Revision history for App::WordPressTools (wp-tools).

1.03  2018-09-13 21:26:05 MDT

  * Security: Backup directories are now created 0750 (i.e. not
    world-readable) for the benefit of those with trusting umasks. If you use
    wp-tools in a shared environment, you are encouraged to upgrade.
  * Deprecated the use of relative paths as arguments to --path, --backupdir,
    and --backupfile.

1.02  2016-12-12 16:00:29 MST

  * Reduce chance of leaving site directory in an inconsistent state if the
    script is killed at the wrong time.
  * Fix broken logic for applying backup skips.

1.01  2016-02-19 15:51:50 MST

  * Fixed a bug with complete version number not being preserved.
  * Fixed a bug that made --force ineffective against the disk space check.
  * Fixed a bug related to innacurate admin page checking on upgrade.
  * Fixed test scripts to invoke the correct perl.
  * Added documentation for how to contribute.
  * Added Travis CI configuration for automated testing (thanks Jason Hall).
  * Fixed various issues with the dzil config and maintenance scripts.
  * Replaced the File::Slurp dependency with File::Slurper.
  * Replaced the LWP::UserAgent dependency with HTTP::Tiny.
  * Replaced the Digest::SHA dependency with Digest::MD5.
  * Made the solo distribution be fatpacked for easier installation by curl.

1.0  2016-02-11 14:41:53 MST

  * First release of wp-tools to the world.