Revision History for Algorithm::Bertsekas.

    A list of changes to the Algorithm::Bertsekas module.


    Version 0.70 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.70 Released on 15th Abr 2018)
		1. If $verbose >= 8, print the output to 'auction_output.txt' file.
		1. Some changes and improvements.

    Version 0.60 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.60 Released on 13th Abr 2018)
		1. Substantial improvements.
		2. Lock or unlock the old list after reviewing the quality of the list objects.
		3. Delete objects of little benefit from the old list.
		4. In the complementary subset (new list), search only one object, 
		   if ( $epsilon_scaling >= 7 ).
    Version 0.50 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.50 Released on 11th Abr 2018)
		1. The @objects_with_greater_benefits list are updated dynamically by 
		   $objects_desired_by_this{$person} by considering the current price 
		   (or current value) of objects.		
		2. For each person, the Current Value $current_value{$object} of the 
		   most desired objects contained in the @objects_with_greater_benefits 
		   list tends to converge to a specific value.
    Version 0.46 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.46 Released on 06th Abr 2018)
		1. Little changes and improvements.
    Version 0.45 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.45 Released on 05th Abr 2018)
		1. Little changes and improvements.
    Version 0.40 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.40 Released on 03th Abr 2018)
		1. The @objects_with_greater_benefits are updated dynamically by 
		   $objects_desired_by_this{$person} considering the price update of objects.
    Version 0.35 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.31 Released on 25th Mar 2018)
		1. Calculate $bid02ForPersonI to try to predict the values of the next round.
		2. Bug fixes.
    Version 0.31 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.31 Released on 25th Mar 2018)
		1. Added $ThdOptValForPersonI and $FthOptValForPersonI.
		2. Updated README.
    Version 0.30 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.30 Released on 21th Mar 2018)
		1. Improvements with the use of @objects_with_greater_benefits 
		working sets that are updated dynamically by %most_wanted_object hash.
    Version 0.25 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.25 Released on 03th Mar 2018)
		1. Little changes and improvements.
    Version 0.23 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.23 Released on 27th Feb 2018)
	    1. Added the 'delete_multiple_columns' subroutine.
		2. Some improvements.
	Version 0.21 (Algorithm::Bertsekas-0.21 Released on 22th Feb 2018)
	    1. Modified the 'auction' subroutine.
		2. Removed the 'get_edges', 'mkbg' and 'bidding' subroutines.
		3. Added the 'auctionRound' subroutine.
		4. Updated perldoc for

    Version 0.10 (Algorithm::Bertsekas Released on 10th Feb 2018)
		Algorithm::Bertsekas released on CPAN