Revision history for REST-Cypher

0.0.4     2015-10-29 19:27:48+00:00 Europe/London
 - stop using package{..} syntax
   - in principle there's nothing wrong with it; until you hit the hateful
     'find-provides' during RPM packaging. It doesn't recognise this syntax
     and you end up missing these 'Provides' in the generated RPM.

0.0.3     2015-10-22 15:12:04+01:00 Europe/London

 - add exception throwing for some of the more common silly mistakes made

0.0.2     2015-09-29 10:21:52+01:00 Europe/London (TRIAL RELEASE)

 - Minor tweaks and improvements

0.0.1     2015-07-16 13:47:38+00:00 UTC (TRIAL RELEASE)

 - Initial release of rough round the edges prototype