0.16 2020-08-23
    + Fix signature parsing when there are more than 40 placeholder strings
      This was an interesting bug to chase down. Filter::Simple replaces all
      strings with placeholders, but if you have enough of them, one of them
      becomes "\0\0\0(", which the signature parsing did not cope with.
    + "use feature 'signatures';" and "no warnings 'experimental::signatures';"
      are now allowed to have leading whitespace but still must be on a line
      of their own.

0.15 2018-08-19
    + Add mention of App::sigfix and Babble
    + Document that only a reduced set of regular expression matches is
      correctly parsed in default expressions
    + Correctly parse do {} blocks in default expressions
    + Correctly parse function parameters in case of nested functions and blocks

0.14 2018-07-26
    + Add code and documentation on how to load this module from the command
      line. This is mostly intended to give you a way to do a quick fix for
      using Perl code that requires signatures on a version of Perl that doesn't
      support them out of the box.

0.13 2018-05-11
    + Support (well, ignore) comments in signatures
      This comes at the cost of erasing those comments from the source code.
      If you stack source filters and a source filters expects to extract value
      from the comments, this won't work anymore.
    ! More robustness when parsing the formal signature argument list. Too many
      strings in your source code could make the module behave erratically

0.12 2018-05-10
    ! Make subroutines with empty body return C<undef>
      Pointed out in discussion at
    . Documentation fix by MANWAR, many thanks!

0.11 2018-02-28
    + Support parentheses in default assignments on Perl 5.10 onwards
	    sub foo( $now = time() ) {

0.10 2017-06-28
    + Support multiline signatures
	. We also attempt to keep the line numbers correct

0.09 2017-01-16
    + Support single-line functions
      In fact, we simply don't require the subroutine declaration to be on a
      separate line from other code.
      This adresses RT #119843

0.08 2016-12-19
    ! Make signature-less subroutines work again instead of warning

0.07 2016-12-18
    + Actually allow for empty parameter lists
    + Allow for unnamed/ignored parameters sub ($foo,$,$bar) { ... }
    . Adresses Github issue #1

0.06 2016-11-07
    + Don't crash on empty function parameter lists.
	+ Make module internals more testable
	. Add a test that verifies function default parameters actually parse
	  as we expect. Thanks to Rolf Langsdorf for the discussion.

0.05 2016-09-29
    . Bump Filter::Simple prerequisite to 0.91
      Earlier versions gave problems with some of my modules
      If it works for you, no need to upgrade

0.04 2016-09-06
    + Add support for defaults, and our own, very, _very_
      simplicistic "expression parser" (which blindly splits on comma.
      This means that the following is now supported:
        sub foo( $bar, $baz='default' ) {
          return $baz
        print foo("two","parameters"); # parameters
        print foo("one");              # default

      The following will still fail horribly, because we don't parse expressions:
        sub foo( $bar, $baz=bar(1,2) ) {
          print $baz # "default"

0.03 2016-05-19
    + Add our own fake 'experimental::signatures' warning category
      if we install our filter so that "no warnings 'experimental::signatures'"
      doesn't raise an error on Perl versions where we install our filter

0.02 2016-04-23
    + Check does now not use the version of Perl but checks
      `use feature 'signatures'`
    + You can force the use of the module using an environment variable
      (not that you should)

0.01 2016-04-14
    . Released on an unsuspecting world
    . Spun out of App::StarTraders (unreleased)