0.02000 2007-12-12

    - Bugfix for save_to_model() in HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC

0.02000 2007-12-12

	- New HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC module to replace DBIx::Class::HTML::FormFu
	- New Repeatable block element
	- New "nested" params support. Form and Block elements have a new 
	  nested_name() method. Field elements have new nested(), nested_name() 
	  and nested_names() methods. Doesn't require CGI::Expand or 
	- Uses new "string" renderer by default - doesn't use template files,
	  Generated markup still exactly the same,
	  Set render_method("tt") to use the template files (old behaviour),
	  render_class_args() renamed to tt_args(),
	  Template files now installed into @INC path by File::ShareDir,
	  INCLUDE_PATH no longer set by default
	- New Checkboxgroup element. Works much like Radiogroup, but with
    - Support multiple yaml documents in a single file - calls populate()
      once for each document
	- Date element now uses names of the form "date_day" instead of 
	  "date.day", so as to not conflict with the new nested-params. This 
	  should only affect you if your client-side code (CSS, JS) references 
	  the field names
    - Group elements (Select, Radiogroup, Checkboxgroup) now support a
      'label_loc' argument, to provide the item labels via localize()
    - *_loc() methods now accept an arrayref argument, to allowing setting
      in YAML config files
    - render() now returns a string, not an object.
	  $form->render->start_form() must be changed to $form->start(),
	  $form->render->end_form() must be changed to $form->end,
	  $form->render->field('foo') must be changed to $form->get_field('foo'),
	  $form->render->hidden_fields() must be changed to $form->hidden_fields()
    - Bugfix: OutputProcessor::Indent was indenting closing tag, when it's
      value was empty (RT 30239)
    - Bugfix: Objects were getting wrong parents during clone() and

0.01006 2007-10-23

	- render_class_args->{INCLUDE_PATH} now defaults to 'root' if it's not 
	  set - previously was only set if the entire render_class_args hashref 
	  was empty
	- New StripWhitespace OutputProcessor
	- New CopyValue Filter
	- New Cookbook and Unicode manual pages
	- New unicode example Catalyst application
	- New portuguese I18N translation
	- Callback Filters, Constraints and Validators now accept a fully 
	  qualified subroutine name instead of a code-ref
	- Date element month names from DateTime::Locale are run through ucfirst
	- Documentation improvements
	- Bugfix: forced errors are now displayed

0.01005 2007-09-21

	- New Indent "output processor" to pretty-print output
	- New force_default() method on fields
	- New when() method for all Constraints
	- Behaviour change for MinMaxFields Constraint

0.01004 2007-09-12

	- New html_formfu_deploy.pl helper program
	- AutoSet Constraint now works with Select optgroups
	- Added vertically-aligned CSS example
	- Fix circular reference / memory leak
	- Documentations fixes / additions
	- require v0.7901 of DateTime::Format::Builder to fix memory leak

0.01003	2007-08-22

	- Add missing prereq to Makefile.PL

0.01002	2007-08-22

	- Fixed missing imports causing errors with perl 5.9.x

0.01001	2007-08-22

	- First non-dev release
	- All Element names now follow CamelCase convention
	- Key format of I18N files changed
	- New Date element
	- Use Class::C3 instead of SUPER
	- Automatically set UTF-8 encoding on TT
	- Support for Template::Alloy instead of TT

0.01000_02	2007-07-02

	- Updated templates in tt_files.pm - 0.01000_02 was out of date

0.01000_02	2007-07-02

	- Added YAML::Syck to dependencies
	- Pod fix

0.01000_01	2007-06-29

	- First CPAN dev release