Revision history for Perl extension NetServer::Generic.

1.02 Wed Jun 27
	bugfix: various suggestions by Lincoln Stein. 
        - Switch from FIFO to pipe for controlling preforked children
          (for Win32 compatability)
        - Revised wait() behaviour for Solaris
        - First attempt at fixing "thundering herd" problems

1.01 Wed May 17 17:07:00 2000
        - bugfix: doesn't require a threaded perl now. Also tested on Solaris.

1.00 Fri May 11 10:35:00 2000
        - added alpha-ish preforked server mode
        - added alpha-ish multithreaded mode (UNSTABLE)
        - modified IP address filtering to cope with regexps
        - option to log new connection peer addresses via STDERR
        - extra test scripts
        - updated documentation

        * NetServer::Generic has now been running a mission-critical
          high-demand e-commerce server for the past couple of years,
          and has been in use elsewhere; the core functionality and API
          is stable. Two years is a bit long for beta test, so I'm 
          declaring this release to be version 1.0.

0.03 Thurs Sep 02 09:13:00 1998
        - fixed test failure

0.02  Wed Sep 02 11:57:00 1998
        - added peer() method to get peer information
        - added mode() switch, with fork, select, and client parameters
          to govern server mode of operation
          * client mode supports the additional trigger() method
        - added an improved (working!) client/server test script
        - updated documentation
        - minor bugfixes
        - support for NetServer::SMTP

0.01  Fri Jul 17 13:03:55 1998
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.18
          Doesn't include the minimal SMTP server yet