Revision history for Perl extension Statistics::Descriptive.

2.6   October 10, 2002
        - Fixed caching in trimmed mean and modified code to allow trimming
	  0% from upper bound.  Formerly if 0 was requested then it used the
	  lower bound!

	- POD format patch from ddunlap

2.5   Wednesday, May 12 1999
	- Forgot to document change in v2.4, which included fixing
	  percentile so that it worked right and added to the test
	- Modified frequency_distribution so that specific bins could
	  be passed in.  Fixed caching so that it actually works
	  (it only used to get stuck returning the result of the
	  first call).
	- Turned off caching for least_squares_fit because there's no
	  way to generate a unique key for memorization.

2.3   Thursday Nov 12 1998
	- Fix for frequency distribution.
	  Changed Makefile.PL to ease ActiveState distribution of the module.
	  Andrea's code for preventing division by zero and other 
	  improvements.  He also wrote a great test bench.
	  Added code from Warren Matthews to calculate percentile.

2.2   Monday Feb 23 1998
	- Multiple bug fixes:
	  Fixed min/max bug with '0' vs defined.
	  Provided fix for bug with AUTOLOAD/DESTROY/Carp problem.

2.1   Tues Sep 02 1997
	- Multiple bug fixes:
	  Cleaned up syntax error with my scoping. 
	  Fixed errors in least_squares_fit and median methods

2.00  Wed Aug 20 13:22:51 1997
	- new version; created by h2xs 1.16
	- Complete rewrite of OO interface by Colin Kuskie.
	- Now has 2 classes instead of 1.5, a base class without data
	  storage and a class that inherits the base methods and
	  extends them with data storage and more statistics.

1.1 April 1995
        - Added LeastSquaresFit and FrequencyDistribution.

1.0 March 1995 
        - Released to comp.lang.perl and placed on archive sites.

0.20 December 1994 
        - Complete rewrite after extensive and invaluable e-mail 
          correspondence with Anno Siegel.

0.10 December 1994 
        - Initital concept, released to perl5-porters list.
	- Jason Kastner <>