Revision history for DBD::MVS_FTPSQL.

0.01      Code generated with module-starter.
0.10      First draft based on the DBI::DBD pod and DBD::Template.
          Basic functionality implemented (connect / prepare / execute 
          / fetchrow_arrayref).
0.15      Minimal documentation added.
0.20      Added row count.
          Error handling rewritten.
          Documentation improved.
0.30      Rewrite of the module.
          Documentation improved.
0.31      Minor fixes.
          Added todo list.
0.32      Added remote_directory dns parameter.
0.3[3-8]  Various improvements / corrections.
0.38.xx   Documentation improvements.
0.38.12   First public release. 

0.38.13   Commented the require 5.004; directive
          it will cause Use of reserved word "our" is deprecated errors

0.38.14   Need to change version due to an error during pause upload
          (the mingw gzip seems to cause problems with pause)