* v0.53, 24 June 2003

   OSADoEvent fixed

   Fix some Files tests

   Add Mac::Path::Util 0.09 to prereqs for Mac OS X

* v0.52, 22 May 2003

   Make Mac::AppleEvents return actual value, not pretty-printed value,
   as last resort (if you want a pretty-printed value, get it yourself
   with AEPrint, but we'll assume you want to do something useful with
   the data)

   Fix some memory leaks, sizes, and return values in Mac::Resources
   stuff from 0.50

   Overload NewAliasMinimalFromFullPath for Mac OS X, first converting
   the path to an HFS path (that is all that NewAliasMinimalFromFullPath

   Add app creator type/signature to Processes/eg/Processes.plx output

* v0.51, 7 April 2003

   Fix some new tests that didn't work well under root

* v0.50, 6 April 2003

   Mac::InternetConfig added

   GUSI fixes
     - Fix bug with GUSIFSp* routines not accepting paths where files
       do not exist
     - Make GUSIFSpDown work
     - Add new "GUSIFS2FullPath" and "GUSIPath2FS" (for lack of better
       names) for dealing with FSRefs
     - Add FSRef to typemap

   Launching apps
     - Add LSFindApplicationForInfo to Mac::Processes for finding
       applications on Mac OS X (by creator, bundle ID, or name)
     - Make %Mac::MoreFiles::Application find paths to apps using
       LSFindApplicationForInfo for Mac OS X

   Open resource files from data forks
     - Add FSCreateResourceFile and FSOpenResourceFile to
       Mac::Resources for creating/opening resource files from data
       fork instead of resource fork
     - Remove resource/data fork workaround from Sound.t

   More constants
     - Add AERegistry.h type* constants to Mac::AppleEvents
     - Add file access permissions constants to Mac::Files
     - Add Finder flag constants to Mac::Files

   Add -fpascal-strings to ccflags, for compatibility with some of the
   GUSI API (tested with gcc2 and gcc3 under Mac OS X 10.2).

   Fix segfault for NULL descriptor in new AEDesc

   Add lots of tests for Mac::Files

   Fix the two-arg form of FSpGetCatInfo(FILE, INDEX)

   Add option for MacPerl::{Ask,Answer,Pick} to be text-based on Mac OS X

* v0.05, 6 March 2003

   Bad values for kCreateFolder and kDontCreateFolder (Ken Williams)

* v0.04, 6 March 2003

   Make AppleEvents with LD=c++ (required for Dec 2002 Dev Tools)

   Add a bunch of Carbon-specific constants for Mac::Files

   Modify Mac::Speech (Peter N Lewis)
     - GetVoiceDesciption and NewSpeechChannel use default voice
       if no parameter given
     - %Voice hash returns default voice if key is false (undef, '', 0)
     - Added accessor methods for VoiceDescription and VoiceSpec structures

   Add Str63 type to typemap

   Clean up distribution a little

* v0.03, 17 December 2002

   Fix AEDesc->data bug, remove debugging code (oops)

   Refactor Makefile.PLs
     - use common.pl for Makefile.PLs to share
     - now use distributed xsubpp (brian d foy) instead of system xsubpp
     - $module.c files no longer included
     - auto-generate $module.pod (and manpages) from POD in $module.pm
       and $module.xs

   Fix POD in many places

   Require 5.006 in the base Makefile.PL (just in case)

   Make build work with gcc2 on Mac OS X 10.1 and 10.2

   Make build work with UFS

* v0.02, 9 December 2002

   Addition of Mac::AppleEvents and Mac::OSA
   (Mac::AppleEvents::Simple and Mac::OSA::Simple not yet fully
   supported; needs some porting)

   Add back Pick/Answer/Ask to MacPerl (code from Gero Herrmann)

   Add GetProcessPID and GetProcessForPID to Mac::Processes

   Clean up some of the tests

* v0.01, 13 November 2002

   Initial release