Revision history for Perl module Handel

1.00006 Sun Oct 21 13:10:23 2007
    - Updated Clone prereq version to 0.28 (Collin Condray)
    - Fixed Quicktart to use schema --install (Charlie Garrison)
    - Fixed various spelling errors and critic checks
    - Added test skips for DBD::SQLite 1.14

1.00005 Wed Aug 22 21:42:33 2007
    - Catalyst Helper code uses as_string instead of format
    - Updated profiles regexps for newer YAML

1.00004 Tue Aug 21 21:01:10 2007
    - Removed RDBO M::I feature in Makefile.PL (RT#28461,ANDK)
    - Fixed exception tests message checks under l10n (RT#28927,RDROUSIES)
    - Added Bulgarian L10N - Kliment A. Ognianov

1.00003 Tue July 24 20:55:32 2007
    - Changed tests to use TEST_AUTHOR instead
    - Converted to Module::Install

1.00002 Sat June 30 17:15:12 2007
    - Catalyst Model tests now skip when Catalyst not installed
    - Fixed Catalyst tests after fresh perl install explosion
    - Fixed pod coverage

1.00001 Mon June 25 22:05:26 2007
    - Fixed basic.t use_ok failures due to dev install
    - Fixed various test skip counts
    - Fixed Component::Validation to deal with new
        DBIC::Validation/throw_exception changes

1.00000 Sun June 24 08:57:22 2007
    - constraint_price now uses $currency->value if value isa
        Data::Currency object

0.99_19 Thur June 21 21:02:36 2007
    - Storage->setup now puts non-accessor keys into %$self
    - Removed incomplete L10N Lexicons
    - Cleanup coverage before 1.0 release
    - DBIx::Class 0.08 Released & Required
    - Added AutoCommit to Handel::Test
    - Tweaked failing checkout process tests

0.99_18 Wed Apr 18 19:55:09 2007
    - Added --version to
    - Fixed Handel::Compat::Currency pod
    - Updated prereq to use DBIx::Class 0.07999_02
    - Added skips for DBD::SQLite 1.13 (teh devil) causing failing tests
    - Updated Perl::Critic tests

0.99_17 Wed Mar 21 20:11:24 2007
    - Renamed ConfigReaders %Defaults to %DEFAULTS
    - Removed t/style_critic_tests. ETOOMUCHWORKFORLITTLEBENEFIT
    - Updated Test::MockObject in tests to 1.07
    - Fixed destroy in Order
    - Fixed has_column check when setting item currency columns

    - Handel::Currency isa Data::Currency
    - H::C::format moved to as_string; now just returns the format

0.99_16 Thur Dec 21 16:21:15 2006
    - Added \%options/order_by to search//Order
    - Added has_column to DBIC Storage to use ResultSource->has_column
    - Added has_column to Result/DBIC Result
    - Fixed TT demo code. Maybe that will die some day.
        Seriously. Two words: Catalyst Helpers. :-)
    - Fixed issue where Compat Currency convert failed with converter returns 0
    - Changed quickstart setup script to *
    - Added 0700 perms to app script
    - Storage::process_error now only dies Handel::Exception subclasses instead
        of all blessed objects
    - Renamed DBIC schema classes into Schema::DBIC space, like their RDBO

0.99_15 Sun Nov 12 17:50:52 2006
    - L10N files now use constant-like keys rather than english errors
    - reworked by Diego Kuperman
    - L10N::fr reworked by Pierrick DINTRAT
    - Added l10n_lexicon_synced.t to ensure language lexicons are synced with
        each other via key checks
    - Removed constraint_uuid check from Checkout order/cart since it's not
        subclass friendly (RT#19813,TKP)
    - Checkout cart now throws an exception of now order can be found matching
        the search criteria
    - Converted tests to use Handel::Test
    - Cleanup tests against Perl::Critic
    - Fixed Checkout prototype mismatch warning under perl > 5.8.8
    - Added more config tests for MP1/MP2
    - Added more Schema connect tests
    - Added more Base tests
    - Added Iterator tests
    - Fixed bug in Iterator:::DBIC where first increments the resulset
    - Fixed issue in Cat Helpers that treated MyApp::Controller:: as a valid
    - Added Catalyst Model setup tests
    - Added Catalyst Scaffold Helper tests
    - Added checkout_class to Order pod
    - Added Module::Starter::Handel to help kickstart Handel projects
    - Added currency_code_column to storage so DBIC inflators can set currency
        code using another column in the row
    - Removed formatting options from Currency->convert now that it always
        returns a currency object instead of formatted strings
    - Reworked Handel::Currency to be more object like with its parameters
    - Added Handel::Compat::Currency, inserted automatically when loading
    - Added compat_currency.t tests
    - Converted to Module::Pluggable::Object
    - Cart restore now throws exception on unknown mode like it was supposed to
    - Only create currency converter when calling convert for the first time
    - Added quickstart scripts for Module::Starter::Handel apps
    - Added Catalyst::Helper::Handel to create entire cat app w/ starter
    - Huge test coverage. 99% w00t!
    - Mostly Perl::Critic happy...except for some test labels
    - Probably last release before 1.0!

0.99_14 Sat Sep 23 19:14:22 2006
    - Added Order::save method
    - MarkOrderSaved plugin now uses Order::save method instead of setting
        the type field directly
    - Removed constraint_uuid check from Order create/reconcile as it's not
        subclass of interchangable schema friendly (RT#19813,TKP)
    - Changed id references in search to use first primary key from Storage
    - Order creation from cart no does can('shopper') to help w/ subclassing

0.99_13 Wed Sep 20 19:01:29 2006
    - Added NEXT to prereqs for Handel::Compat
    - Moved FormValidator::Simple from recommended to prereqs
    - Added set_default_values to Storage
    - Added check_constraints to Storage
    - Added validate_data to Storage

0.99_12 Fri Sep 15 22:28:53 2006
    - Moved Locale::Currency/Format and WebServiceX modules to requirements
    - Currency new() now takes $code and $format params
    - Added name/code to Currency
    - Added converter_class to Currency
    - Added currency_code and currency_format to Storage
    - Storage::DBIC now passes currency_code/format into DBIC inflate subs for
    - Added Storage::DBIC currency_code/currency_format tests
    - Finished Perl::Critic cleanup

0.99_11 Sun Sep 10 13:33:22 2006
    - Fix examples code in AddingColumns.pod
    - Fixed pod references after DBIC Storage rearrangement
    - Added item_storage_class/item_storage to Storage so item related methods
        could get item storage config from item storage without being tied to
        top level item class
    - Moved item_class/cart_class back into Handel::Base. They don't belong in
    - Moved checkout_class back into Handel::Order. That doesn't belong in
        storage either
    - Added WritingCustomStorage to Cookbook
    - Added has_column to Storage

0.99_10 Wed Sep 06 21:02:33 2006
    - Added start of Cookbook and Cookbook/AddColumns
    - Moved DBIC specific Storage classes into DBIC namespace
    - Changed process to get items->all instead of (items)

0.99_09 Tue Sep 05 19:18:52 2006
    - Catalyst Helpers now require FormValidator::Simple 0.17 (Woohoo!)
    - Validation component now requires DBIx::Class::Validation 0.01001
        which uses new FV::S for profile/instance/messages fixes
    - Filled in pod generated by Catalyst Helpers in a moment of weakness

0.99_08 Mon Sep 04 16:45:22 2006
    - Added txn_begin/commit/rollback to Storage and Storage::DBIC to help
        abstract Checkout::process from Storage.
    - Added Storage::DBIC::Result to get DBIC specific things out of
    - Minor pod fixes

0.99_07 Sun Sep 03 20:58:13 2006
	WARNING: The auto generated Catalyst helper code requires
	changes/fixes that have yet to be commited or accepted until the author
	Contact me if you need a copy of the modified version.

    - Moved perl_critic.t to style_perl_critic.t
    - Added style_no_tabs.t
    - Style tests now enabled via TEST_PRIVATE
    - Reworked Catalyst Helpers for Controllers and their tests.
    - Fixed issue where add_handler wasn't assigning unique pref ids when non
        were specified in the plugins themselves.
    - Moved requirements to Requirements.pod
    - Cart destroy now works on a blessed object under Catalyst
    - AssignOrderNumber checkout plugin no longer sets the updated field.
        This will be rolled into the Order class in the next release.

0.99_06 Fri Aug 25 20:53:26 2006
    - Simplified Storage->setup and removed clear/reset nonsense
    - Added Spanish lexion provided by Diego Kuperman
    - Abstracted Iterator and added subclasses for lists, DBIC resultsets
        and storage results
    - Added result_iterator_class to Base using default of
    - Storage now leaves DBIC result_class alone and returns
        iterators for search/search_items
    - Cart/Order now use Handel::Iterator::Results iterator
    - Split DBIC specific storage into Storage::DBIC w/ massive tests
    - Started moving news tests to Handel::Test w/ better db deploy/var
    - Split Manual Storage into Storage/Storage::DBIC
    - Added param checks to many Storage methods
    - Replaced old Makefile warnings w/ mention of Test::More and DateTime
    - Added Perl::Critic tests for my personal gratification. None pass yet. :-)
    - currency_columns gets/sets list instead of arrayrefs to better match
    - Bumped DBIC requirement to 0.08 (use -current for now)
    - Reworked Catalyst Helpers for Models (Controllers are still broken)

0.99_05 Wed Aug 09 21::02::29 2006
    - Changed create_result in Base to create_instance
    - Added create/search/uuid_maker/copyable_item_columns to Storage
    - Storage->clone now clones even with an active schema instance
    - Schema configuration in Storage now uses a clone of the item_classes
        storage instead of the original, and redirects result->storage
    - Cart/Order/Items now use storage create/search
    - Cart/Order add() now use copyable_item_columns when passed objects
    - Cart/Order add() now look for source columns and methods to fill
        destination column values
    - Various pod fixes
    - Added more tests for create_instance/clone changes
    - Cart/Order/Item new/load/destroy now take \%options, specifically
    - Order->new $process argument moved into \%options
    - Order->copy_cart_items now just uses add
    - Added checkout_class to Storage
    - Storage now uses exception_action rather than dbh->{HandleError}
    - Storage process_error now creates a Storage Exception for unknown errors
    - Moved storage settings in Cart/Order Item into Storage::Cart/Order::Item
    - Applied Catalyst Helper test patch from Todd W.
    - Added Storage::Result, which is now returned by storage actions
    - Handel::Currency convert now returns a new currency object
    - Cart/Order/Item now use generic result objects
    - Cart/Order clear now returns result of action like delete does
    - Renamed Cart/Order/Item new() to create()
    - Renamed Cart/Order/Item load() to search()
    - Added load/new/items to Compat.t w/subclass tests

0.99_04 Sat Jul 15 16:21:25 2006
    - Schema configuration now finally uses load_components without the
        Class::C3 recalc slowdown
    - Validation component now uses throw_exception/next::method now that
        load_components is used
    - Major pod cleanup
    - Excised all forms of RETURN_AS
    - TEST_SPELLING is now TEST_POD, which all pod tests now use
    - Order created/updated fields now return DateTime objects using
    - Excised remaining UNIVERSAL::isa mistakes. Blessed is your friend.
    - Order created/updated fields now default to DateTime->now

0.99_03 Mon Jul 10 21:05:27 2006
    - Fixed AxKit Exception Error (RT#19707,TKP)
    - Added start of Handel::Manual
    - uuid is now new_uuid, and now in Storage
    - Removed setup_columns_accessors in favor or create_accessors in Base
    - Cart/Order/Item classes now have a instance of storage instead of
        subclassing it
    - Added Handel::Base as super class for Cart/Order/Item classes
    - Added Handel::Storage tests
    - Handel::Storage now does all schema configurate during first
        schema_instance call
    - Added Handel::Storage::new/setup
    - Cart/Order/Item classes now delegate direct schema access to Storage
    - Added validation/constraint/default_value_class to Storage
    - Converted Storage from Class::Data::Accessor to Class::Accesssor::Grouped
    - Refactored injection of components into schema source classes
    - schema_instance now creates a clone using compose_namespace and
        does its component injection into the clone instead
    - Added currency_class/currency_columns to Storage
    - Added value() to Handel::Currency
    - Added autoupdate to results that inherits from storage->autoupdate
    - Added basic compatibility layer for older subclasses

0.99_02 Mon Jun 05 22:08:32 2006
    - Fixed test counts in t/order_new.t (RT#19700,TKP)
    - Moved _error_handler in Storage to process_error and set
        dbh->{HandelError} using $self->can
    - Use blessed when setting schema_instance in Storage
    - Abstracted schema setup when setting Storage->schema_instance($schema)

    - RETURN_AS has been removed from the API
    - Data filters now take SQL::Abstract syntax for wildcards
    - Converted from Class::DBI to DBIx::Class schemas
    - Handel::ConfigReader is now a singleton via instance()
    - Handel::DBI is deprecated in favor if Handel::Storage
    - Moved column defaults into Handel::Components::DefaultValues
    - Added constraint_cart_name

    - Fixed version requirement for catalyst tests
    - Fixed cart iterator tests db file creation issues
    - Cart taglib now calls tag-based functions to ease subclassing

0.32 Sun Jan 22 18:19:38 2006
    - Added order_reconcile.t tests
    - Order::reconcile now uses copy_cart/copy_cart_items

0.31 Tue Jan 17 19:43:14 2006
    - Fixed order creation from cart uuid to use cart_class
    - Fixed order reconcile to use cart_class
    - Added ccissuenumber, ccstartdate and ccenddate temp fieds to orders
    - Use version to property compare CDBI versions (3.0.1 doesn't use version)
    - Added clear_messages to Handel::Checkout
    - Checkout plugin handlers are now run in the order of their declared
        preference number
    - Fixed Carts item_class to return a default
    - Fixed Carts items(), delete(), destroy() and restore() to use item_class
    - Fixed Orders item_class to return a default
    - Fixed Orders items(), delete() to use item_class
    - PRAGMA synchronous = OFF and temp_store = MEMORY for SQLite tests to
        reduce disk trashing during testing
    - Handel::Exception::Taglib subclasses Apache::AxKit::Exception if available
        to play nice with AxKits exception handling
    - Added destroy() to Handel::Order
    - Added subclassing tests to current cart/order/checkout tests
    - Checkout::process now clears the stash before the call to plugin init, so
	plugins can set stash data
    - Added Handel::Checkout::Stash to checkout process
    - Added Checkout->stash_class to allow the use of a custom stash class in
        Checkout subclasses
    - Checkout::new how takes the stash option, which should contain a instance
	of a Handel::Checkout::Stash subclass
    - Added t/checkout_stash,t tests
    - Class setter methods (order_class, item_class, stash_class, cart_class)
        now try to require the specified class

0.30 Fri Dec 23 22:52:23 2005
    - Constraint constraint_price now accepts 0 as a valid value
    - Added order_class to Handel::Checkout to allow Checkout->order to create
        subclassed versions of Order objects
    - Added cart_class to Handel::Order to allow Order->new to create
        subclassed versions of Cart objects
    - Added copy_cart/copy_cart_items in Handel::Order so subclasses can
        customize order creation from custom carts
    - When copying cart items into a new order, only columns in
         Handel::Cart::Item instead of all columns found

0.29 Thu Dec 8 20:12:38 2005
    - Constraint constraint_checkout_phase now checks CHECKOUT_ALL_PHASES
    - Added add_phase to Handel::Checkout to add custom phases
    - Removed APR::UUID usage under OpenBSD
    - Disabled Apache-Tests tests by default and added TEST_HTTP to enable them
    - Added pod to Handel::Order about temporary fields

0.28 Fri Nov 25 15:09:25 2005
    - Added pod_spelling.t tests which don't run by default
    - Corrected a boatload of spelling errors :-)
    - Catalyst Helpers now require Catalyst 5.56 to deal with short vs. long
	M/V/C modules names.

0.27 Sun Nov 13 12:08:38 2005
    - Tested with Class::DBI 3.0.12
    - Require Apache-Test 1.27
    - Added IfDefine APACHE1 block to ignore AxKit under Apache2
    - Catalyst helper tests now use short => 1 under Catalyst 5.5
    - Added Traditional Chinese L10N by Kang-min Liu

0.26 Wed Oct 5 21:12:56 2005
    - Tested with Class::DBI 3.0.9
    - Fixed Exception creation after triggers under Class::DBI 3.0.9
    - Handel::DBI no uses Class::DBI->insert in Class::DBI 3.0.9+
    - Added subclassing tests
    - Change item_class to use class name instead of __PACKAGE__
        (See README for known issues)

0.25 Sun Oct 3 20:15:35 2005
    - Removed -T from Catalyst helpers tests to keep older
        versions of File::Path/IO::File happy
    - Fixed Catalyst helper test failures due to setting $FindBin::Bin
    - Fixed mod_perl detection and code to deal with MP2 and
    - Fixed Catalyst checkout/order helpers error when trying to get the
        value of a cookie that didn't already exist
    - Fixed obscure bug with Data::UUID crashing in the first call only
        under MP2
    - Added support to create uuids form APR::UUID if it's available

0.24 Mon Sep 26 20:28:13 2005
    - Added Catalyst Helper tests
	- Added pod notes about Data::FormValidator/HTML::FillInForm in helpers

0.23 Tue Sep 20 21:17:15 2005
    - Fixed case where Catalyst helpers weren't replacing :: globally
        when creating uri in templates

0.22 Tue Sep 20 20:47:36 2005
    - Removed leftover hardcoded MyApp::M calls in Catalyst controllers
    - Catalyst controller helpers now require Data::FormValidator 4.00+
    - Tested with Class::DBI 3.0.8
    - Catalyst helpers are smarter about doing the right thing with
        MyApp::M(odel)::Cart vs. Cart in arguments

0.21 Mon Sep 19 18:15:23 2005
    - Fixed problem with helpers not working on *nix due to CRLF
        Thanks to Andy Grundman and Bernard FRIT for the help tracking this down
    - Changed eol-style=LF for Catalyst helpers

0.20 Sat Sep 17 20:56:23 2005
    - Catalyst controllers now use Data::FormValidator along with
        better error handling
    - Catalyst Checkout contoller now uses HTML::FillInForm to maintain form
        state after a POST when there are Data::FormValidator/other errors
    - Tested with Class::DBI 3.0.7
    - Added add_columns to Handel::DBI to add custom columns to
    - Added item_class to Cart/Order classes to specify the item class
        to be returned from add/items during subclassing
    - Added HandelDBIDSN config variable

0.19 Mon Sep 12 21:24:38 2005
    - Added Path::Class/File::Find::Rule PREREQ
    - First official release with Catalyst support

0.18_01 Sun Sep 11 22:23:07 2005
    - Added Catalyst Helpers/Scaffold support
    - Added ; to end of sql statements in sql scripts that makes
        some versions of sqlite unhappy. Found by shenme#catalyst
    - Added handel.sqlite.sql SQL Create Script
    - Updated French lexicon with more human-friendly translations sent
        from Bernard FRIT
    - Various README fixes patched by Uwe Voelker
    - Added Cart::destroy method to actually delete cart record
    - Started modularization of Catalyst scaffold
    - Order::new now copies shopper id from cart when creating a new
        order from an existing shopping cart when no order shopper is specified
    - Added temp credit card fields to orders: ccn cctype ccm ccy ccvn ccname
    - Added CHECKOUT_PHASE_FINALIZE to checkout phases.
    - Added MarkOrderSaved and AssignOrderNumber checkout plugins
    - Added Order::reconcile to keep cart items and order items synced
    - Added SQLite schema sql script and directory

0.18 Mon Aug 22 19:55:13 2005
    - Checkout/Orders code is finished. Handel is now considered
    	feature complete: for now. :-)
    - ConfigReader now untaints config values from $ENV

0.17_09 Sat Aug 20 18:57:11 2005
    - Finished AxKit::XSP::Handel::Checkout
    - Checkout::plugins now returns a sorted list in list context
    - Added t/xsp_checkout.t AxKit tests
    - Added t/tt2_checkout.t TT tests
    - Fixed noprocess->process taglib option in Order::new
    - Checkout::new phases option takes space/comma seperated list
    - Fixed Checkout::phases return in list context
    - ConfigReader now checks dir_config, then ENV under mod_perl
    - Fixed warning during Checkout::process when $phase was undef

0.17_08 Wed Aug 10 21:30:48 2005
    - Upstreamed uuid module inspection into BEGIN/Handel::newuuid
    - Added stash to checkout context
    - Checkout::plugins now returns a list if wantarray
    - Checkout::phases now returns a list if wantarray

0.17_07 Tue Aug 09 21:34:21 2005
    - Moved all ConfigReaders upstream into $Handel::Cfg
    - Added transaction around Checkout::process
    - Checkout::messages now returns a list if wantarray
    - Handel::Checkout::Message now stringifies to text()
    - Added additional process and message tests

0.17_06 Sun Aug 07 21:31:45 2005
    - Added TT2 order tests

0.17_05 Sat Aug 06 20:14:39 2005
    - Finished XSP order tests
    - Added TT2 order plugin
    - Added TT2 checkout plugin

0.17_04 Thur Aug 04 10:40:37 2005
    - Breaking API Changes! Order::new no longer runs a new checkout
        initialization phase automatically. The second param, $noprocess,
        has been changed to $process. Normally API changes are bad, but
        since no one is probably even using the checkout system in 0.17 yet,
        now's the time to make the change.
    - Added more order AxKit tests
	- Added Goals/Is/Isn't items to Handel pod

0.17_03 Sat Jul 30 12:19:24 2005
    - Fixed Locale::Currency::Format detection errors in t/order_new.t

0.17_02 Sat Jul 30 11:42:38 2005
    - Added basic AxKit Checkout Taglib support in
    - Fixed SKIP count in t/basic.t
    - Order::subtotal and Order::Item::total are now only automatically
        calculated when creating a new order from an existing cart.
    - Order::new no longer requires the cart option
    - Added Order::add to add items now that cart isn't required in Order::new
    - Added t/order_add.t
    - Added t/order_item_new.t
    - Added t/order_iterator.t
    - Added t/order_clear.t
    - Added t/order_delete.t
    - Fixed erroronous passing exception tests when no exception is thrown
        and otherwise{fail;} is never called
    - Added HandelIgnorePlugins and HandelLoadPlugins to control which
        plugins are loaded
    - Updated use Module::Pluggable version requirement to 2.95 in

0.17_01 Thur Jul 14 21:15:24 2005
    - Added basic AxKit Order Taglib support in

0.17 Sat Jul 09 12:11:47 2005
    - Now requires Module::Pluggable 2.9
    - Added checkout/order framework with plugin support

0.16_06 Fri Jul 08 22:48:25 2005
    - Added checkout_process.t tests
    - Added checkout_phases.t tests
    - Added Handel::Checkout::Message for checkout plugin messaging
    - Added checkout_messages.t tests
    - Added missing constants docs in Handel::Constants

0.16_05 Mon Jun 27 07:32:35 2005
    - Changed plugins option in Checkout::new to pluginpaths and
        addpluginpaths to match global config settings
    - Added checkout_order.t tests
    - Added checkout_cart.t tests

0.16_04 Sat Jun 25 20:57:15 2005
    - Added order type constraint tests
    - Changed Order to use constraints_order_type
    - Added checkout_plugins.t tests
    - Plugin::init now received the checkout context from new
    - Fixed Checkout::plugins so it always returns the same thing
    	when called multiple times

0.16_03 Wed Jun 22 19:45:25 2005
    - Added more order_new.t tests
    - Added order_load.t tests
    - Added order_items.t tests
    - Fixed ORDER_TYPE_SAVED value
    - Added missing cart load via uuid code in Order::new

0.16_02 Wed Jun 08 17:55:23 2005
    - Fixed t/l10n.t test failures when LANG != LANGUAGE
        Thanks to for the find
    - Added t/order_new.t tests
    - Added count/items methods to Handel::Order
    - Fixed object copy to use columns instead of hash as
        as suggested on class-dbi list
    - Fixed undef/regex errors in constraints
    - Moved cart item price to inflated currency and removed
    	_price accessor hack
    - Changed Order::new API to better match Cart::new

0.16_01 Sun Jun 05 20:12:36 2005
    - Added basic checkout/plugin framework
    - Added basic order support

0.16 Sun Mar 20 20:16:32 2005
    - General POD cleanup
    - Changed ConfigReader to use new DBI* connection settings
    - Fixed UTF8 currency symbol display problem in 5.8.x

0.15 Thur Mar 17 21:06:36 2005
    - Added Test::Strict tests
    - Added convert to Handel::Currency
    - Added convert/from/to attributes to price/subtotal/total in
        AxKit::XSP::Handel::Cart taglib
    - Added constraint_currency_code to check currency code formats
    - Added supporting convert/constraint tests

0.14 Tue Mar 08 20:24:13 2005
    - Fixed xsp_cart.t errors when Apache::Test wasn't installed
    - Fixed xsp_cart.t test failure when Locale::Currency::Format
        wasn't installed
    - Fixed xsp_cart.t test failure do to FOREACH IN syntax when
        Template < 2.10 was installed

0.13 Sun Mar 06 16:42:23 2005
    - Removed Test::More from PREREQ_PM. It's only needed for tests
    - Added Makefile.PL test warnings for Test::More < 0.48
    - Fixed META.yml format
    - Added format/code/options attributes to price/subtotal/total in
        AxKit::XSP::Handel::Cart taglib

0.12 Thur Mar 03 21:43:23 2005
    - Added Hande::Currency to format price values
    - price, total and subtotal are now Handel::Currency objects
    - Added various currency tests

0.11 Tue Mar 01 21:16:29 2005
    - Handel::ConfigReader is now a tied hash to abstract fetches
    - Fixed FOREACH IN/= syntax issues in tt2_cart.t tests

0.10 Mon Feb 28 23:35:13 2005
    - Added max quantity checks, constraint and tests
    - Added Handel::ConfigReader to abstract mod_perl/ENV settings logic
    - Added simple t/config.t tests

0.09 Sun Feb 27 21:43:27 2005
    - Added str_to_const to convert strings to their constant value
    - Added constant exports and conversion tests
    - Converted AxKit::XSP::Handel::Cart to use string constants
    - Converted XSP tests to use string constants

0.08 Sat Feb 26 18:23:17 2005
    - Added TT2 cart tests
    - Changed Handel::Cart::Item to autoupdate on every method
         like Handel::Cart
    - Moved TT2 tests to inline Template intead of Apache::Template
    - Added Handel::Constants into Template::PLugin::Handel::Cart

0.07 Mon Feb 21 22:01:13 2005
    - Added Makefile.PL Apache::Test -defines for AxKit/TT2
    - Changed to use IfModule/IfDefine
    - Moved xsp tests in axkit subdirectory
    - Created TT2 test structure and directories

0.06 Sun Feb 20 20:15:36 2005
    - Added cart:restore to AxKit::XSP::Handel::Cart
    - Added cart:restore XSP tests

0.05 Sun Feb 20 15:37:23 2005
    - Added RETURNAS constants
    - Changed load/items to use RETRUNAS constants
    - Added workaround to wantarray problems under TT2
    - Slight sytax change to Template::Plugin::Handel::Cart API
    - Added Template::Plugin::Handel::Constants

0.04 Thur Feb 17 22:11:35 2005
    - Added Template Toolkit Plugin for Handel::Cart
    - Added demo site for Template Toolkit 2

0.03 Mon Feb 14 23:18:28 2005
    - Fixed empty tag crash in parse_char
    - Added demo site for AxKit
    - Added cart:uuid tag to create GUIDs in XSP

0.02 Sat Feb 12 10:42:27 2005
    - Completed rewrite of Axit::XSP::Handel::Cart
    - Changed Handel::L10N::translate to always get_handle
    - Added t/TEST.PL to MANIFEST
    - Add Apache::Test SMOKE t/SMOKE.PL

0.01_09 Tue Feb 08 18:21:37 2005
    - Added new generic Handel::Exception::Taglib exception
    - Added missing Makefile.PL from MANIFEST
    - Added more xsp tests for minimal add and new tags

0.01_08 Mon Feb 07 21:32:03 2005
    - Locale::Maketext >= 1.04 required for utf8 pragma
    - Axit::XSP::Handel::Cart API solidified
    - Rewrite of Axit::XSP::Handel::Cart for new API in progress
    - slight Exporter refactoring in
    - Handel::DBI::uuid can now use UUID, Data::UUID, Win32::Guidgen,
          or Win32API::GUID to create uuids

0.01_07 Mon Jan 10 21:17:45 2005
    - Added Axit::XSP::Handl::Cart tag reference pod

0.01_06 Sun Jan 09 10:39:47 2005
    - Look for DBI connection info in dir_config under mod_perl
    - Added missing pod for methods in Handel::Cart::Item
    - Supressed strict/warnings when loading Axit in basic.t
    - Added new Apache::Test scripts/config and framework
    - Added generic Axit::XSP::Handl::Cart tests and pages

0.01_05 Fri Dec 31 12:36:25 2004
    - Fixed failed pod coverage test when Pod::Coverage < 0.14
    - Fixed l10n.t failures on perl <= 5.7.0 (use utf8)
    - Added simple cart item tests
    - Added REQUIREMENTS to Handel pod

0.01_04 Thur Dec 30 19:05:25 2004
    - Added simple L10N tests
    - Added simple exception tests
    - Fixed =head1 SYNOPSIS in Handel::DBI
    - Translated exception details in cart/cart item, and dbi modules
    - Added strict/warnings to all tests
    - Set NO_META in makefile and maintain META.yml manually
    - Added license type to META.yml

0.01_03 Wed Dec 29 18:40:37 2004
    - Changed cart restore to deal with multiple saved carts
    - Added cart restore w/filter tests
    - Rearranged constants alphabetically :-)
    - Finished pod for existing modules
    - Removed leftover 'fr' from Exceptions get_handle
    - Added VERSION to all pod
    - Added *.db to MANIFEST.SKIP

0.01_02 Tue Dec 28 22:18:14 2004
    - Added Handel::Cart pod
    - Completed cart restore/merge tests
    - Changed tests to set Handel::DBI->connection

0.01_01 Mon Dec 27 21:47:04 2004
    - Initial alpha release