0.09009 2012-09-29
    - Make sure object can('checked') before calling checked() (colinnewell)
    - Updated Repeatable control to update id_field on DBIC::Unique if present
    - Added support for arbitrary elements within Multi blocks so that they
      don't need to support methods like _striing_field and label etc.
    - ComboBox new get_select_field_nested_name(), get_text_field_nested_name()
    - Fieldset new legend_attributes() method.
    - New form_error_message_class() method.
    - Constraint 'when' callback now receives $constraint as 2nd argument.

0.09007 2012-01-23
    - bump MooseX::Attribute::Chained version

0.09006 2012-01-23
    - fixed deprecation warnings of MX::Attribute::Chained (bricas)
    - Added placeholder attributes for types Text and Textarea with L10N support.
    - Added L10N support for 'prefix' attributes for types Date and DateTime.
    - Added 'attributes' support to types Date and DateTime.

0.09005 2011-09-06
    - bump version of prereq CGI to 3.37 to make all tests pass

0.09004 2011-08-26

    - skip aggregate.t on Win32
    - no functional changes to HTML::FormFu

0.09003_02 2011-08-25

    - disable Test::Aggregate on Win32

0.09003_01 2011-05-11

    - using Test::Aggregate for the test suite if installed
      tests finish now in seconds instead of minutes

0.09003 2011-05-10

    - fixed regression in Model::HashRef introduced in 0.09000

0.09002 2011-03-21

    - Hopefully fix IO::Interactive dependency properly

0.09001 2011-03-31

    - Fix IO::Interactive dependency

0.09000 2011-03-29

    - Codebase changed to use Moose - massive internal changes - any custom
      Elements, Constraints, etc will require changes.
      See advice on mailing list:
      Or ask for help on the mailing list:
    - Bug fix: was a fatal error when a value was submitted for Label element
      (code called delete_nested_hash_value instead of deleted_nested_hash_key).
    - Bug fix: RT#65728 Filter::Split shouldn't return a value if no value was
    - Bug fix: Element::Date now uses default() in preference to
      default_natural(). RT#65727
    - DateTime elements, minutes and seconds have new 'interval' option.
    - Now only delete submitted value if there's no other field on the form with
      the same name.
    - load_config_file(stem) now honours the include path order, to mimic TT

0.08002 2010-09-22

    - Incompatible Change: removed all previously deprecated methods.
    - Incompatible Change: HTML::FormFu::QueryType::Catalyst
      File uploads under Catalyst no longer have copy_to(), link_to() and
      catalyst_upload() methods
    - Deprecated passing multiple arguments to many methods, where they were
      being implicitly converted to a hash-ref or array-ref.
      A warning is now issued.
    - Fix: Constraint::Equal with not(1) set no longer sets an error when both
      field values are empty strings.
    - Fix: An empty block with nested_name set, containing Label elements and
      no other fields, was causing the block's nested_name to be added to
      $form->valid(). RT #54967
    - Constraints that inherit from HTML::FormFu::Constraint::_others have a new
      'other_siblings' option, which auto-generates the 'others' list.
    - Constraint 'when' condition now supports new 'fields' and 'any_field'
    - Bumped required version of DateTime to 0.54 - needed to pass tests under
      Test::More 0.96.

0.07003 2010-08-02

    - Fix: Group element now escapes each items attributes, label_attributes
      and container attributes (based on by patch by Jeff Dairiki).
    - Fix: If using default_natural, use default_datetime_args{set_time_zone}
      if it's also set (Radek).
    - Filter::HTMLScrubber extra functionality.
    - Update _merge_hashes() so it can also merge arrays and hashes into a new
      array. This is necessary to allow default_args() to define a different
      ref-type than the element or processor which uses its values.
    - Update Element::reCAPTCHA tests after changes to Captcha::reCAPTHCA
      (bump dependency version).

0.07002 2010-06-24

    - Fix: Use MRO::Compat before mro to support perl 5.8
    - Fix: Date and ComboBox elements need to run deflators before trying to
      use any default value - reported by Matija Grabnar.
    - Overloading comparisons no longer assume both arguments are a blessed
      object - change needed for latest Test::More (Test-Simple-0.95_02)
    - Change Element::Date to not use deprecated DateTime::Locale methods.
    - Bump DateTime::Locale and DateTime::Format::Strptime required versions
      as DateTime::Locale Changes file has no mention of when the methods
      we're now using were added.
    - Removed Regexp::Copy from prereqs.

0.07001 2010-05-16

    - No changes - cpan indexer failed for last release

0.07000 2010-05-16

    - Change of behaviour: default_args() values are now applied to any object
      inheriting from the specified type, rather than just an instance of that
      type. Old behaviour is still supported with a minor change, see docs for
      details. - (Daniel Hilton)
    - Change of behaviour: default_args() key/values are now applied in order
      of inheritance, rather than the random order returned by keys()
    - New reverse_single attribute for all field elements.  New reverse_group
      attribute for Checkboxgroup and Radiogroup elements. (Ronald Kimball)
    - New default_datetime_args() method on Date and DateTime elements.
    - Element::DateTime now supports a 'second' select menu.
    - Allow empty string as default value for Date element. (Ronald Kimball)
    - Now use Clone instead of Storable (ntyni@iki.fi).
    - Change from Class::C3 to mro, to get built-in support in perl >= 5.9
    - New Bulgarian translation (Kamen Naydenov).
    - Fix bad links and markup in POD. (Ronald Kimball)
    - Fix spelling errors in POD (Ansgar Burchardt)
    - Documented Element::Textarea cols() and rows() methods.
    - Bump Config::Any requirement to version 0.18 for YAML::XS support
    - Refactored ObjectUtil (Daniel Hilton)

0.06001 2010-01-08

    - Fixed issue with Model::HashRef where form fields with an underscore
      and overlapping name (e.g. 'foo' and 'foo_bar') were causing problems
    - Fix test suite year issue.

0.06000 2009-12-10

    - New get_parent() method that traverses the parent hierarchy, returning
      the first parent that matches the supplied options.
    - Date element, year menu now supports 'reverse' option to reverse order
      of year list. - patch from Ozum Eldogan.
    - New Element::Block method auto_block_id().
    - New only_on_reps() method for constraints on fields within a Repeatable
      element. Causes the constraint to only be run if the field's
      repeatable_count() matches one of the set values.
    - New Repeatable::Any constraint.
    - Bugfix: after submission, group-type fields were getting the wrong value
      when multiple fields had the same name. - patch by Doug Orleans.
    - Bugfix: If a field in a Repeatable block had an error, all copies of that
      field were displaying the error. - report by Doug Orleans.
    - Repeatable elements inside a Repeatable element, now works without
      having nested_name set.
    - Performance fix: change all uses of eval() to check for array/hash-refs
      to Scalar::Util::reftype() instead. - Was causing a hit for group-type
      fields with large numbers of options. - initial patch by Steve Nolte.
    - Bump required version of Data::Visitor to 0.26
    - Minor pod fixes.

0.05004 2009-12-02

    - No changes - last release was built on Windows and didn't pass pause's
      indexer checks.

0.05003 2009-11-29

    - Fix YAML test files for YAML::XS compatibility

0.05002 2009-11-25

    - Fix handling of counter_name in nested-repeatables.
    - Element::reCAPTCHA new constraint_args() method to pass options to the
      automatically-created Constraint::reCAPTCHA.
    - Model::HashRef->create() now works with submitted input.
    - Kwalitee updates. (RT #47998)
    - Pod fixes. (RT #49120, #49114, #46363)

0.05001 2009-07-03

    - get_field(s), get_element(s), get_all_elements() now support a Regex
      object for any conditional argument.
    - Model::Hashref now searches for Multi and Repeatable elements using the
      regexes qr/Multi/ and qr/Repeatable/ to all for custom/derived classes.
    - New $form->add_localize_object_from_class() method.
    - New Element::Label.
    - Bugfix: DateTime element, hour/minute select menus didn't display correct
      value when hour/minute value was less than 10, and $form->process()
      wasn't called after $form->model->default_values().
    - Silence "undef value in string eq" warnings.

0.05000 2009-05-26

    - Nested repeatable blocks now create field names such as
      'foo_1.bar_1' rather than 'foo.bar_1_1', to assist client-side scripting.

0.04002 2009-05-08

    - Incompatible Change: Element::Repeatable->repeat() now defaults to 1
      instead of 0. This allows empty Repeatables.
    - Fix test failures on Win32.
    - During Element::Repeatable->process() call children's process() before
    - Support nested Repeatable elements.
    - Ensure plugins are correctly cloned.

0.04001 2009-04-15

    - Fix handling of arguments to plugin().
    - HTML::FormFu::Model::HashRef supports now empty repeatable elements.
    - vertically-aligned CSS example updated.

0.04000 2009-03-26

    - Incompatible Change: plugins process() method is now run *after*
      elements' process() method.
    - Incompatible Change: Button element no longer sets retain_default(1) -
      now sets force_default(1). Fixes bug where multiple buttons with same
      name were getting the wrong value after being redisplayed after errors.
    - New pre_process() plugin method that runs at the same time as the old
      process() hook.
    - New Model::HashRef.
    - New inherited method locale() available on forms, blocks and fields.
    - New Element::Number.
    - New Deflators: FormatNumber, PathClassFile, Callback.
    - New Filter::FormatNumber.
    - New Inflator::Callback.
    - New Norwegian I18N translation.
    - Updated vertically-aligned CSS.
    - config_file_path() now supports a list of directories.
    - Checkboxgroup + Radiogroup elements others() method now supports
      'container_attributes' hash-key
    - Constraint when() condition no longer demands a 'value' or 'values'
      key - if it's missing, the constraint will pass on any true value.
    - Bugfix: _Group elements - ensure 'empty_first' gets set before any
      'options', 'values', 'value_range'.
    - Bugfixes for constraint attach_errors_to_base(),
    - Bugfix: Repeatable blocks now correctly rename nested-names in
      constraints' others().
    - Bugfix: Repeatable blocks now rename field names in constraints' when().
    - Bugfix: Repeatable blocks now reparent fields' plugins.

0.03007 2008-12-08

    - Remove Test::Aggregate - seeing test failures under perl 5.8.x

0.03006 2008-12-03

    - New DateTime element.
    - New MinRange, MaxRange, File::MinSize, File::MaxSize constraints to
      provide more specific error messages.
    - New File::Size constraint methods: min_kilobyte(), max_kilobyte(),
      min_megabyte(), max_megabyte().
    - New config_file_path() method, used by load_config_file() and
    - New field_order() method for Date elements.
    - New I18N translations for Romanian, Russian, Ukranian.
    - New MultiForm system for multi-page forms (not yet documented, file
      upload tests skipped due to test problems on MS Win32).
    - Length, Range and File::Size constraints now pass min() and max()
      values as I18N args, for use in strings.
    - DependOn and Equal constraints now pass the root field label as I18N
      arg, for use in strings.
    - Checkbox + Radio elements now default to value(1).
    - Constraint when() method now works with nested_names().
    - Using test aggregate to speed-up tests.

0.03005 2008-09-08

    - New ComboBox element.
    - Don't use Pod::Help - some people were getting test failures.

0.03004 2008-09-03

    - New reCAPTCHA element.
    - New pt_br (Brazilian Portuguese) translation from Daniel Nicoletti.
    - New load_config_filestem() method for loading config files without
      having to specify the file extension.
    - New html_formfu_dumpconf.pl script, for viewing config files structure.
    - Assorted optimizations, providing over 20% runtime speedup.
    - Radio element now inherits from Checkbox, to remove duplicated code.
    - Radiogroup element now inherits from Checkboxgroup, to remove duplicated
    - checkboxgroup_tag template file has been removed - Checkboxgroup now just
      uses radiogroup_tag file.
    - All non-english I18N packages now correctly "use utf8;"
    - load_config_file() now switches on Config-General's UTF8, so that files
      are correctly decoded.
    - Regex filter now has an eval() method, which if true, eval's the
      contents of replace(), to allow the use of $1 variables or any other
      perl expression.
    - Allow languages() to be a single value, rather than just an arrayref.
    - CompoundJoin filter now ignores empty values.
    - examples/unicode updated.
    - Manual-Unicode cat. config examples changed to use MyApp->config().
    - Stop warnings for undefined attributes - reported by Rod Taylor.
    - Documentation improvements by Ansgar Burchardt.

0.03003 2008-08-21

    - Form and elements inside template files now have access to original
      object via self.object
    - Having a named Multi block within a Block with nested_name set, now works.
    - New Element method is_block() which is true for Block elements.
    - Multi no longers sets is_field(0) - it's now true for both is_field() and is_block().
    - prereqs - set minimum version of Exporter.pm that exports import()

0.03002 2008-08-11

    - Deprecate element_defaults() method.
    - New default_args() method.
    - New CompoundSprintf filter.
    - New DateTime constraint.
    - New field method default_empty_value().
    - New I18N translations for Danish, French and Italian.
    - Added time_zone support to Inflator::DateTime
    - Documented that process() must be called before render() - this has
      been the case since 0.03000.

0.03001 2008-06-20

    - Require version 0.38 of DateTime, for string overloading support.

0.03000 2008-06-19

    - Field container_tag() now defaults to 'div' rather than 'span' to provide
      better layout without CSS.
    - Multi block no longer sets container_tag() to 'span' - defaults to 'div'.
    - HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC moved out into a separate distribution.
    - Models now accessed through new form method: model(), with accompanying
      methods: default_model() and model_config.
    - Deprecated form methods: model_class(), defaults_from_model(),
    - Model methods renamed to: default_model(), default_values() and update().
    - New model method: create().
    - Deprecated element method: db().
    - Bugfixes for perl 5.10.0 (missing imports).
    - Bugfix: insert_before() and insert_after() now check if the object is 
      already a child, and if so, removes it first. Reported by Ferruccio 
    - Bugfix: update() many_to_many multi-value fields where 
      'default_column' included the table name (or 'me.') failed.
    - Bugfix: make inflators work with multiple submitted values.
    - Bugfix for Bool constraint: use '?' quantifier, not '*'.
    - Bugfix in Email constraint: ensure Email::Valid->address() is called in
      scalar context.
    - New Split and CompoundJoin filters.
    - New CompoundDateTime inflator.
    - New CompoundSplit and CompoundDateTime deflators.
    - New Plugin system (see tests, not yet documented) and StashValid plugin.
    - New form methods: stash_valid(), params_ignore_underscore() and
    - New method for _Group fields: empty_first_label().
    - Multi->render_data() now builds itself before it's children, so that
      deflators on the Multi work.
    - insert_before() and insert_after() now first removes the object if it's
      already a child of the target.
    - Callback filter and transformers now receive $params as a 2nd argument.
    - _Group field options() now supports value_xml, value_loc, label_xml and
      label_loc args.
    - get_* methods (fields, elements, constraints, etc) now accept any valid
      method-name as a search parameter.

    - add default_natural() method to Date element, allowing the use of 
      DateTime::Format::Natural to parse dates such as "today" or "yesterday".

    - when() method for Constraints can now accept a callback
    - Transformer callbacks now get $params as second argument (as Constraints
      aready were getting)
    - Form method add_valid() now expects a full nested-name.
    - auto_id() now translates "%n" into the full nested-name.
    - Add a END block to DBICTestLib that cleans up the t/test.db

0.02004 2008-02-22

    - Incompatible Change: $upload->headers no longer returns a hashref, it now
      returns a HTTP::Headers object.
      Tests for $upload->headers->{'Content-Type'} changed to 
      Tests for $upload->headers->{'Content-Length'} changed to 
    - Catalyst upload object now provides basename(), copy_to(), link_to(), 
      size(), tempname() and type() methods which delegate to the 
      Catalyst::Request::Upload object.
    - The original Catalyst::Request::Upload objects can be retrived with the 
      catalyst_upload() method.
    - CGI and CGI::Simple upload objects provide size() and type() methods.
    - New Constraints: File::Size, File::MIME and File.
    - 'Required' and other constraints now work with file uploads.
    - Spanish I18N added.
    - Support for DBIx::Class schema methods which don't correspond to a 
      database column or relationship.
    - Fixed test failures due to hardcoded date element output expecting the
      year 2007.
    - Fixed circular references in upload objects.

0.02003 2007-12-20

    - Bugfix for has-many rels in defaults_from_model()
    - Added Template.pm back into prereqs
    - Repeatable element, increment_field_names() is now true by default
    - Fixed javascript rendering in _Field

0.02002 2007-12-12

    - Fixes required for perl 5.10.0

0.02001 2007-12-12

    - Bugfix for save_to_model() in HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC

0.02000 2007-12-12

    - New HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC module to replace DBIx::Class::HTML::FormFu
    - New Repeatable block element
    - New "nested" params support. Form and Block elements have a new 
      nested_name() method. Field elements have new nested(), nested_name() 
      and nested_names() methods. Doesn't require CGI::Expand or 
    - Uses new "string" renderer by default - doesn't use template files,
      Generated markup still exactly the same,
      Set render_method("tt") to use the template files (old behaviour),
      render_class_args() renamed to tt_args(),
      Template files now installed into @INC path by File::ShareDir,
      INCLUDE_PATH no longer set by default
    - New Checkboxgroup element. Works much like Radiogroup, but with
    - Support multiple yaml documents in a single file - calls populate()
      once for each document
    - Date element now uses names of the form "date_day" instead of 
      "date.day", so as to not conflict with the new nested-params. This 
      should only affect you if your client-side code (CSS, JS) references 
      the field names
    - Group elements (Select, Radiogroup, Checkboxgroup) now support a
      'label_loc' argument, to provide the item labels via localize()
    - *_loc() methods now accept an arrayref argument, to allowing setting
      in YAML config files
    - render() now returns a string, not an object.
      $form->render->start_form() must be changed to $form->start(),
      $form->render->end_form() must be changed to $form->end,
      $form->render->field('foo') must be changed to $form->get_field('foo'),
      $form->render->hidden_fields() must be changed to $form->hidden_fields()
    - Bugfix: OutputProcessor::Indent was indenting closing tag, when it's
      value was empty (RT 30239)
    - Bugfix: Objects were getting wrong parents during clone() and

0.01006 2007-10-23

    - render_class_args->{INCLUDE_PATH} now defaults to 'root' if it's not 
      set - previously was only set if the entire render_class_args hashref 
      was empty
    - New StripWhitespace OutputProcessor
    - New CopyValue Filter
    - New Cookbook and Unicode manual pages
    - New unicode example Catalyst application
    - New portuguese I18N translation
    - Callback Filters, Constraints and Validators now accept a fully 
      qualified subroutine name instead of a code-ref
    - Date element month names from DateTime::Locale are run through ucfirst
    - Documentation improvements
    - Bugfix: forced errors are now displayed

0.01005 2007-09-21

    - New Indent "output processor" to pretty-print output
    - New force_default() method on fields
    - New when() method for all Constraints
    - Behaviour change for MinMaxFields Constraint

0.01004 2007-09-12

    - New html_formfu_deploy.pl helper program
    - AutoSet Constraint now works with Select optgroups
    - Added vertically-aligned CSS example
    - Fix circular reference / memory leak
    - Documentations fixes / additions
    - require v0.7901 of DateTime::Format::Builder to fix memory leak

0.01003    2007-08-22

    - Add missing prereq to Makefile.PL

0.01002    2007-08-22

    - Fixed missing imports causing errors with perl 5.9.x

0.01001    2007-08-22

    - First non-dev release
    - All Element names now follow CamelCase convention
    - Key format of I18N files changed
    - New Date element
    - Use Class::C3 instead of SUPER
    - Automatically set UTF-8 encoding on TT
    - Support for Template::Alloy instead of TT

0.01000_02    2007-07-02

    - Updated templates in tt_files.pm - 0.01000_02 was out of date

0.01000_02    2007-07-02

    - Added YAML::Syck to dependencies
    - Pod fix

0.01000_01    2007-06-29

    - First CPAN dev release