Revision history for Parallel::MPM::Prefork

0.14  2014-04-06
* POD: Made NAME section a one-liner to avoid truncation on CPAN.

0.13  2014-03-26
* GPG key now as URL.

0.12  2013-08-20
* Minor optimiziations and POD updates.
* Added GPG key.

0.11  2013-08-18
* Don't block signals during child_data_hook call.
* Fixed examination of select() mask.
* Cleaned up sigprocmask() overoptimization.

0.10  2013-08-17
* Tuned SIGCHLD handling again (thanks to the ASF for their merciless "ab").
* Added support for DEFAULT, IGNORE and undef child signal handlers.
* _read_child_data(): Read more than one data chunk per call but not too many.
* Execute child_data_hook in separate process unless data_hook_in_main is true.
* t/02-data_hook.t needs data_hook_in_main => 1.

0.09  2013-08-15
* Include Perl 5.10 as requirement in Build.PL
* Don't import POSIX::_exit, we don't need it.
* Changed CLD_DATA_HDR_FMT from 'SSCL' to 'iSCL' b/c pid_t is an unsigned int.
* _read_child_data(): Absorb all remaining child data if header is corrupt.
* pf_whip_kids(), pf_kid_new(): Don't kill surplus children after they exited
* Reworked SIGCHLD handling to fix just-before-select() race condition and
  to be immune to missed SIGCHLDs.
* Removed no_sigchld_handler option, it's too messy.
* Mention POSIX::PIPE_BUF in pf_kid_yell() documentation.
* Cosmetics.

0.08  2013-08-14
Initial CPAN release.