Revision history for PurpleWiki.

0.94 -- August 11, 2004
	- A bug fix release.  Re-added a feature that allows you to easily
	  recover vandalized/spammed pages.  Included some documentation in

0.93 -- August 9, 2004
	- Customizable look-and-feel via templates.  Improved default
	  look-and-feel.  You can also customize the create new pages
	  look-and-feel via the new CreateLinkBefore and CreateLinkText
	  config variables.
	- Fixed major bug with retrieving old versions of a page.
	- Basic access control, including a new configuration
	  (LoginToEdit) that requires login in order to edit a page.
	- MoinMoin triple braces preformatting syntax.
	- Refactored session management using CGI::Session.  Also
	  generates session log.
	- Built-in support for RSS syndication (action=rss).  No longer
	  need the wikirss cron script, which has been removed from the
	- Refactored user database and classes.  Can now log in using
	- Support for Identity Commons i-names.
	- Mostly complete MoinMoin parser, along with a
	  MoinMoin-to-PurpleWiki conversion script.
	- Refactored PurpleWiki::Config using singleton pattern.
	- Improved XHTML conformance.
	- New version numbering system to be more CPAN-friendly.
	- Major code cleanup.  Lots of bug fixes.
	- Apache1NidHandler and Apache2NidHandler have been collapsed
	  to NidHandler, which works for both versions of Apache.
0.9.2 -- May 3, 2004
	- New and improved OO View drivers!
	- Support for hard rules (using "----" on a line).
	- Modified the parser to support the XHTML model of nested lists.
	  This is the first step towards full XHTML compliance.
	- Added multiline support for list items and indented paragraphs.
	- Improved installation in Makefile.PL.
	- Additional View drivers for better transclusion support.
	- Moved parentheses support for NIDs back to the from
	  the CSS files because Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn't
	  support these directives.
	- Experimental support for remote transclusions.
	- Bug fixes galore!
0.9.1 -- February 14, 2004
	- Updated the provided css files in etc to use before and
	  after elements of ( and ) to demonstrate how display of
	  nids can be customized.
	- Umask config option has been added so that wiki pages can be
	  created group writable, if desired. Thanks to: Matthew O'Connor
	- A bug with KeptRevisions causing an error fixed. Thanks to:
	  Matthew O'Conner
	- Boolean config option, ShowNid, that controls whether NIDs should
	  be displayed as '#' or their value.
	- Support for WikiWhiteboard.  See
	- SiteBase configuration variable now used correctly, if set. Thanks
	  to: Jason Cook
	- Pluggage search modules allowing searching of external tools from
	  the wiki. See PurpleWiki/Search/*.pm for
	  documentation and information.
        - Transclusions can now be presented as plain text rather than
	  HTML. See PurpleWiki::Transclusion. Thanks to: Jason Cook
	- Transclusions can be retrieved from sites requiring basic
	  authentication.See PurpleWiki::Transclusion and set httpUser 
	  and httpPass in config. Thanks to: Jason Cook
	- mod_perl 1 and mod_perl 2 handlers for displaying raw wikitext
	  files as xhtml are now included. See PurpleWiki::Apache1Handler
	  and PurpleWiki::Apache2Handler. Intended for use with tools
	  that manipulate wikitext and PurpleNumbers external to the
	  wiki proper.

0.9 -- August 17, 2003
	- Document-independent node IDs.
	- Transclusions!
	- Rearchitected View drivers so that they are extensible,
	  reusable, and dynamically loadable.
	- New utilities: purple, various blog integration tools, etc.  See
	  the extras/ subdirectory.
	- Major UseModWiki code cleanup, including heavily refactored
	  Database classes.
	- RSS syndication of RecentChanges.
	- New config file format.
	- Bug fixes galore, with updated tests and documentation.

0.1 -- January 8, 2003
	- First released version.