Revision history for Perl extension Net::IMAP::Simple.
1.13  2005-09-28
    - Versioning schema changed to use CVS versioning rather than
      hard coded versioning. This is to address issues some people
      are having with bug tracking and package management tools.

0.105 2005-09-28
    - Fixed syntax problem in the bindaddr option. Thanks
      Dagobert Michelsen for pointing this out.

0.104 2005-08-06
    - Fixed major bug discovered in get() and getfh() which caused
      message lines to be dropped if they started with an "*"

0.103 2005-07-10
    - Fixed error in select() identified by Guido Kerkewitz and
      Jonathan B. Glatt
    - Added folder_subscribe() and folder_unsubscribe() functions
      provided by Guido Kerkewitz.

0.102 2005-06-25
    - Fixed protocol error identified within the expunge_mailbox()
      function. (Thanks alot to William Faulk for pointing this out)
    - Fixed bugs in the sample script provided.
    - Added flags() and recent() routines
    - Added current_box() function
    - Added use_select_cache and select_cache_ttl options. These
      options will allow you to enable internal caching for
      select() operations.

0.101 2005-01-06
    - Fixed bug which resulted in inconsistant results from login()

0.100 2005-14-05
    - Fixed dates in Changes file
    - Fixed IMAP protocol error identified by John A. Murphy
    - Changed behavior of login() to only return true or false.
      This change means that to get the current number of messages
      in a users INBOX folder you will need to preform a simple
      $imap->select("INBOX") after successfully logging in.
    - Added messages() function
    - Added the frame work within select() to provide more detailed
      information about the current IMAP framework

0.99  2005-28-04
    - Added multi-line header patch for bug discovered in top(),
      thanks Sergey Mudrik for pointing this out.

0.98  2005-27-04
    - Minor document changes
    - Fixed implimentation bug with the new option set

0.97  2005-26-04
    - Added patch submitted by LTHEGLER to address the multiple
      line output problem.

0.96  2005-26-04
    - Took over module development (Colin Faber)
    - Fixed synopsis to provide a functional example (Colin Faber)
    - Added error handling (Colin Faber)
    - Added IPv6 support (Colin Faber)
    - Added port, timeout, use_v6, retry, retry_delay and bindaddr
      options to the object creation method.

0.95  2004-06-09
    - Accept port configuration (Matt Bradford).
    - Documentation overhaul (Casey West).
    - Huge internal code overhaul (Casey West).
    - Implemented expunge_mailbox() (Florin Andrei).

0.94  Thu May 20 15:24:21 EDT 2004
    - Taken by Casey West.
    - Quoted the password argument to login() when sending
      to IMAP LOGIN command.
    - Added arguments for searching in paths and for mailboxes
      in the mailboxes() command.
    - Distribution clean up.

0.93  Thu Dec 16 16:15:00 1999
	- LIST ... {\d}\r\nmailbox parsing in mailboxes()
        - better escaping of \" e \\
          (Netscape server doesn't put the \\ in the mailbox name. Why?)

0.92  Tue Dec 13 15:07:00 1999
	- seen method
        - \r\n as EOL. Thanks to Edward Chao!
        - \" escaping. Thanks to Edward Chao!

0.91  Tue Nov  9 11:41:00 1999
	- getfh method
        - fixed bugs in the documentation(!!!)

0.90  Wed Nov  3 15:29:13 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18