[Changes for 1.01 - 24 Jun, 2005]

* Fix a memory leak when constructing copy cache for revisions
  involving many changed paths.

* Fix a memory leak when updating directories containing lots of files.

* Fix memory leaks when having mixed-revision checkout with many

* Fix a segfault in patch creation and viewing triggered by
  copy+modification files.

* Fix a bug in svk diff: diffing deeply added directory triggers
  "checkout_delta called with non-dir".

* Partially fix a bug that deleting a path containing mirrors will
  result in inconsistent mirror state.

* Fix svk ls -f to list the path, instead of depot root path. [Autrijus]

* Fix a bug that push (smerge -I) will use wrongly encoded commit
  message if you are not using utf8. [Jorge Daza <jorge@drqueue.org>]

* Fix a crash bug when switch to a branch that has new files with keywords.

* When checkout to existing directory, if the direcotry is from the
  very same depotpath, do an update instead of dying.  This resembles
  the svn and cvs behaviour.

* Fix patch list/view/dump/delete for those can't be applied. [Jody Belka]

* Fix svk checkout --detach to detach a checkout even if the directory's
  parent no longer exists. [Jody Belka]

* svk checkout --list now shows removed checkout with '?', and
  supports --purge.  [David Glasser]

* Fix a bug that a file is not properly handled when a symlink is
  overwritten by file, without proper replace.

* Fix a bug that patch --apply thinks the commit fails and save the
  commit message to a temp file.

* svk blame now takes --remoterev to show remote revision.

* svk sync -a now does the right thing on given depotpath. [Jody Belka]

* make svk update, ls, and cat use new revspec parser so they support
  remote-revision form and friends. [gugod]

* Pull as a lump under all conditions, even depot path. [Norman Nunley]

* Misc documentation and tests fixes and improvements. [jesse,knew,matthewd,Tom Sibley]

* Fix the autouse hack so Devel::DProf works again.

[Changes for 1.00 - 9 May, 2005]

* Fix backspace in prompt function for certain terminals.
  [Martijn van Beers <martijn@eekeek.org>]

* Fix the case that when checkout creates parent directory for you,
  the state wasn't properly flushed due to inappropriate lock.

* Document --file for everything that supports --message. [matthewd]

* Support 'vim -d' and 'gvim -df' for conflict resolution.
  [Derrick Daugherty <derrick@blinky-lights.org>]

[Changes for 0.994 - 29 Apr, 2005]

* Fix the warning "Revision too large" when doing svk log -l1 on a
  checkout which is not HEAD.

* Fix an edge case in post-commit checkout optimization on deleted
  entry.  This was causing stacktrace and not updating the checkout
  metadata accordingly.

* Only consider a g-merge to be a change when the merge source and destination
  paths are the same.  This eliminates empty revisions created by
  push. [matthewd]

* Improve the "Depot path" information, display the full path inside
  the repository instead of the checkout-point. [gugod]

* make sure $ENV{SVKPAGER} refers to an executable. [gugod]

* Fix svk diff on 0-length file on checkout.

[Changes for 0.993 - 25 Apr, 2005]

* Save commit message from editor in a tmpfile if commit fails. [#8336]

* Fix tests for bdb backend.

* svk import -C should not actually create import path nor turn path
  into copath. [#8719]

* Fix a bug that a dummy switch won't update revision metadata, which
  might be non-exist for the new branch.

* Ignore existing locks when trying to unlock a mirror.

* Added examples to the intro. [jesse]

[Changes for 0.992 - 18 Apr, 2005]

* Fix keyword translation for undesired characters. [matthewd]

* Fix svk switch from a removed branch.

* Don't trust LML would return a valid encoding that Encode knows.
  [Eric Gillespie <epg@pretzelnet.org>]

* Recognize merge-conflict error, so no stacktrace for it.

* svk info now skips files not under version control. [#8220] [gugod]

* Fix locked mirror messages.

* Various pool usage fixes.

[Changes for 0.991 - 29 Mar, 2005]

* Fix a regression for smerge supplying message from editor.

* Fix an edge case that push doesn't report empty merge when
  the mirrored remote repository is completely empty.

* Proper locking for svn::mirror objects, and mirror --unlock.

* svk patch subcommands are now options. [jesse]

* Support HEAD, BASE, and {DATE} in many commands using -r. [gugod]

* Support mkdir multiple copaths. [hcchien]

* Add --summary to smerge and push to show logs for changes to be merged. [#7791]

* Optionally support paging help text with IO::Pager. [gugod]

* Fix support for replace with history.

* Don't trust LML would return a valid encoding that Encode knows.
  [Eric Gillespie <epg@pretzelnet.org>]

* Make multiple -r options to dwim. [#7038]

* Allow import into mirrored path, and cleanup old code.

* Allow merge -c -REV to rollback rev.  This is the same as -rREV:REV-1.

* Add missing -c help to merge. [Ethan Tuttle <ethan@etuttle.com>]

* Make checkout, update, and merge deal with unwritable checkout copy
  more gracefully.

* Fix move on mirrored path.

* Fix rm for scheduled symlinks.

* Proper message for cp nonexisting parent without -p.

* Properly skip special node types like socket or device in checkout_delta.

* On writing mixed-eol files, don't croak on normalization.

* When doing file-anchored merges, ensure file is opened before
  cb_merged is called.

* When doing file-level merge, translate and report the target path

* Do proper eol translation per svn:eol on local (yours) node
  before textual merges are invoked.

* Proper io layer ordering, and force re-translation for merge text
  when needed.

* Reopen FH in prepare_fh when needed, since apply_textdelta already
  closed the fh for us.

* Propset now works on multiple overlapping copaths. [#8139]

* Fix a buglet that two props set on a added node will be reported
  as added and prop-modified.

* Make svk info work on removed path. [mathhewd]

* Reflect errors in bin/svk exit codes. [matthewd]

* Update various help messages [#7217] [#7877] [hcchien]

* svk verify now only checks with the content guarded by PGP block.

* Fix a bug that interactive merge dies out horribly when you
  edit the merged file, exit with saving and answer a)bort.

[Changes for 0.30 - 2 Mar, 2005]

* Support native encodings for pathnames and log messages handling.

* Interactively resolve deleted files that are modified. [ruz]

* Make use of Class::Autouse to reduce start-up time. [Schwern]

* Support mkdir copath. [hcchien]

* svk help <command> should list the aliases of that command. #6082

* More history-tracing performance optimization.

* Speed up svk help commands by not using pod::simple to extract the
  brief description.  [kcwu]

* Fix signature cache caused by merge via update.

* Unbreak win32's ReadKey in get_prompt. [Autrijus]

* In merge editor's prop merger, use a proper pool to retrieve
  the base_prop and local_prop to avoid leaks.

* Clean pools when getting log in reverse order, like merge logs, to
  prevent leaks.

* Fix pool usage in editor::diff to avoid leaks.

* Fix a newline introduce when saying "accept yours" in resolver.

* Fix SVK::Notify report for when report anchor is "0".

* Do not allow existing depotpath to be entered in when autovivifying,
  which would led to undesired copies.

* When listing mirror, skip unloadable or invliad entries gracefully.

* When doing svk ps svn:eol-style, check if the file mixed newlines.

* Draft intro.pod. [lukhnos]

* Many more tests, with contribution from matthewd.

[Changes for 0.29 - 1 Feb, 2005]

* New copy_ancestors implementation for speeding up merge base lookup
  and svk info.

* Publish node signature in SVK::Editor::XD update mode.  This makes
  svk st fast the first time after checkout.

* Partially support remote copies that cross mirror anchors.

* Implement svk ci -F (and in other commands that do commit), to read
  log message from a file.

* "at / ay" in svk resolve are now "safe": they will accept the
  non-conflicting chunks from the other side, instead of overwriting
  them with theirs/yours version. [Autrijus]

* get_prompt() now uses Term::ReadKey to always read from the
  interactive terminal; this solves the problem of eg.  "svk patch -P
  - < foo.patch" clobbering the interaction. [Autrijus]

* Autovivification for mirrors now take sane defaults. [Autrijus]

* Add -C|--check-only to svk update. [Jody Belka]

* Dangling Conflict items are now reported.

* Fix a problem that 'g'-merged properties are still scheduled on

* Fix a problem that an already deleted directory from checkout is
  usable to be rm'ed.

* Many other minor fixes regarding error message and usability.

* General code cleanups.

[Changes for 0.28 - 9 Jan, 2005]

* Support -r in blame.

* "svk import PATH" now prompts for a depot path to import into. [Autrijus]

* Propget now reports paths properly.

* Fix a bug that tabs are treated as binary for auto-prop upon svk
  add. [Autrijus]

* Fix 'svk add' to accept explicit targets which are in the ignore list.

* Die with a more helpful message when mirroring onto an existing path.

* Fix a bug that symlinks to existing dirs is not properly given
  svn:special properties.

* Cleanup Editor::Sign and fix uncleaned tmp files.

* Fix a bug that 'svk import' does not respect svn:ignore.

* For unknown files, make revert report ignored only on explicit

* Many code cleanups.

[Changes for 0.27 - 20 Dec, 2004]

* Allow "svk cp URI" to work akin to "svk co URI". [Autrijus]

* Fix delete (and move) path reporting.

* Fix checkout to deep directory that doesn't exist.

* Fix cp/mv src modified-ness check.

* New: checkout --export mode to detach after checkout.

* Normalize line endings in all incoming patch blocks. [Autrijus]

* Fix a case in merge involving renames.  When a file was renamed and
  its parent was also renamed separately, it should not be skipped.

* Remove the useless ticket associated with SVK::Patch, so the size of
  patch blocks is reduced.

* Fix a bug in svk add would ask users to add parent where it's
  already added.

* sync -a shouldn't die on stalled depotmap entry.

* Fix patch creation (commit -P) bug dying when there's something

* Fix commit buffer target parsing, particularly for the case that
  only a file is the target and the property will not be committed and

* merge and push now supports --verbatim. [Alejandro Mery]

* "svk log" now displays "(no author)" for revisions without an
   author. [Leland David]

* Fix a case that smerge would use wrong base when the anchor was
  replaced by itself in the history.

* Fix a problem for svk with svn 1.2.x, editor::merge will generate
  "Bad file descriptor" fatal error when merging into a dav server.
  This was caused by improper pool life scope and is now fixed.

[Changes for 0.26 - 9 Nov, 2004]

* svk push -P. [Autrijus]

* Allow checkout, mirrored, and copy anchors to be different
  from each other, for the purpose of "push" and "pull"..[Autrijus]

* In incremental smerge, increase the fromrev after each
  individual merge. [Autrijus]

* Ignore empty lines for svk:merge parsing.

* Use local time for log output. [Wen-chien Jesse Sung]

* Properties are now being merged.

* Exsting directories are now being merged.

* Allow custom resolver for properties.

* Support svk:merge property auto-merging, when doing smerge.

* Create svn config directory if it doesn't exist.

* Commit to mirrored path was always sending full text
  due to an incorrect $cb{mirror} check.  This is a regression since

* Fix a bug that when committing from a checkout with descendents
  being mirrored path, the commit can ruin the mirror state.

* Fix svk merge -l rN:M loading too many logs.

* Fix svk admin to work  with non-default depots.

* New: svk ci -N, svk update/checkout --quiet.

* Fix svk cp a directory to checkout and then commit.

[Changes for 0.25 - 25 Oct, 2004]

* Fix the mkdir sequence which causes first-time svk users fatal error.

[Changes for 0.24 - 24 Oct, 2004]

* Fix svk ps regression for svn 1.0.x.

* Fallback to getpwuid($<) in case $ENV{HOME} or $ENV{USER} is not
  set, as is the case in Fink.  Reported by Christian Schaffner.

* Fix "svk pull -a" when the current directory is not a
  checkout path. [Autrijus]

* Fix checkout_delta cache on win32. [Autrijus]

* Fix svk move copath destination with trailing slash.

* Make svk move checks if the target already exists before doing
  anything that might leave the checkout in an inconsistent state.

* "svk cp //depotpath" should be parsed as "svk cp //depotpath .",
  not "svk cp . //depotpath".  Reported by Jesse Vincent. [Autrijus]

* New: svk admin rmcache.

* The old commit message prompt is now split into two:
 - Those with editable target list now shows:
   "=== Targets to commit (you may delete items from it) ==="
 - Those without editable targets now shows:
   "=== Please enter your commit message above this line ==="
* If SVN::Core version is too old, die with a meaningful message.

[Changes for 0.23 - 18 Oct, 2004]

* New: commit / smerge -P creats patch, and obsoletes unintuitive svk
  patch create.

* New: svk merge now supports -cN which means -r N-1:N.

* New: svk mirror --recover. [Autrijus]

* New: svk mkdir -p and svk copy -p to create intermediate directories.

* New: svk pull DEPOTPATH. [Jesse Vincent]

* Proper svn:eol-style support with the same semantics as svn. [Autrijus]

* Proper upper/lower case normalization for Win32 filesystems. [Autrijus]

* The SVK Help system, as SVK/Help/[lang/]/*.pod. [Autrijus]

* The log produced by smerge -l no longer contains the duplicated logs
  that were merged from the current target.

* smerge -I and repeated smerge now works on checkout.

* commit --import or import now treats obstructed items as replaced.

* Don't skip explicit targets on svk add.

* Correctly obtain the user name on non-unix platforms. [Autrijus]

* Fix pool abuse in history tracing code. [Autrijus]

* Fix smerge -IB.

* svk patch delete now works.

* svk delete now works within mirrored paths.

* svk annotate now works on files with CR/CRLF line endings. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.22 - 4 Oct, 2004]

* Interactive merge support is now default. [Autrijus]

* svk patch apply.

* Modular external merge tool support, with the following supported:
  AraxisMerge, Emacs, FileMerge, GtkDiff, Guiffy, KDiff3, Meld,
  P4WinMerge, TkDiff, TortoiseMerge, XXDiff. [Autrijus]

* Patch format changed, it's now unidiff with FreezeThaw-serialized
  SVK::Patch. [Autrijus]

* merge and smerge now supports -f and -t options to deduce copy
  source as target. [Eric Lindvall]

* Experimental depotpath auto-vivification from URL. [Autrijus]
  This allows you to svk checkout URL and svk cp URL local-branch.

* Experimental svk push and pull support.

* sync and update now supports -s and -m to sync and/or merge from
  branch source. [Autrijus]

* revert now also marks nodes as resolved.

* mirror, checkout and switch now all support --list, --detach and
  --relocate. [Autrijus]

* New aliases: cm => cmerge, depot => depotmap, sw => switch.

* Implement "svk depot --add", "svk depot --delete". [Autrijus]

* prop{get,set,edit,del} on revprops. [Autrijus]

* Fix smerge -l that trims logs before another smerge in the other

* Use svn's internal streamy diff library instead of
  Text::Diff. [Autrijus]

* svk import --to-checkout can import a directory and turn it to a
  checkout path in-place . [Autrijus]

* -s (--sign) is renamed to -S.

* rename import --force to --from-checkout.

* $Revision$ now means $Rev$, not $FileRev$, to agree with Subversion.

* "svk mirror --list" and "svk sync --all" now operates on all depots,
  if no arguments is given, instead of on //. [Autrijus]

* svk admin to wrap svnadmin. [Autrijus]

* svk cleanup --all. [Autrijus]

* "svk diff PATH1 PATH2 PATH3 ..." works as svn does. [Autrijus]

* We now use the self-contained File::Type instead of
  File::MimeInfo. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.21 - 20 Sep, 2004]

* svk now runs natively on win32. [Autrijus]

* New: svk ls -v. [Plasma]

* New: svk propget (pg). [Autrijus]

* Use D::H->store_fast. This makes checkout 5% faster.

* Ignore checksum in Editor::XD when they are alrady checked by
  Editor::Merge.  This makes update and merge to copath 25-30% faster.

* SVNFSTYPE default to bdb with svn 1.0.x, otherwise fsfs.

* Authentication prompts are now handled. [Autrijus]

* For internal differ, Don't output diff for binary nodes. [Plasma]

* Use IO::Digest to get the md5 while reading the merged file, instead
  of reading it again.

* Add support to use SVKMERGE on win32, in particular
  p4winmrg, guiffy. [Autrijus]

* Error messages are now printed to STDERR.

* "svk sm --base" and "svk sm --baseless" now always do what
  they are documented to do, overriding existing merge
  tickets. [Autrijus]

* Prepend depot name before svk mi --list. [Autrijus]

* Fix delete_entry in diff editor for external diff tool.

* Delay SVN::Mirror loading.  This makes startup time faster.

* Make SVK::Editor::Delay also delays open_file and discard no-op opens.
  This optimized the consumed bandwidth when committing/merging to

* Fix merge ticket parsing and generation for paths mirrored with vcp.

* Make describe work on current copath, otherwise fallback to '//'.
  [Ruslan U. Zakirov]

* Fix a scary but harmless message after committing copied nodes with
  messages from editor.

* Add expand_copy option to checkout_delta.  This allows diff works
  correctly (in terms of what svn does) with copied checkout.

* Allow checking out a file with differet name.

* Eliminate repeating mimetype() calls. [Autrijus]

* Fix tests for File::MimeInfo not installed.

* full zh_tw and zh_cn translation. [Autrijus]

* Transaction errors are now reported nicely.

* Many checkout_delta cleanups.

* Many documentation improvement. [Autrijus] 

[Changes for 0.20 - 4 Sep, 2004]

*** First Beta Release ***

* svk commit --import for automatically add and remove entries.

* When yaml loading error, save the old file to a backup location.

* Fix $FileRev$ on non-latest checkout.

* Support svn's auto-prop configration.

* svk rm --keep-local (or -K). [#4652]

* Fix deep recursion of _delta_dir when there's a directory entry '0'.

* Allow patch regen, update, and apply.

* Make File::MimeInfo really optional. [Autrijus Tang]

* Many paths translating cleanups toward a win32 port.

[Changes for 0.19 - 21 Aug, 2004]

* Support merge --track-rename.

* Support svk diff -s or --summarize.

* Support checking out a single file.

* Supoprt multiple sources in svk copy and move.

* Support direct copy and move in mirrored path.

* Support proper merge anchoring. This allows smerge point to be a file.

* Supoprt svn:eol-style. (native, LF, CRLF. no CR support)

* Fix a bug committing added directories to mirrored path directly would fail.

* Auto-prop support: adding svn:mime-type according to file magic upon
  add or import.

* Symlink support fixes.

* Fix a memory leak due to circular reference in SVK::Editor::XD callbacks.

* Misc performance and memory usage improvements to checkout.

[Changes for 0.18 - 4 Aug, 2004]


Mirrored path states incompatible with previous versions of SVK. run
svk mirror --upgrade // (and other depots if you have).


* More code cleanup, documentation and test suites.

* Fix <cmd> --help regression.

* Fix cmerge regression.

* Fix ls -f with non-default depot. [#3943] [Kang-min Liu]

* Import into checkout path should remove scheduleanchor after commit.

* svn-1.1 compatible symlink (svn:special) support.

* Performance improvement for import by avoiding unnecessary prop check.

* Allow import to commit to remote repository directly.

* make checkout_delta and import call abort_edit upon SIGINT.

* svk mirror --list and --upgrade commands.

* Make SVN::Mirror required when it already exists. [Ruslan U. Zakirov]

* Various commands should now respect path@rev target syntax.

* Depot creation now respects $ENV{SVNFSTYPE}.

* Fix a bug that smerge -I is giving incorrect merge ticket.

* Fix delete merging conflicts handling and implement partial deletes.

* Fix checkout path reporting and anchoring problem.

* Implement propdel on checkout copy.

* svk diff now shows deleted files recursvely.

[Changes for 0.17 - 17 Jul, 2004]

* Optimize checkout_delta with mtime/inode/size signatures.

* Implement smerge -I for incremental merging.

* Make smerge -lm <msg> do what you mean.

* When using external merge tools, give local, base, new and merged
  tmpfiles sane names. [Autrijus]

* Improve documentation.

* Fix cb_rev when commiting to just-moved files in mirrored path.

* Cleanup SVK::Merge and others.

[Changes for 0.16 - 30 Jun, 2004 - German Perl Workshop Release]

* Fix pool usage in svk annotate with svn_fsfs.

* Many More tests.

* Unbreak 'svk help'.

* Fix a bug in revert that both text/prop modified files are not
  reverted correctly.

* Require D::H 0.18 so delete_verbose will work in checkout_delta.

* Refactor Editor::Status to use SVK::Notify.

* Fix a bug for merge base when merge anchor is not mirror anchor.

* Preliminary true delete_entry tree merge in SVK::Editor::Merge.

* Cleanup SVK::Command::Diff.

* Make checkout_delta respect base_root when it's different from xdroot.

* Take care of unset svn:executable and update.

* Support replaced items in checkout copy.

[Changes for 0.15 - 26 May, 2004]

* Fix a bug that keyword-substituted files would cause merge or conflict.

* Various pool fixes to support SVNFSTYPE=fsfs.

* Support external merge tools with $ENV{SVKMERGE}.

* Merge collision for added files on both sides.

* Support options and value without whitespace in between.

* Support svk <cmd> --help.

* Allow users to override svkpath with $ENV{SVKROOT}. [Jesse Vincent]

* Fix the merge ticket for the case that the mirrored source is / on remote.

* Patch management prototype (svk patch).

* svk ls features to accommodate shell completion. [Jesse Vincent]

* Various merge improvement detecting better ancestor in certain cases.

[Changes for 0.14 - 26 Apr, 2004]

* Display copy/merge information in svk info. [Kang-min Liu]

* Fix annotate -x for renamed files.

* Allow import --force over checkout path.

* Allow svk command output to be stored in a scalar.

* Support svk copy depotpath path.

* Implement dir add with history in checkout_delta.

* Add stat as alias to status. [Dave Rolsky]

* Forbid the command that use simple edit (mkdir, mv, cp)
  to work on mirrored path unless run with --direct.

* Provide more accurate action (propmod, edit after copy) in svk log.

* Fix sync -a on depot other than //.

* sm -l now indent the log message. [Autrijus]

* Support non-recursive checkout.

* Let svk copy and add reported paths relative to the one given from
  command line.

* Fix status output for added directory from MergeEditor.

* Support mirroring from vcp source via SVN::Mirror.

[Changes for 0.13 - 11 Apr, 2004]

* Fix svk checkout anchor problems for creating and checking.

* Fix a bug that file is not closed for unchanged and merged (g) but
  prop change.

* Baseless smerge via -B / --baseless. [Autrijus]

* Arbitary-based smerge via -b / --base. [Autrijus]

* Get rid of IO::String.

* Cleanup invocation interface, move things from bin/svk to SVK.pm.

* Improve PPerl friendliness.

* New commands: svk propdel, svk depotmap -l.

[Changes for 0.12 - 28 Mar, 2004 - YAPC::Taipei::2004 Release Party]

* Report hostname when doing smerge -l.

* Support external diff with environment variable SVKDIFF.

* Various improvements in svk status and revert.

* Support pgp signatures and verification with gpg.

* Cache copy history lookup.

* Use perlio scalar instead of IO::String for the output of textual
  merge. This is about 15% faster than IO::String.

* Support delete depotpath directly.

* DelayEditor for Optimizing editor calls before sending to expensive editors.

* Various tree merge improvements in MergeEditor and XD::Editor.

* Command Options in POD. [Jesse Vincent]

* svk move. [Autrijus Tang]

* svk list -R. [viirya]

* zh translation. [Autrijus, Piaip]

* i18n framework. [Autrijus Tang]

* Fix svk cleanup.

* Fix checkout to a path with trailing slash. [#2350]

[Changes for 0.11 - 14 Mar, 2004]


Checkout path schedules incompatible with previous versions of SVK. Do
commit or revert your checkouts before upgrading.


* Fine-grained copath locking.

* Basic commit signing support with merge -s or commit -s.

* When a file is locally modified, merging prop-change on file results 
  in incorrect checksum. [#2322]

* Fix an incorrect live time of SVN::Stream, which causes crash on OS X.
  [Matthijs van Duin]

* Help system improvements. [Jesse Vincent]

* ls -R. [hcchien]

* Misc performance enhancements.

[Changes for 0.10 - 05 Mar, 2004]

* Change distname.

* Fix svn help for listing commands

* Fix adding files when committing to mirrored path.

[Changes for 0.09 - 05 Mar, 2004]

* Command invocation interface cleanup.

* Move to SVK:: namespace.

* Reduce root->check_path calls in checkout_delta .

* Commit target editing support [Autrijus].

* svk cat, ls and switch.

* Avoid opening repository multiple times.

* Let checkout_delta generate strict editor calls.

* Support committing to mirrored path directly.

* Commit / Merge to remote now brings the mirrored path updated.

* Various code cleanups.

* Fix some pool abuse.

* Keyword enhacement (p4-like). [Autrijus]

* Update to modern perl build system. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.08 - 16 Feb, 2004]

* Support multi-parent branch auto merging.

* Support property diff output in DiffEditor.

* Cherry picking merge support.

* svk sync -a to sync all mirrored path in the given depot.

* checkout_delta now handle props and do_commit commits them.

* Respect conflict flag in status and commit.

* Store and respect the deleted state of mixed-revision checkout copy.

* Various doc improvements and code cleanups.

[Changes for 0.07 - 15 Jan, 2004]

* Memory usage enhancements.

* Support but not require subversion 0.36.0.

* clean up multiple targets handling for various commands.

* svk status now reports what is given in command line.

[Changes for 0.06 - 26 Dec, 2003]

* Correct a pacakging problem.

* New command: svk import, version.

* svk status, revert improvement.

[Changes for 0.05 - 20 Dec, 2003]

* svk help and some usage are written.

* Better svk diff support: file target, dpath1 vs dpath2.

* Mergeback now transfers textdelta.

* update, add, delete, revert, and sync now support multiple targets.

* svk depotmap for depot mapping configuration.

* Fix a segfault for empty merges.

* Merge-ticket handling now mutliple-safe.

* Committing to mirrored path now forbidden by default.

* Make sm respect -C for XD destination.

* New commands: svk resolved, describe, propedit.

* smerge -l now brings the logs for candidate revisions to editor buffer.

* svk process now locks for state file.

* New default local repository location ~/.svk/local.

* Support svn:ignore property.

* Use checkout_delta for svk status.

* Require svn 0.35.

[Changes for 0.04 - 06 Dec, 2003]

* Textual merge now uses svn's internal diff library.

* new DiffEdtitor to handle depot diff.

* Requires svn 0.34

[Changes for 0.03 - 26 Nov, 2003]

* Merge editor now calls open_file only when necessary.
  This makes merge back to RA a lot faster for mutual merged branches.

* Merge editor status 'g' means file merged bug unmodified.

* Fix a xdroot creation bug.

* New - svk log -r.

[Changes for 0.02 - 19 Nov, 2003]

* Fix packaging problem for missed Makefile.PL.

[Changes for 0.01 - 19 Nov, 2003]

Initial Release.