0.06 20180212
    + Actually output data even if the first selector is not found
	+ Add JSON output format
	+ Add functionality to fetch more than one URL

0.05 20151029
    . Remove MYMETA.* from the distribution, reported by
      Alexandr Ciornii (CHORNY)
    . No functional changes, no need to upgrade

0.04 20120701
    . Force all searches to be relative to the current tree. This
      is relevant if you use the (undocumented) 'tree' option to scrape().
    ! Don't deallocate the HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath tree if we don't
      own it.

0.03 20110922
    . added pagination option to scrape2rss.pl

0.02 20110728
    . added scrape2rss RSS generator
    . moved scrape logic into module

0.01 to be done
    . Released unto a propably suspecting audience