Revision history for Module-Checkstyle

0.04 Mon Mar 6 2006
  - Added #.'# to list of files to ignore
  - Added [Label] checks with checks for naming, position and break-statements without label.
  - Corrected regexp that ignore files ending with ~
  - Added missing [Variable] section to sample config
  - Refactored some code to follow my own guidelines
  - Moved config value from into _config and added config method
  - Added [Block] checks with checks for curly bracket positioning
  - Added functions is_valid_position and is_valid_align to M/C/

0.03 Wed Nov 23 2005
  - Refactored make_problem into new_problem and added support for passing config + directive instead
    of just a severity. new_problem will discover the caller and get the severity from there
  - Added INFO and CRITICAL levels to possible severities
  - Added [Variable] checks with checks for matches-name, arrays-in-plural and hashes-in-singular
  - Improved processing of $line argument to make_problem function
  - Refactored some code to follow my own guidelines
  - Renamed 'disallow-fully-qualified-names' to 'no-fully-qualified-names' in [Subroutine] checks
  - Added 'no-calling-with-ampersand' check to [Subroutine] checks
  - Fixed doc typos in [Subroutine] for max-length and disallow-fully-qualified-name
  - Added check in [Whitespace] for whitespace after control-flow keyword in compound statements
  - Fixed debug typo when creating M::S object
  - Improved test coverage
  - Added missing 'use strict' in lib/Module/Checkstyle/
  - Flipped changelog order
  - Added .svn to list of files/directories to ignore
  - Made configuration example follow perlstyle for subroutine names (reported by jonasbn)
  - Corrected t/00-base.t to handle ignore_common test correctly for non CVS checkouts of M::C
  - Fixed an issue where M::C tries to figure out if a file is parsable by looking at the
    shebang and it happens to be undefined which generates a warning
  - Added missing dependency (Module::Pluggable) to Makefile.PL (reported by jonasbn)

0.02 Sat Sep 17 2005
  - Added files ending with ~ to the list of files to ignore
  - Added [Subroutine] checks
  - Moved max-subroutine-length from [Length] to max-length in [Subroutine]
  - Added matches-name and disallow-fully-qualified-name in [Subroutine]
  - Removed [Length] checks
  - Updated config with new directives
  - Code cleanups
  - Fixed bug where is-first-statement in [Package] didn't care wheter it was a pm-file or not
  - Fixed bug in [Whitespace] where it would call isa on undefined values

0.01 Wed Sep 14 2005
  - Initial release

0.00 Fri Sep 9 2005
  - Project started