0.65 2019-09-05
    * Fix order of module usage in test scripts, spotted by Jorol
      This only was a problem when you had $ENV{HTTP_PROXY} set.
    * Document that we clean out $ENV{HTTPS_PROXY} as well.

0.64 2018-10-28
    * Re-release including correct META.* information
    * No upgrade necessary

0.63 2018-06-04
    * Fix the form parameters getting lost
      This was since we changed the form from GET to POST ...

0.62 2018-05-20
    * Fix the ->redirect URL to honor the specified host
      This prevents breakage due to localhost vs. mixups
    * Add ->content method to serve arbitrary content like Javascript

0.61 2017-11-29
    * Make the "->download" method actually work in the sense that it will send
	  downloads with a name other than "$1".

0.60 2017-11-27
    * Add method to "download" a file
	  This is in preparation for WWW::Mechanize::Chrome trying to download
	  a file
	* Rework IPC to launch the server
	  The old method of a pipe-open was elegant but didn't really work out for
	  cleanly shutting down the process. The new approach uses the same way
	  we spawn and dissociate Chrome in WWW::Mechanize::Chrome.
	* We are now more defensive about finding out whether CGI.pm can do
	  ->multi_param or not

0.59 2017-06-17
    * Add support for checking Javascript properties if Javascript runs on the
      Currently, this only mirrors back the window.navigator.userAgent variable

0.58 2017-05-18
    * Remove support for Perl 5.6.x
      The module uses a fancy way of opening a lexical filehandle which
      doesn't work on Perl 5.6.x. Instead of trying to figure out how to make
      5.6.x open() work with an undef lexial variable for a filehandle via
      Travis CI, I simply declare this module incompatible with 5.6.x.

0.57 2017-05-08
    * Spun off from WWW::Mechanize::PhantomJS
      (and WWW::Mechanize::Firefox, and WWW::Mechanize::Shell)