to use the new method instead of its
	original internal parsing method.

	-shiny_new method of Geo::StormTracker::Data has been modified
	to require the region, year, and event number as arguments.
	This allowed the addition of methods to retrieve these
	attributes.  This also required making some internal changes
	to the Geo::StormTracker::Main method where it called
	the shiny_new method of Geo::StormTracker::Data.