Revision history for Image::Animated::JPEG

0.02	2018-03-02
	- ajpegtran: provide integers only to jpegtran
	- ajpegtran: fix handling of filenames with special chars
	- playajpeg: fix drawing on newer Wx
	- js: experimental JavaScript implementation / lib

0.01	2016-11-02
	- left alpha stage, feature lock
	- added missing .desktop and .xml files
	- makeajpeg: new --split mode allows to disassemble a
	  monolithic AJPEG to individual JPEG frame files
	- gif2ajpeg: die on error from convert
	- new ajpeg2gif offers the reverse operation of
	  gif2ajpeg, via mogrify and gifsicle
	- new ajpegtran crops a whole AJPEG animation
	  lossless via jpegtran

0.01_2	2015-11-02
	- Specifications: proposed MIME-Type is now image/ajpeg,
	  as previous use of a parameter to image/jpeg did not
	  comply with RFC2048 section 2.2.3.
	- fixed filename escaping in makeajpeg and gif2ajpeg
	- gif2ajpeg: output filename may now be omitted
	- gif2ajpeg: behaves like Mozilla now by limiting frame
	  rate to 10fps when a GIF has a frame delay of 0
	- playajpeg: display is now user zoomable with keys 1-4,
	  shift+mousewheel or +/-
	- playajpeg: arrow left/right is now step mode
	- playajpeg: arrow up/down (page up/down) for file change
	- example .desktop launcher and .xml MIME-Type files

0.01_1	2015-03-04
	- First public version, released on an unsuspecting world.