0.19 2020-10-02
    * No functionality changes, no need to upgrade
    * Fix Filter::signatures usage for Perl versions below 5.20
    * Force "--silent" in tests for curl versions that insist on a progress meter
      ( RT #133454 )
    * Replace --data-raw by --data in tests if the Curl version doesn't support
      --data-raw (RT #133455)

0.18 2020-09-30
    * Add support for --data-raw, --data-ascii, --data-binary, --data-urlencode
    * --data now strips newlines and linefeeds, as does curl
    * Filter::signatures prerequisite is now 0.16

0.17 2020-04-13
    * Test suite changes to fix Redhat test failures
    * No code changes, no need to upgrade

0.16 2020-04-12
    * (Hopefully) fix one more test inconsistency
    * Add ->as_curl method for round-tripping/canonicalizing curl invocations
      This also means you can now convert from fetch() to curl invocations
    * The --user-agent is now correctly recognized

0.15 2020-04-10
    * Fix the test suite for longish curl version strings
      This addresses RT #127641 , as reported by SREZIC
    * Also require HTTP::Request::Generator 0.09 , which handles IPv6.

0.14 2020-04-09
    * Added ::FromFetch to convert data from the Javascript Fetch API
    * GET requests without headers now create valid Perl code

0.13 2019-10-11
    * Support output of HTTP::Tiny code in addition to LWP::UserAgent
    * Support headers with multiple values
    * Test suite can now run in parallel, cutting down test time
    * Test suite is now robust in face of features unsupported by the
      curl executable. --compress can be unimplemented.
    * Test suite is now robust in face of IPv6. Curl URL-globbing does not
      play well with IPv6 URLs.

0.12 2019-02-27
    * Fix the test skip count in the case we encountered an error earlier
      (Reported by SREZIC, addresses RT#128646)
    * Ignore warnings when running the code compilation tests

0.11 2019-02-26
    * Properly handle POST data. The data was previously quoted
      as if it were to be interpolated into Perl code even when it was
      handed to ->as_request.
      Reported by Choroba at https://perlmonks.org/?node_id=1230538

0.10 2019-02-02
    * Handle -k, --insecure
      This is the easy way out of encryption
    * Minimum Perl version is now 5.8.8
      Earlier versions are unsupported by IO::Socket::SSL

0.09 2018-12-19
    * Sequence expansion
      Curl and this module now support specifying sequences of URLs such as
      C< https://example.com/[1-100] > , which expands to
      C< https://example.com/1 >, C< https://example.com/2 > ...
      C< https://example.com/100 >

      Such sequences are expanded in-memory at this time, courtesy of
      Cartesian Products

    * List expansion

      Curl supports specifying sequences of URLs such as
      C< https://{www,ftp}.example.com/ > , which expands to
      C< https://www.example.com/ >, C< https://ftp.example.com/ >.

      Such sequences are expanded in-memory at this time, courtesy of
      Cartesian Products
    * Added option to limit the number of expanded requests
    * Added ->clone() method to HTTP::Request::CurlOptions
    * We now need HTTP::Request::Generator 0.06, for bug fixes in URL generation
      in that module

0.08 2018-12-06
    * Add C<implicit_headers> option to leave out headers when generating code
    * Handle -L , --location

0.07 2018-11-27
    * Fix broken code generation
    * The requests worked but the generated code did not

0.06 2018-11-26
    * Add support for --cookie option. This option doesn't read from a file
      though, but only supports literal cookies.
    * Ignore --dump-header, document ignored options
    * Tests for some other options

0.05 2018-11-23
    * Fix -XPOST and other option-bundling commands

0.04 2018-11-20
    * Test stability, fix test count when skipping, no need to upgrade

0.03 2018-11-19
    * Fix prerequisite versions, C<< ->getoptionsfromarray() >> was introduced
      in Getopt::Long 2.39
    * Add support for --max-time
    * Add support for (ignored options) --(no-)keepalive and --(no-)buffer
    * Add support for (ignored option) --progress-bar , -#

0.02 2018-11-15
    * Support --compressed option
    * Run output through HTML::Tidy if it is installed
      Suggested by H Merijn Brand
    * Test stability RT #127642, thanks to SREZIC
    * Correct prerequisite versions RT 127644, thanks to SREZIC
    * Test stability against weirdo Curl user agents (CentOS6)
      reported by Slaven Rezic

0.01 2018-11-14
    * Released on an unsuspecting world
    * Inspired by a remark by Your Mother on https://perlmonks.org/