[Changes for 0.68 - Dec 12, 2005]

* Escape the copyfrom_path, as that's what is expected by svn api.

* Fix a memory leak when mirroring changes with lots of copies.

* Fix a problem that there is a replaced item with history that is out
  of the mirror anchor.

[Changes for 0.67 - Sep 25, 2005]

* Fix a very complicated case for replaced directory with file
  modification under it, where a deletion should also be ignored.

* Relax the condition so that when we are sure a change
  entry is a directory, we can use cheap editor calls
  rather than run the whole do_update.

[Changes for 0.66 - Aug 18, 2005]

* Fix a regression when the mirrored revision has copies from revision
  numbers outside the path we are mirroring.

* Fix a regression since 0.61 for the case that mirror anchor parent was
  copied from somewhere else.

[Changes for 0.65 - Aug 2, 2005]

* Fix a bug when mirroring only HEAD with dav/svn-1.2.0 on server.

* Performance imporvements on large repositories for revision lookup
  and meta data lookup. [Sponsored by Fotango]

[Changes for 0.64 - Jul 11, 2005]

* Make git support load later to avoid circular dependency with svk.

[Changes for 0.63 - Jun 28, 2005]

* Fix missing dependency - Class::Accessor.

[Changes for 0.62 - Jun 22, 2005]

* Support HEAD and HEAD-n for --torev [Jody Belka]

* Resolve the fromrev from headrev with the relayed source, so for
  relayed skip-to mirror it won't explode.

* When there's replaced directory, properly _enter_copied_path when
  it's not a copy.

* Git support.

[Changes for 0.61 - May 8, 2005]

* Perform reanchor only on paths involving copies.
  This fixes kde svn repository problem.

* Fix two minor pool usage that causes error on nfs-mounted fsfs (and
  possibly win32).

[Changes for 0.60 - Apr 29, 2005]

* When doing get_latest_rev with 1.1.x, reset offset if it went below 0.
  [Marcus Rueckert <darix@irssi.org>]

* Fix uuid checking in --relocate. [Marcus Rueckert <darix@irssi.org>]

[Changes for 0.59 - Apr 25, 2005]

* Doc fixes. [Mathias Hennersdorf <henner@tty.ch>]

* Fix a bad path translation in has_local.

[Changes for 0.58 - Apr 18, 2005]

* Fix edge case in local copy_source resolution and unresolvable source.

* Remove bogus path translation in delete_entry that might result in segfaults.

[Changes for 0.57 - Mar 29, 2005]

* API catchup for latest svn-trunk.

* Fix a bug that non-interesting changed paths are not properly

* Proper locking for concurrent mirror object load and sync.

[Changes for 0.55 - Mar 2, 2005]

* Resolve local rev properly for relayed mirror where the target
  revision number is larger than the one on the relayed server.

* Tell the user to install VCP instead of confusing "schema not handled".

* Workaround ra_svn 1.2 vs svnserve 1.1 log limit problem.

[Changes for 0.55 - Feb 1, 2005]

* Partially support remote copies that cross local mirror anchors
  with cb_copy_notify callback.

* Fix a pool issue that session of ra->get_commit_editor is not
  recycle due to ref holding in the wrong pool.

* Cope with latest svn-trunk ra api changes.

[Changes for 0.54 - Jan 10, 2005]

* Don't requires BSD::Resources.

[Changes for 0.53 - Jan 9, 2005]

* Fix the case that a mirror anchor is intially created on remote
  by a copy of its parent directory.

* Use simple editor for 'R'-only changes too.

* Fix a regression that simple copies are invoking full tree delta with

[Changes for 0.52 - Dec 29, 2004]

* Workaround ra_dav memory leaks.

* Fix an annoying bug that prevents most of the cases mirroring a
  branch only.

[Changes for 0.51 - Dec 20, 2004]

* Get the real last-modified revision.  This fixes skip-to mirroring.

* mod_dav_svn doesn't like ra connection anchored at root to do
  check_path.  Use check_path on the first ra session instead.

* regex cleanups; in particular, regex metacharacters in paths
  are now properly mirrored. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.50 - Nov 10, 2004]

* Workaround fsfs/win32 txn_commit bug in close_edit of mirror editor.

* Use iter pool for node_history tracing.

* Add trailing /... for vcp source if not exist.

* Use the same auth baton for all ra sessions.

* Hold another reference to merge back editor in addition to
  cached_ra, because the callback in merge_back_editor might create
  another ra session.

* Ignore signals before calling close_edit, instead of in commit callback.

[Changes for 0.49 - Oct 17, 2004]

* Copy-following-delete was not marked as is_copy properly. [Autrijus]

* Win32API::GUID support on win32. [Autrijus]

* Florian Weimer reported that repeated sync of an empty mirror
  source will result in redundant local revisions.  Fix it by
  always "touching" the add_directory() call, regardless of
  whether anything was actually updated locally. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.48 - Oct 4, 2004]

* New: relocate. [Autrijus]

* Use fsfs as SVNFSTYPE when using svn 1.1.

* Fix delete and upgrade on win32. [Autrijus]

* Support arch vcp source driver.

* Fix find_local_rev cache that assumes uses the same cache for
  different target repositories.

* Fix an incorret pool used in _new_auth with wrong life time.

[Changes for 0.46 - Sep 20, 2004]

* Fix mirroring on root. [Autrijus]

* Workaround fsfs/win32 problem. [Autrijus]

[Changes for 0.45 - Sep 19, 2004]

* Fix has_local for ::VCP.

* Make ::VCP load headrev so find_local_rev will work.

* properly workaround vcp file handler select problem.

* Fix the remaining unescaped regex.

* Support auth_prompt providers. [Autrijus]

* Use even more unique uuid for cvs source.

* Remove corresponding vcp state dir when discarding a mirror.

* File::Spec -> File::Spec::Unix.

* Report remote path removal.

* Delay SVN::Mirror::VCP loading.

* Use Win32API::GUID on win32.

[Changes for 0.44 - Sep 4, 2004]

* Support selective branches mapping with --branch-only=trunk,RELENG_5.
  (cvs only)

* Don't unconditionally load svn config.

* Don't create dummy txn on init even just for loading.

* Make MirrorEditor::delete_entry use local revisions instead of remote ones.

[Changes for 0.43 - Aug 21, 2004]

* Don't suggest vcp by default since it's not on CPAN these days.

* Support VCP::Source::cvsbk.

* skip_to now parsed for HEAD(-N)?.

* Fix a bug for rev lookup when mirroring remote '/'.

[Changes for 0.42 - Aug 9, 2004]

* Don't die out when upgrading mirrors from vcp sources.

* Skip test for relay for svn 1.0.x.

[Changes for 0.41 - Aug 7, 2004]

* Fix a bug mirroring over ra_dav. repos root doesn't like get_dir ('/').

* Put source_uuid in VCP's source_repo_id so it's safe to switch.

[Changes for 0.40 - Aug 4, 2004]

* Change mirror state to avoid using '/' in property names that svn

* Add API for upgrading and remote revision lookup.

* Add cache for find_local_rev.

* Support relayed mirroring in Ra backend.

* Fix some bizzare pool reference and usage that causes leak over long sync.

[Changes for 0.38 - Jul 14, 2004]

* Fix a bug that non-canonical path might enter svn api.

* Ignore signals when mirror state is inconsistent.

[Changes for 0.37 - Jun 30, 2004]

* Fix a bug that has_local can't deal with mirroring remote '/'

* Cleanup tmp files in make clean.

[Changes for 0.36 - May 23, 2004]

* Split VCP::Dest::svk to its own distribution.

[Changes for 0.35 - Apr 26, 2004]

* Fix a bug triggered by remote rename. [Plasmaball]

* Add VCP support.

[Changes for 0.30 - Mar 28, 2004 - YAPC::Taipei::2004 Release Party]

* Fix a problem caused by the ra session doing log doens't load
  config. Reported by: Stefan Metzmacher <metze at samba.org>

* Support copy-following in the changes being mirrored. [Plasmaball]

* has_local now checks remote descendents just like is_mirror.

* Properly quote variables in regex. This fixes mirroring svn+ssh://.

* Support syncing specified remote rev_props.

[Changes for 0.29 - Mar 5, 2004]

* Add path parameter fo get_merge_back_editor.
* Let is_mirror take care of descendents in mirror path.

[Changes for 0.28 - Feb 16, 2004]

* Add list_mirror function.
* Store mirror info as dir_prop in / also.
* API for checking if a remote uuid:path has local mirror.

[Changes for 0.27 - Jan 15, 2004]

* Support subversion 0.36.

[Changes for 0.26 - Dec 27, 2003]

* Fix a bug mirroring svn+ssh URL
* Make paths canonical before entering the svn libraries.
* Skip svm: properties when mirroring.
  This allows branched mirrored paths to be mirrored and branched again.

[Changes for 0.25 - Nov 13, 2003]

* Allow init with repository object.
* New function: is_mirrroed.
* New method: find_local_rev.
* Fix pool usage that breaks default pool.
* svm:source now "root!path" - prepared for copy following.
* Simplify finding anchors for mirroring.
* Requires 0.33.

[Changes for 0.22 - Nov 4, 2003]

* Check uuid before initializing mirror.
* Return youngest_rev along with commit editor for use as base rev.

[Changes for 0.21 - Oct 15, 2003]

* Fix version number package.
* Provide get_merge_back_editor.
* message cleanups.
* Fix vsnurl bug for mirroring over dav.

[Changes for 0.20 - Sep 24, 2003]

* Reuse ra-session when same anchor is used.
  this makes mirroring much faster.
* svm mergeback support.
* Fix a bug for partial repository mirroring.

[Changes for 0.1 - Aug 25, 2003]

Initial release.