Revision history for Perl extension Spreadsheet::ReadSXC.

0.21  2019-10-02
    - Add 'StandardCurrency' option to get at unformatted number values
    - Support unformatted values for ODS files
    - New maintainer Max Maischein (

0.20  2005-06-17 (Fri Jun 17 2005)
	- almost completely rewritten to use XML::Parser's event style (instead of its tree
	  style), resulting in more readable and (hopefully) maintainable code
	- this version allows for multiple open files by returning an anonymous data structure
	  instead of a data reference (thanks to H. Merijn Brand for fixing this)
	- new option to return an array of hashes instead of a hash of arrays
	- new option to return time cells as time value

0.12  2005-05-08 (Sun May 8 2005)
	- comments no longer appear in cells (have to find a cleaner way of returning annotations)

0.11  2005-05-08 (Sun May 8 2005)
	- eliminated a bug with 'DropHiddenColumns' which would populate an empty table
	- edited documentation

0.10  2005-05-06 (Fri May 6 2005)
	- almost completely rewritten to use XML::Parser instead of XML::Parser::Lite::Tree
	- new options to include/drop hidden rows/col, covered cells etc.
	- optionally truncate empty rows and columns
	- optionally replace newlines in cells with any string
	- new subroutines for reading unpacked XML data from SXC files
	- option to return date cells as standard date value

0.03  2005-05-03 (Tue May 3 2005)
	- more prerequisites in Makefile.PL
	- minor corrections in documentation

0.02  2005-05-01 (Mon May 1 2005)
	- fixed prerequisites in Makefile.PL

0.01  2005-04-30 (Sat Apr 30 2005)
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-XAn Spreadsheet::ReadSXC