[Changes for 1.08 - 30 Jun 2006]

* Fix a bug that stalled schedule entries confusing merge to schedule
  entries for replace rather than add, which then makes revert fail.

* report_copath now reports '.' for the anchor.

* Don't die in svk mkdir when make_path returns undef, which means the
 directory is already there.

* Fix warnings about "Use of uninitialized value in array element"
  when doing various "svk help command".

* Dependency fixes.

[Changes for 1.07 - 25 Feb 2006]

* Make the noisy prototype mismatch warning caused by autouse and Perl
  5.8.8 go away. [Jim Meyering]

* Disallow control character in copath.

* Fix a infinite loop triggered by "svk revert //path".

* Fix failed patch generation where a directory is added with properties.

[Changes for 1.06 - 10 Dec 2005]

* Workaround File::Spec 3.14 API change, which is causing svk's use of
  svn libraries to fail its assertion.

* Fix a bug that 'svk update' can update meta data of checkout but not
  the file contents in some cases.  This caused the checkout to
  contain changes reverting what is in the repository.

* Fix a bug mirror state can be inconsistent when 'svk cp' use with
  non-canonical paths.

* Typo fixes in error message. [mb]

[Changes for 1.05 - 6 Oct 2005]

* Make use of the new svn API (fs_closest_copy) when available. This
  boosts performance for smerge, switch and info.

* Performance boost by re-implementation of SVN::Mirror::has_local.

* Fixed the case that "svk up" doesn't do the right thing when running
  for a subdirectory of a checkout that has gone in the target

* Fix merge base lookup so merged-from takes precedence as base when
  doing push.

* Documentation update on "mv -p", switches "--parent", "--quiet" etc.

* Stream is properly closed to avoid svn-trunk segfault.

* Now tells the user if a file/directory creation is impossible by

* "svk sync -a" now aborts all sync if one repository sync is aborted.

* Fixes in path encodings and other i18n related issues.

* Failsafe for the case with node_created_rev on '/'.

* A command line completion script is added into contrib/.

* A script available in contrib/svkopendiff enables svk diff to use
  FileMerge to display output.

[Changes for 1.04 - 24 Aug 2005]

* Fix various locking bugs exposed by the concurrency fix introduced
  in 1.03.  This includes "svk mv A B" not scheduling A for deletion,
  "svk cp -p" not scheduling newly created parent directories for

* Use tab characters as the separators between path, depot path and
  label in diff output.  This behaviour conforms to the output of
  Subversion and GNU diff.

[Changes for 1.03 - 18 Aug 2005]

* "svk status" now accepts a --verbose (-v) switch which functions
  just like the svn clients switch of the same name.

* "svk log" and "svk revert" now accept a --quiet (-q) switch.

* "svk diff" now accepts a --non-recursive (-N) switch.

* Support --quiet in svk propdel and svk propset.

* Fix message when doing svk propdel --revprop.

* Allow svk update --sync --check-only to sync and then check what
  would be updated in your working copy.

* Fix a bug that that status and revert won't work on explicit
  command line targets that are replaced with history.

* Fix path encoding for replaced item in "svk add".

* Fix a bug that svk cp A B would die if A has properties.

* Fix a bug in cb_rev for mirrored path, that was using wrong base
  revision for delete_entry when a node was replaced with history.

* Fix a bug in merge editor for replaced items being deleted but not

* Fix merging replaced item to checkout.

* Fix a bug when a file is obstructed by a stalled directory, it would
  cause checkout_delta to cache its signature, and thus not reported
  as obstructed for the second time.

* Reduce memory leak in nearest_copy().

* Fix a regression that svk sm -l (without -m or --template) should
  prompt for log message.

* Be more carefull handling failures when writing out statefile.

* Fix an issue with concurrent svk storing their own state.

[Changes for 1.02 - 2 Aug 2005]

* "svk mirror" now supports moving mirror points with "svk mv".

* "svk co" now resumes checkouts from where it left off if it gets
  interrupted mid-way.

* "svk commit", "svk smerge" and other commands that accept commit
  messages now accept a --template option, to provide a customised file
  for commit messages.

* SVK's documentation is now up to date with the "svk reference"
  section of the work-in-progress SVK book.

* "Silent errors" from output of subversion repository hooks are
  now reported.

* "svk status" now supports some additional options found in "svn
  status": --non-recursive to only list changes in the current
  directory, and --no-ignore to display files which are normally ignored
  due to a 'svn:ignore' property or rule.

* "svk describe" accepts the "r12345" revision number form, for ease
  of use.

* New -q (quiet) option to svk copy.

* The -q (quiet) option to "svk status" now also hides files missing
  in working copy (previously this just suppressed output for unknown
  files in the working copy).

* Confusing messages generated by "svk update" that really applied
  only to "svk merge" are no longer printed by "svk update".

* Make "svk revert" work in a few cases where it didn't before, with
  moved files in the working copy.

* "svk ci --import" now replace symlinks with files properly.

* "svk mv" is now more careful about making sure that the target path

* "svk rm" across multiple depot paths could cause svk to hang.

* "svk propset" now works directly on mirrored paths.

* Various commands that would silently ignore excess arguments now
  raise errors.

* Specifying a revision for "svk propset" and "svk propedit" commands
  is now correctly disallowed on checkout paths.

* Using "svk smerge" without all of your mirrored paths up to date
  would try to merge too much if you merged components from those
  out-of-date paths.  This has been fixed.

* Various cosmetic fixes to make svk output more precise, for
  scriptability purposes.  This was mostly centred around removal of
  spurious blank lines.

* A memory leak fix with "svk smerge".

* UTF-8 workarounds for buggy versions of Encode.pm.

[Changes for 1.01 - 11 Jul 2005]

* Fix a memory leak when constructing copy cache for revisions
  involving many changed paths.

* Fix a memory leak when updating directories containing lots of files.

* Fix memory leaks when having mixed-revision checkout with many

* Fix a segfault in patch creation and viewing triggered by
  copy+modification files.

* Fix a bug in svk diff: diffing deeply added directory triggers
  "checkout_delta called with non-dir".

* Fix a bug that when copy destination's basepath does not exist, svk
  prompts for url initialisation.

* Partially fix a bug that deleting a path containing mirrors will
  result in inconsistent mirror state.

* Fix svk ls -f to list the path, instead of depot root path. [Autrijus]

* Fix a bug that push (smerge -I) will use wrongly encoded commit
  message if you are not using utf8. [Jorge Daza <jorge@drqueue.org>]

* Fix a crash bug when switch to a branch that has new files with keywords.

* When checkout to existing directory, if the directory is from the
  very same depotpath, do an update instead of dying.  This resembles
  the svn and cvs behaviour.

* Fix patch list/view/dump/delete for those can't be applied. [Jody Belka]

* Fix svk checkout --detach to detach a checkout even if the directory's
  parent no longer exists. [Jody Belka]

* svk checkout --list now shows removed checkout with '?', and
  supports --purge.  [David Glasser]

* Fix a bug that a file is not properly handled when a symlink is
  overwritten by file, without proper replace.

* Fix a bug that patch --apply thinks the commit fails and save the
  commit message to a temp file.

* svk blame now takes --remoterev to show remote revision.

* svk sync -a now does the right thing on given depotpath. [Jody Belka]

* make svk update, ls, and cat use new revspec parser so they support
  remote-revision form and friends. [gugod]

* Pull as a lump under all conditions, even depot path. [Norman Nunley]

* Misc documentation and tests fixes and improvements. [jesse,knewt,matthewd,Tom Sibley]

* Fix the autouse hack so Devel::DProf works again.

[Changes for 1.00 - 9 May 2005]

* Fix backspace in prompt function for certain terminals.
  [Martijn van Beers <martijn@eekeek.org>]

* Fix the case that when checkout creates parent directory for you,
  the state wasn't properly flushed due to inappropriate lock.

* Document --file for everything that supports --message. [matthewd]

* Support 'vim -d' and 'gvim -df' for conflict resolution.
  [Derrick Daugherty <derrick@blinky-lights.org>]

[Changes for 0.994 - 29 Apr 2005]

* Fix the warning "Revision too large" when doing svk log -l1 on a
  checkout which is not HEAD.

* Fix an edge case in post-commit checkout optimization on deleted
  entry.  This was causing stacktrace and not updating the checkout
  metadata accordingly.

* Only consider a g-merge to be a change when the merge source and destination
  paths are the same.  This eliminates empty revisions created by
  push. [matthewd]

* Improve the "Depot path" information, display the full path inside
  the repository instead of the checkout-point. [gugod]

* make sure $ENV{SVKPAGER} refers to an executable. [gugod]

* Fix svk diff on 0-length file on checkout.

[Changes for 0.993 - 25 Apr 2005]

* Save commit message from editor in a tmpfile if commit fails. [#8336]

* Fix tests for bdb backend.

* svk import -C should not actually create import path nor turn path
  into copath. [#8719]

* Fix a bug that a dummy switch won't update revision metadata, which
  might be non-exist for the new branch.

* Ignore existing locks when trying to unlock a mirror.

* Added examples to the intro. [jesse]

[Changes for 0.992 - 18 Apr 2005]

* Fix keyword translation for undesired characters. [matthewd]

* Fix svk switch from a removed branch.

* Don't trust LML would return a valid encoding that Encode knows.
  [Eric Gillespie <epg@pretzelnet.org>]

* Recognize merge-conflict error, so no stacktrace for it.

* svk info now skips files not under version control. [#8220] [gugod]

* Fix locked mirror messages.

* Various pool usage fixes.

[Changes for 0.991 - 29 Mar 2005]

* Fix a regression for smerge supplying message from editor.

* Fix an edge case that push doesn't report empty merge when
  the mirrored remote repository is completely empty.

* Proper locking for svn::mirror objects, and mirror --unlock.

* svk patch subcommands are now options. [jesse]

* Support HEAD, BASE, and {DATE} in many commands using -r. [gugod]

* Support mkdir multiple copaths. [hcchien]

* Add --summary to smerge and push to show logs for changes to be merged. [#7791]

* Optionally support paging help text with IO::Pager. [gugod]

* Fix support for replace with history.

* Don't trust LML would return a valid encoding that Encode knows.
  [Eric Gillespie <epg@pretzelnet.org>]

* Make multiple -r options to dwim. [#7038]

* Allow import into mirrored path, and cleanup old code.

* Allow merge -c -REV to rollback rev.  This is the same as -rREV:REV-1.

* Add missing -c help to merge. [Ethan Tuttle <ethan@etuttle.com>]

* Make checkout, update, and merge deal with unwritable checkout copy
  more gracefully.

* Fix move on mirrored path.

* Fix rm for scheduled symlinks.

* Proper message for cp nonexisting parent without -p.

* Properly skip special node types like socket or device in checkout_delta.

* On writing mixed-eol files, don't croak on normalization.

* When doing file-anchored merges, ensure file is opened before
  cb_merged is called.

* When doing file-level merge, translate and report the target path

* Do proper eol translation per svn:eol on local (yours) node
  before textual merges are invoked.

* Proper io layer ordering, and force re-translation for merge text
  when needed.

* Reopen FH in prepare_fh when needed, since apply_textdelta already
  closed the fh for us.

* Propset now works on multiple overlapping copaths. [#8139]

* Fix a buglet that two props set on a added node will be reported
  as added and prop-modified.

* Make svk info work on removed path. [mathhewd]

* Reflect errors in bin/svk exit codes. [matthewd]

* Update various help messages [#7217] [#7877] [hcchien]

* svk verify now only checks with the content guarded by PGP block.

* Fix a bug that interactive merge dies out horribly when you
  edit the merged file, exit with saving and answer a)bort.

[Changes for 0.30 - 2 Mar 2005]

* Support native encodings for pathnames and log messages handling.

* Interactively resolve deleted files that are modified. [ruz]

* Make use of Class::Autouse to reduce start-up time. [Schwern]

* Support mkdir copath. [hcchien]

* svk help <command> should list the aliases of that command. #6082

* More history-tracing performance optimization.

* Speed up svk help commands by not using pod::simple to extract the
  brief description.  [kcwu]

* Fix signature cache caused by merge via update.

* Unbreak win32's ReadKey in get_prompt. [Autrijus]

* In merge editor's prop merger, use a proper pool to retrieve
  the base_prop and local_prop to avoid leaks.

* Clean pools when getting log in reverse order, like merge logs, to
  prevent leaks.

* Fix pool usage in editor::diff to avoid leaks.

* Fix a newline introduce when saying "accept yours" in resolver.

* Fix SVK::Notify report for when report anchor is "0".

* Do not allow existing depotpath to be entered in when autovivifying,
  which would led to undesired copies.

* When listing mirror, skip unloadable or invliad entries gracefully.

* When doing svk ps svn:eol-style, check if the file mixed newlines.

* Draft intro.pod. [lukhnos]

* Many more tests, with contribution from matthewd.

[Changes for 0.29 - 1 Feb 2005]

* New copy_ancestors implementation for speeding up merge base lookup
  and svk info.

* Publish node signature in SVK::Editor::XD update mode.  This makes
  svk st fast the first time after checkout.

* Partially support remote copies that cross mirror anchors.

* Implement svk ci -F (and in other commands that do commit), to read
  log message from a file.

* "at / ay" in svk resolve are now "safe": they will accept the
  non-conflicting chunks from the other side, instead of overwriting
  them with theirs/yours version. [Autrijus]

* get_prompt() now uses Term::ReadKey to always read from the
  interactive terminal; this solves the problem of eg.  "svk patch -P
  - < foo.patch" clobbering the interaction. [Autrijus]

* Autovivification for mirrors now take sane defaults. [Autrijus]

* Add -C|--check-only to svk update. [Jody Belka]

* Dangling Conflict items are now reported.

* Fix a problem that 'g'-merged properties are still scheduled on

* Fix a problem that an already deleted directory from checkout is
  usable to be rm'ed.

* Many other minor fixes regarding error message and usability.

* General code cleanups.

[Changes for 0.28 - 9 Jan 2005]

* Support -r in blame.

* "svk import PATH" now prompts for a depot path to import into. [Autrijus]

* Propget now reports paths properly.

* Fix a bug that tabs are treated as binary for auto-prop upon svk
  add. [Autrijus]

* Fix 'svk add' to accept explicit targets which are in the ignore list.

* Die with a more helpful message when mirroring onto an existing path.

* Fix a bug that symlinks to existing dirs is not properly given
  svn:special properties.

* Cleanup Editor::Sign and fix uncleaned tmp files.

* Fix a bug that 'svk import' does not respect svn:ignore.

* For unknown files, make revert report ignored only on explicit

* Many code cleanups.

[Changes for 0.27 - 20 Dec, 2004]

* Allow "svk cp URI" to work akin to "svk co URI". [Autrijus]

* Fix delete (and move) path reporting.

* Fix checkout to deep directory that doesn't exist.

* Fix cp/mv src modified-ness check.

* New: checkout --export mode to detach after checkout.

* Normalize line endings in all incoming patch blocks. [Autrijus]

* Fix a case in merge involving renames.  When a file was renamed and
  its parent was also renamed separately, it should not be skipped.

* Remove the useless ticket associated with SVK::Patch, so the size of
  patch blocks is reduced.

* Fix a bug in svk add would ask users to add parent where it's
  already added.

* sync -a shouldn't die on stalled depotmap entry.

* Fix patch creation (commit -P) bug dying when there's something

* Fix commit buffer target parsing, particularly for the case that
  only a file is the target and the property will not be committed and

* merge and push now supports --verbatim. [Alejandro Mery]

* "svk log" now displays "(no author)" for revisions without an
   author. [Leland David]

* Fix a case that smerge would use wrong base when the anchor was
  replaced by itself in the history.

* Fix a problem for svk with svn 1.2.x, editor::merge will generate
  "Bad file descriptor" fatal error when merging into a dav server.
  This was caused by improper pool life scope and is now fixed.

[Changes for 0.26 - 9 Nov, 2004]

* svk push -P. [Autrijus]

* Allow checkout, mirrored, and copy anchors to be different
  from each other, for the purpose of "push" and "pull"..[Autrijus]

* In incremental smerge, increase the fromrev after each
  individual merge. [Autrijus]

* Ignore empty lines for svk:merge parsing.

* Use local time for log output. [Wen-chien Jesse Sung]

* Properties are now being merged.

* Exsting directories are now being merged.

* Allow custom resolver for properties.

* Support svk:merge property auto-merging, when doing smerge.

* Create svn config directory if it doesn't exist.

* Commit to mirrored path was always sending full text
  due to an incorrect $cb{mirror} check.  This is a regression since

* Fix a bug that when committing from a checkout with descendents
  being mirrored path, the commit can ruin the mirror state.

* Fix svk merge -l rN:M loading too many logs.

* Fix svk admin to work  with non-default depots.

* New: svk ci -N, svk update/checkout --quiet.

* Fix svk cp a directory to checkout and then commit.

[Changes for 0.25 - 25 Oct, 2004]

* Fix the mkdir sequence which causes first-time svk users fatal error.

[Changes for 0.24 - 24 Oct, 2004]

* Fix svk ps regression for svn 1.0.x.

* Fallback to getpwuid($<) in case $ENV{HOME} or $ENV{USER} is not
  set, as is the case in Fink.  Reported by Christian Schaffner.

* Fix "svk pull -a" when the current directory is not a
  checkout path. [Autrijus]

* Fix checkout_delta cache on win32. [Autrijus]

* Fix svk move copath destination with trailing slash.

* Make svk move checks if the target already exists before doing
  anything that might leave the checkout in an inconsistent state.

* "svk cp //depotpath" should be parsed as "svk cp //depotpath .",
  not "svk cp . //depotpath".  Reported by Jesse Vincent. [Autrijus]

* New: svk admin rmcache.

* The old commit message prompt is now split into two:
 - Those with editable target list now shows:
   "=== Targets to commit (you may delete items from it) ==="
 - Those without editable targets now shows:
   "=== Please enter your commit message above this line ==="
* If SVN::Core version is too old, die with a meaningful message.

[Changes for 0.23 - 18 Oct, 2004]

* New: commit / smerge -P creats patch, and obsoletes unintuitive svk
  patch create.

* New: svk merge now supports -cN which means -r N-1:N.

* New: svk mirror --recover. [Autrijus]

* New: svk mkdir -p and svk copy -p to create intermediate directories.

* New: svk pull DEPOTPATH. [Jesse Vincent]

* Proper svn:eol-style support with the same semantics as svn. [Autrijus]

* Proper upper/lower case normalization for Win32 filesystems. [Autrijus]

* The SVK Help system, as SVK/Help/[lang/]/*.pod. [Autrijus]

* The log produced by smerge -l no longer contains the duplicated logs
  that were merged from the current target.

* smerge -I and repeated smerge now works on checkout.

* commit --import or import now treats obstructed items as replaced.

* Don't skip explicit targets on svk add.

* Correctly obtain the user name on non-unix platforms. [Autrijus]

* Fix pool abuse in history tracing code. [Autrijus]

* Fix smerge -IB.

* svk patch delete now works.

* svk delete now works within mirrored paths.

* svk annotate now works on files with CR/CRLF line endings. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.22 - 4 Oct, 2004]

* Interactive merge support is now default. [Autrijus]

* svk patch apply.

* Modular external merge tool support, with the following supported:
  AraxisMerge, Emacs, FileMerge, GtkDiff, Guiffy, KDiff3, Meld,
  P4WinMerge, TkDiff, TortoiseMerge, XXDiff. [Autrijus]

* Patch format changed, it's now unidiff with FreezeThaw-serialized
  SVK::Patch. [Autrijus]

* merge and smerge now supports -f and -t options to deduce copy
  source as target. [Eric Lindvall]

* Experimental depotpath auto-vivification from URL. [Autrijus]
  This allows you to svk checkout URL and svk cp URL local-branch.

* Experimental svk push and pull support.

* sync and update now supports -s and -m to sync and/or merge from
  branch source. [Autrijus]

* revert now also marks nodes as resolved.

* mirror, checkout and switch now all support --list, --detach and
  --relocate. [Autrijus]

* New aliases: cm => cmerge, depot => depotmap, sw => switch.

* Implement "svk depot --add", "svk depot --delete". [Autrijus]

* prop{get,set,edit,del} on revprops. [Autrijus]

* Fix smerge -l that trims logs before another smerge in the other

* Use svn's internal streamy diff library instead of
  Text::Diff. [Autrijus]

* svk import --to-checkout can import a directory and turn it to a
  checkout path in-place . [Autrijus]

* -s (--sign) is renamed to -S.

* rename import --force to --from-checkout.

* $Revision$ now means $Rev$, not $FileRev$, to agree with Subversion.

* "svk mirror --list" and "svk sync --all" now operates on all depots,
  if no arguments is given, instead of on //. [Autrijus]

* svk admin to wrap svnadmin. [Autrijus]

* svk cleanup --all. [Autrijus]

* "svk diff PATH1 PATH2 PATH3 ..." works as svn does. [Autrijus]

* We now use the self-contained File::Type instead of
  File::MimeInfo. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.21 - 20 Sep, 2004]

* svk now runs natively on win32. [Autrijus]

* New: svk ls -v. [Plasma]

* New: svk propget (pg). [Autrijus]

* Use D::H->store_fast. This makes checkout 5% faster.

* Ignore checksum in Editor::XD when they are alrady checked by
  Editor::Merge.  This makes update and merge to copath 25-30% faster.

* SVNFSTYPE default to bdb with svn 1.0.x, otherwise fsfs.

* Authentication prompts are now handled. [Autrijus]

* For internal differ, Don't output diff for binary nodes. [Plasma]

* Use IO::Digest to get the md5 while reading the merged file, instead
  of reading it again.

* Add support to use SVKMERGE on win32, in particular
  p4winmrg, guiffy. [Autrijus]

* Error messages are now printed to STDERR.

* "svk sm --base" and "svk sm --baseless" now always do what
  they are documented to do, overriding existing merge
  tickets. [Autrijus]

* Prepend depot name before svk mi --list. [Autrijus]

* Fix delete_entry in diff editor for external diff tool.

* Delay SVN::Mirror loading.  This makes startup time faster.

* Make SVK::Editor::Delay also delays open_file and discard no-op opens.
  This optimized the consumed bandwidth when committing/merging to

* Fix merge ticket parsing and generation for paths mirrored with vcp.

* Make describe work on current copath, otherwise fallback to '//'.
  [Ruslan U. Zakirov]

* Fix a scary but harmless message after committing copied nodes with
  messages from editor.

* Add expand_copy option to checkout_delta.  This allows diff works
  correctly (in terms of what svn does) with copied checkout.

* Allow checking out a file with differet name.

* Eliminate repeating mimetype() calls. [Autrijus]

* Fix tests for File::MimeInfo not installed.

* full zh_tw and zh_cn translation. [Autrijus]

* Transaction errors are now reported nicely.

* Many checkout_delta cleanups.

* Many documentation improvement. [Autrijus] 

[Changes for 0.20 - 4 Sep, 2004]

*** First Beta Release ***

* svk commit --import for automatically add and remove entries.

* When yaml loading error, save the old file to a backup location.

* Fix $FileRev$ on non-latest checkout.

* Support svn's auto-prop configration.

* svk rm --keep-local (or -K). [#4652]

* Fix deep recursion of _delta_dir when there's a directory entry '0'.

* Allow patch regen, update, and apply.

* Make File::MimeInfo really optional. [Autrijus Tang]

* Many paths translating cleanups toward a win32 port.

[Changes for 0.19 - 21 Aug, 2004]

* Support merge --track-rename.

* Support svk diff -s or --summarize.

* Support checking out a single file.

* Supoprt multiple sources in svk copy and move.

* Support direct copy and move in mirrored path.

* Support proper merge anchoring. This allows smerge point to be a file.

* Supoprt svn:eol-style. (native, LF, CRLF. no CR support)

* Fix a bug committing added directories to mirrored path directly would fail.

* Auto-prop support: adding svn:mime-type according to file magic upon
  add or import.

* Symlink support fixes.

* Fix a memory leak due to circular reference in SVK::Editor::XD callbacks.

* Misc performance and memory usage improvements to checkout.

[Changes for 0.18 - 4 Aug, 2004]


Mirrored path states incompatible with previous versions of SVK. run
svk mirror --upgrade // (and other depots if you have).


* More code cleanup, documentation and test suites.

* Fix <cmd> --help regression.

* Fix cmerge regression.

* Fix ls -f with non-default depot. [#3943] [Kang-min Liu]

* Import into checkout path should remove scheduleanchor after commit.

* svn-1.1 compatible symlink (svn:special) support.

* Performance improvement for import by avoiding unnecessary prop check.

* Allow import to commit to remote repository directly.

* make checkout_delta and import call abort_edit upon SIGINT.

* svk mirror --list and --upgrade commands.

* Make SVN::Mirror required when it already exists. [Ruslan U. Zakirov]

* Various commands should now respect path@rev target syntax.

* Depot creation now respects $ENV{SVNFSTYPE}.

* Fix a bug that smerge -I is giving incorrect merge ticket.

* Fix delete merging conflicts handling and implement partial deletes.

* Fix checkout path reporting and anchoring problem.

* Implement propdel on checkout copy.

* svk diff now shows deleted files recursvely.

[Changes for 0.17 - 17 Jul, 2004]

* Optimize checkout_delta with mtime/inode/size signatures.

* Implement smerge -I for incremental merging.

* Make smerge -lm <msg> do what you mean.

* When using external merge tools, give local, base, new and merged
  tmpfiles sane names. [Autrijus]

* Improve documentation.

* Fix cb_rev when commiting to just-moved files in mirrored path.

* Cleanup SVK::Merge and others.

[Changes for 0.16 - 30 Jun, 2004 - German Perl Workshop Release]

* Fix pool usage in svk annotate with svn_fsfs.

* Many More tests.

* Unbreak 'svk help'.

* Fix a bug in revert that both text/prop modified files are not
  reverted correctly.

* Require D::H 0.18 so delete_verbose will work in checkout_delta.

* Refactor Editor::Status to use SVK::Notify.

* Fix a bug for merge base when merge anchor is not mirror anchor.

* Preliminary true delete_entry tree merge in SVK::Editor::Merge.

* Cleanup SVK::Command::Diff.

* Make checkout_delta respect base_root when it's different from xdroot.

* Take care of unset svn:executable and update.

* Support replaced items in checkout copy.

[Changes for 0.15 - 26 May, 2004]

* Fix a bug that keyword-substituted files would cause merge or conflict.

* Various pool fixes to support SVNFSTYPE=fsfs.

* Support external merge tools with $ENV{SVKMERGE}.

* Merge collision for added files on both sides.

* Support options and value without whitespace in between.

* Support svk <cmd> --help.

* Allow users to override svkpath with $ENV{SVKROOT}. [Jesse Vincent]

* Fix the merge ticket for the case that the mirrored source is / on remote.

* Patch management prototype (svk patch).

* svk ls features to accommodate shell completion. [Jesse Vincent]

* Various merge improvement detecting better ancestor in certain cases.

[Changes for 0.14 - 26 Apr, 2004]

* Display copy/merge information in svk info. [Kang-min Liu]

* Fix annotate -x for renamed files.

* Allow import --force over checkout path.

* Allow svk command output to be stored in a scalar.

* Support svk copy depotpath path.

* Implement dir add with history in checkout_delta.

* Add stat as alias to status. [Dave Rolsky]

* Forbid the command that use simple edit (mkdir, mv, cp)
  to work on mirrored path unless run with --direct.

* Provide more accurate action (propmod, edit after copy) in svk log.

* Fix sync -a on depot other than //.

* sm -l now indent the log message. [Autrijus]

* Support non-recursive checkout.

* Let svk copy and add reported paths relative to the one given from
  command line.

* Fix status output for added directory from MergeEditor.

* Support mirroring from vcp source via SVN::Mirror.

[Changes for 0.13 - 11 Apr, 2004]

* Fix svk checkout anchor problems for creating and checking.

* Fix a bug that file is not closed for unchanged and merged (g) but
  prop change.

* Baseless smerge via -B / --baseless. [Autrijus]

* Arbitary-based smerge via -b / --base. [Autrijus]

* Get rid of IO::String.

* Cleanup invocation interface, move things from bin/svk to SVK.pm.

* Improve PPerl friendliness.

* New commands: svk propdel, svk depotmap -l.

[Changes for 0.12 - 28 Mar, 2004 - YAPC::Taipei::2004 Release Party]

* Report hostname when doing smerge -l.

* Support external diff with environment variable SVKDIFF.

* Various improvements in svk status and revert.

* Support pgp signatures and verification with gpg.

* Cache copy history lookup.

* Use perlio scalar instead of IO::String for the output of textual
  merge. This is about 15% faster than IO::String.

* Support delete depotpath directly.

* DelayEditor for Optimizing editor calls before sending to expensive editors.

* Various tree merge improvements in MergeEditor and XD::Editor.

* Command Options in POD. [Jesse Vincent]

* svk move. [Autrijus Tang]

* svk list -R. [viirya]

* zh translation. [Autrijus, Piaip]

* i18n framework. [Autrijus Tang]

* Fix svk cleanup.

* Fix checkout to a path with trailing slash. [#2350]

[Changes for 0.11 - 14 Mar, 2004]


Checkout path schedules incompatible with previous versions of SVK. Do
commit or revert your checkouts before upgrading.


* Fine-grained copath locking.

* Basic commit signing support with merge -s or commit -s.

* When a file is locally modified, merging prop-change on file results 
  in incorrect checksum. [#2322]

* Fix an incorrect live time of SVN::Stream, which causes crash on OS X.
  [Matthijs van Duin]

* Help system improvements. [Jesse Vincent]

* ls -R. [hcchien]

* Misc performance enhancements.

[Changes for 0.10 - 05 Mar, 2004]

* Change distname.

* Fix svn help for listing commands

* Fix adding files when committing to mirrored path.

[Changes for 0.09 - 05 Mar, 2004]

* Command invocation interface cleanup.

* Move to SVK:: namespace.

* Reduce root->check_path calls in checkout_delta .

* Commit target editing support [Autrijus].

* svk cat, ls and switch.

* Avoid opening repository multiple times.

* Let checkout_delta generate strict editor calls.

* Support committing to mirrored path directly.

* Commit / Merge to remote now brings the mirrored path updated.

* Various code cleanups.

* Fix some pool abuse.

* Keyword enhacement (p4-like). [Autrijus]

* Update to modern perl build system. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.08 - 16 Feb, 2004]

* Support multi-parent branch auto merging.

* Support property diff output in DiffEditor.

* Cherry picking merge support.

* svk sync -a to sync all mirrored path in the given depot.

* checkout_delta now handle props and do_commit commits them.

* Respect conflict flag in status and commit.

* Store and respect the deleted state of mixed-revision checkout copy.

* Various doc improvements and code cleanups.

[Changes for 0.07 - 15 Jan, 2004]

* Memory usage enhancements.

* Support but not require subversion 0.36.0.

* clean up multiple targets handling for various commands.

* svk status now reports what is given in command line.

[Changes for 0.06 - 26 Dec, 2003]

* Correct a pacakging problem.

* New command: svk import, version.

* svk status, revert improvement.

[Changes for 0.05 - 20 Dec, 2003]

* svk help and some usage are written.

* Better svk diff support: file target, dpath1 vs dpath2.

* Mergeback now transfers textdelta.

* update, add, delete, revert, and sync now support multiple targets.

* svk depotmap for depot mapping configuration.

* Fix a segfault for empty merges.

* Merge-ticket handling now mutliple-safe.

* Committing to mirrored path now forbidden by default.

* Make sm respect -C for XD destination.

* New commands: svk resolved, describe, propedit.

* smerge -l now brings the logs for candidate revisions to editor buffer.

* svk process now locks for state file.

* New default local repository location ~/.svk/local.

* Support svn:ignore property.

* Use checkout_delta for svk status.

* Require svn 0.35.

[Changes for 0.04 - 06 Dec, 2003]

* Textual merge now uses svn's internal diff library.

* new DiffEdtitor to handle depot diff.

* Requires svn 0.34

[Changes for 0.03 - 26 Nov, 2003]

* Merge editor now calls open_file only when necessary.
  This makes merge back to RA a lot faster for mutual merged branches.

* Merge editor status 'g' means file merged bug unmodified.

* Fix a xdroot creation bug.

* New - svk log -r.

[Changes for 0.02 - 19 Nov, 2003]

* Fix packaging problem for missed Makefile.PL.

[Changes for 0.01 - 19 Nov, 2003]

Initial Release.