. Improve test coverage of methods
    . Add test for ->value with 3-args (setting)
    . Add test for ->highlight_node()
    . Add test for ->clickables()
    . Add test for getting/setting ->autodie()
    . Add test for getting/setting ->events()
    . Add 2-arg test for ->synchronize()
    . Make ->set_visible actually use ->field()
      so it can also set select fields?!
    . Make ->set_visible also support select+option inputs
    . Add tests for _field_by_name for #foo and .foo case

0.71 20130209
    + Added 'persist' option to the ->save_content() method to allow user to
      set different PERSIST flags. Flag information -
      Contributed by Sam Cleveland
    + WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is currently tested against the following versions
        - 3.0.19
        - 3.5.19
        - 3.6.21
        - 5.0.1
        - 6.0.1
        - 7.0.1
        - 8.0
        - 9.0
        - 10.0.12 (ESR)
        - 13.0
        - 15.0
        - 17.0.2 (Simplified Chinese)
        - 18.0.2
        - 19.0 beta

0.70 20130123
    ! Fix crash when using ->*_visible and Firefox navigates away from
      the watched page. This resulted in
        TypeError: can't access dead object
      "Dead objects" appear since Firefox 15+. Dead objects are objects
      within a page that has been closed or left already, and are just
      (fatal) placeholders.
    + ->openTabs() now returns tabs from all windows,
      not only the topmost browser window.
      This fixes RT #82006.
    + Compatibility fixes for 3.0.19 - I'm not sure how I broke compatibility
      without the test suite noticing.
    + WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is currently tested against the following versions
        - 3.0.19
        - 3.5.19
        - 3.6.21
        - 5.0.1
        - 6.0.1
        - 7.0.1
        - 8.0
        - 9.0
        - 10.0.12 (ESR)
        - 13.0
        - 15.0
        - 17.0.2 (Simplified Chinese)
        - 18.0
        - 19.0 beta

0.69 20130118
    ! Redid the "page completed" logic because Firefox 18 fires
      events in an order that breaks WWW::Mechanize::Firefox.
      Please test this module version before upgrading!
      Code that sets $mech->events() will need review, because
      WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is now heavily tied to receiving
      "pagehide", "DOMContentLoaded" and "load" events, in that order.
    ! File downloads are now synchronous by default. Pass
      "progress" => {} to ->save_url()
      if you want them to run in the background.
    ! Compatibility fix for location changes
    ! Various compatibility fixes for Firefox 18, which broke backwards
      compatibility in various undocumented ways.
    + WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is currently tested against the following versions
        - 3.0.19
        - 3.5.19
        - 3.6.21
        - 5.0.1
        - 6.0.1
        - 7.0.1
        - 8.0
        - 9.0
        - 10.0.5 (ESR)
        - 13.0
        - 15.0
        - 17.0.2 (Simplified Chinese)
        - 18.0
        - 19.0 beta
    . Added HTML content encoding comments to shut up Firefox while testing
    . Slight diving optimizations in ->document()

0.68 20120924
    . Add a test checking for iframe load events
    . Ephemeral documentation reorganized
    . Separate Installation document
    . No need to upgrade

0.67 20120831
    . Only fetch slim version of ->response if asked for
      ->status or ->is_success
    . Fix RT #78706, where $mech->autoclose_tab() was broken
    + WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is currently tested against the following versions
        - 3.0.19
        - 3.5.19
        - 3.6.21
        - 5.0.1
        - 6.0.1
        - 7.0.1
        - 8.0
        - 9.0
        - 10.0.5 (ESR)
        - 13.0
        - 15.0

0.66 20120607
    . Add example plus test on how to request arbitrary hostnames
      via the Host: header from an IP.
    ! ->set_visible() ignores inputs with type="image" now (RT #70730)
    ! ->set_visible() respects the return value of ->is_visible. This
      may break your code as now less fields are considered "visible".
    + WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is currently tested against the following versions
        - 3.0.19
        - 3.5.19
        - 3.6.21
        - 5.0.1
        - 6.0.1
        - 7.0.1
        - 8.0
        - 9.0
        - 10.0.5 (ESR)
        - 13.0

0.65 20120409
    + Add ->add_header() and ->delete_header
      Adapted from code from
    + Also allow changing the User-Agent header now via ->agent()
    ! Bump prerequisite for MozRepl::RemoteObject to 0.31, which has
      moved __dive to MozRepl::RemoteObject::Methods

0.64 20120329
    ! Bump prerequisite for MozRepl::RemoteObject to 0.30, which contains
      a bugfix for clobbered $@
    . Add test for clicking a button by value
    . Add test for clicking a button by id
    . Add test for ->new(tab => 'current')
    . Add test for ->new(tab => 'non-existing-tab')
    . Add test for checking that ->content(format => 'bogus') fails
    . Add "document" option to ->content() to optionally specify the
      document object of which the content is desired.
    . Add more documentation for the ->content() method.
    + Report more Firefox / Javascript errors from within the perspective of the caller
      instead of reporting lines within

0.63 20120316
    ! Fix bad test from v0.62, no other code changes

0.62 20120316
    ! Fix bug in ->form_number that made it always fail when there
      was more than a single form on a page. Reported by Blake Willmarth.
    ! Explicitly import sleep() from Time::HiRes
    . Clean up list of imports, explicitly only importing what we need
    . Add explicit prerequisites of Cwd, File::Basename
    ! now is only loaded in the one routine that needs it. This
      will be an issue for you if you package WWW::Mechanize::Firefox
      with PAR or App::fatpacker. You may need to review your list of
      automatically included modules.

0.61 20120312
    . Fix code errors in WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::Cookbook
    . Allow to create a WWW::Mechanize::Firefox object if you already have
      an existing Firefox tab object.

0.60 20120302
    . Fix test failing when Image::Info was unavailable
    ! Fix scaling bug in ->element_as_png()

0.59 20120211
    + Report Javascript errors from the perspective of the caller
      instead of a location in WWW::Mechanize::Firefox
    ! ->wait_until_invisible() requeries selectors now instead
      of only querying them once.
    + Add target size options when converting HTML to PNG
    + WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is currently tested against the following versions
        - 3.0.19
        - 3.5.19
        - 3.6.19
        - 5.0.1
        - 6.0.1
        - 7.0.1
        - 8.0
        - 9.0
        - 10.0

0.58 20111128
    ! Fix cookie handling which was weirdly broken yet the tests passed.
      Session cookies now get returned
      Thanks to blakew for pointing that out

0.57 20111102
    . Make relative queries work for ->selector()
      with "node => $foo"
      Reported by Rolf Langsdorf

0.56 20111031
    . Make "frames => 0" work in constructor (+test)

0.55 20110728
    . Re-release of 0.54, this time including t/ for the tests

0.54 20110726
    + Bugfix: Tabs on FF4+ now only get closed once, preventing FF lockups
    + Bugfix: ->set_visible now also finds input fields without "type" attribute
    . ->set_visible() now also has tests
    + WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is currently tested against the following versions
        - 3.0.19
        - 3.5.19
        - 3.6.19
        - 4.0.1
        - 5.0.1
        - 6.0 Beta
    . The tests can now run against other Firefox installations under
    . The search glob for Firefox versions to run the tests against can
      The default is firefox-versions/*/FirefoxPortable*

0.53 20110701
    ! Renamed to
    . now supports attribute selection with CSS selectors
    + Bugfix: ->form_with_fields() ignored textarea and select fields

0.52 20110509
    . Remove traces of Firefox 4 being unsupported
    . Added license to and
    . Upgrade local test server to more current incarnation
    . Eliminate almost all tests that need an outside network connection
    . Document Firefox 4 bug

0.51 20110502
    . Add pageshow event to the default set of monitored events.
      Pageshow fires when a page is loaded from the cache.
    + Firefox 4 is now supported in addition to Firefox 3.5+
      Firefox 4 support is not really tested outside of the module self-tests.
    + ->get() can now optionally not synchronize, like ->click(), suggested
      and coded by Dave Hansen

0.50 20110411
    . implement ->text() and ->content( format => 'text' )
    + autodie is now on by default
    . The screenshot example can now also use the current tab

0.49 20110403
    . Fix for RT #67195
      ->find_link_dom( text => 'foo' ) was (much) slower than it needed to be
      Fix and report by Dave Hansen

0.48 20110317
    . Implemented ->click_button() function plus tests
      Tests courtesy of WWW::Mechanize 1.66
    . Allow "OR" for node type via using local-name(.) (the element name)
    . Use the ugly cross-version hack of
        translate(local-name(.), 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz')
      to accomodate for Firefox 3.0 having UPPERCASE HTML ELEMENT NAMES
      and Firefox 3.6+ having lowercase html element names. Once we move to 4.0
      support only, this can be reverted to

0.47 20110311
    . Use URI::data instead of hand-rolling URI construction
    . Add missing prerequisites from LWP split-up
    + HTTP::Cookies::MozRepl can now ->set_cookie to create a cookie in Firefox
    * Bugfix: ->save_url() did not send cookies, reported and diagnosed by tcordes
    . Add test for ->save_url() and ->get() to check that they send cookies

0.46 20110222
    . Add another, more local test for large pages
    . Add hint about bufsize to Troubleshooting.pod
    . Add test that bufsize actually takes effect
    ! Somewhat experimental squashing of multiple Xpath queries into one
      query - if this breaks your code, please supply test cases!

0.45 20110208
    . eval_in_page raises errors from perspective of the caller
      instead of raising errors in
    . Added ->by_id() method and { id => $id } option for
      conveniently finding elements with names that ->selector
      interprets as CSS selectors.
    . Improved tests checking fields with fancy:names
      or fancy:ids

0.44 20100130
    . Allow ->click() on <input type="image"> inputs
      (provided by ysth, thanks)
    . Bump MozRepl::RemoteObject to 0.21 for better cleanup logic

0.43 20110109
    ! Fix MozRepl::RemoteObject prerequisite version number
    ! Change event filtering logic for load progress listener to
      just pre-filter, and keep the main logic in Perl. This
      should fix intermittent crashes.
    . Add 'no_cache' option to ->get()

0.42 20110106
    . Improved subroutine coverage to 95% on WWW::Mechanize::Firefox
    . Add test for ->forms in scalar context
    . Add test for ->forms in list context
    . Add test for ->reload()
    . Add test for ->back()
    . Add test for ->forward()
    . Add test for ->is_html()
    . ->back() / ->forward() now can optionally (not) synchronize
      for loading local files
    . Move page load progress listener into JS to reduce latency
    . Added ->on_event() accessor for convenient JS page load event debugging

0.41 20101211
    . Remove failing test that didn't respect localized theme names
    . Fix (i)frame tests that didn't produce results due to embedding sites 
      that didn't load.
    . Proxies in Firefox should impede test results less
    . FRAME tags are handled somewhat differently between Firefox and Mechanize:
      Firefox is less lenient than WWW::Mechanize
    . Use the new ->constant() mechanism of MozRepl::RemoteObject to improve
    . ->set_fields() now actually works and has a test
    . Started monitoring code coverage through Devel::Cover
    . Reinstate `use_queue` that was broken in 0.39
    . ->synchronize() now captures events from the tab and the browser

0.40 20101122
    + HTTP::Cookies::MozRepl now fetches cookies more quickly
    + Other functions also use bulk fetching for quicker
      information retrieval
    . The tests are now more resilient for proxies that return other
      "no DNS" errors than 500.

0.39 20101120
    . Add Firefox::Application to contain UI manipulation things.
      The ->{repl} element is now not a hash element of WWW::Mechanize::Firefox
      anymore, but you shouldn't access the guts of an object anyway.
      Use ->repl instead.
    ! ->addTab , ->createTab, ->activateTab and ->selectedTab have been moved
      to Firefox::Application.
      If you used these functions before, change:
          $mech->addTab( ... )
          $mech->application->addTab( ... )
    ! ->set_tab_content has been moved to Firefox::Application
    ! WWW::Mechanize::Firefox (by virtue of Firefox::Application) now uses
      the command queueing feature of MozRepl::RemoteObject. The change
      should be invisible in theory, but as Javascript objects now experience
      a short delay in when they get released, it might change the behaviour
      of Firefox. If you experience different behaviour, please test with
          use_queue => 1
          use_queue => 0
      whether the difference actually stems from the queuing behaviour.

0.38 20101119
    . Fix test for checking whether JS is enabled and whether it can be
      disabled to also work when the NoScript add-on is not installed.
    ! Fix test and code for ->response (and ->get()) when a HTTP proxy
      is set. This means that if you have a proxy, some of the response
      codes may differ from what you saw before. Some responses are now
      404 or 500 responses where they returned undef before.
    ! The response code should now more closely correspond to the first
      response actually fetched.
    . Always store (a reference to) the Javascript response even if we
      don't fetch it immediately.
    . The examples now have a common hashbang line
    . The examples don't use a private library directory anymore

0.37 20101115
    . Switch out the code in WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::DSL
      in favour of Object::Import, which is the same codebase
      but intended for a wider audience than just W:M:F.
    . ->current_form now gets reset on ->get and ->submit
    . The C<any> option to ->xpath() (and ->selector, ->is_visible,...)
      allows to search for multiple nodes that may or may not exist

0.36 20101017
    . Fix the 5.10+ prerequisite by using the additional prerequisite
      MRO::Compat, which provides a transparent switch between and its 
      own implementation for versions <5.9.x.
    . Make `use WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::DSL '$mech'` work silently
    . JS Errors when using ::DSL now get raised in the user code and not
      in ::Firefox or ::DSL

0.35 20101014
    . Improve the error message of ->value() when no element is found
    . Implement ->tick() and ->untick()

0.34 20101013
    . Make ->follow_link() also respect C<synchronize> by making ->follow_link()
      mostly synonymous with ->click()
    . Document the C<dom> option to ->click() (noted by M. Schwern)
    . ->click(undef) now fails
    . Optimized ->get_set_field() to only return a value if it's needed. This
      should speed up setting values in selectboxes.
    . Added section in Troubleshooting.pod on what C<synchronize> can be
      used for.

0.33 20100819
    . Add ->activateTab() for setting the currently displayed tab
    . Now needs MozRepl::RemoteObject 0.13 as a prerequisite
    . Add activate => 1 option to constructor
    . Remove ->content_utf8 , as ->content() already always returns utf8
    + Bring ->field() and ->value() in line with the HTML::Form API
      (and thus the WWW::Mechanize API). Now, very simple CSS
      selectors like #id and .class get accepted in addition
      to 'name' and '^name'.
    + ->value() now also returns the values for select+option elements

0.32 20100810
    . Add WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::FAQ as a list of frequently asked
      questions. As people now actually ask questions, this file
      has a reason to exist.
    . Add WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::Troubleshooting as a document
      for things that still need to be implemented. Also list
    . Add example for how to change Firefox settings.
    . Change code for closing a tab so it works dynamically
    . Add method ->closeTab for closing arbitrary tabs and a test for it
    . Add experimental ->content_utf8 method that always tries to decode
      the content.
    ! All HTTP::Response objects now use ->content_utf8() instead of
      expecting the content to be in utf8. This may break your
      encoding-sensitive code, so please send me test cases where it breaks
      for you.

0.31 20100713
    . ->get now supports the :local_file shortcut for local saving
    . WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::Cookbook contains snippets
    . Documentation is more unified, short examples of function usage

0.30 20100711
    . Add ->is_visible method to check for node visibility
    . Add ->wait_until_invisible method to wait until a node disappears
    . Add tests for the above
    . Added tail example program for tailing the Javascript console
    . Added example program to send messages from the console to the Javascript
      console (intended to delineate the start/stop of test runs)

0.29 20100704
    . Really fix and failing tests
    . Use Firefox XPath library for ->find_link( text_contains => ... )
    . Can't use Firefox XPath library for ->find_link( text_regex => ... )
      as Firefox does not seem to define fn:matches()
    . ->find_link() now really searches only the current frame, as Mechanize does

0.28 20100702
    . Fix and failing tests
    . Add examples on how to access (and follow) the Error Console

0.27 20100701
    . Add the examples to WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::Examples
    . Add test for (dis)allowing META redirects
    . Add author test to ensure Changes well-formedness
    . Fix 'one' option to ->xpath() to correctly fail when no element is found
    . Fix behaviour of ->click() to correctly fail if no element is found
      when given as a name

0.26 20100630
    . Add example to display text from the console in the browser
    . Make input fields work across frames
    . Add test for fields across frames
    . Make ->field() and ->value() respect the current form if any

0.25 20100629
    . ->submit_form now can submit the current form without any fields
      specified. This was a fatal error before.
    . The Javascript code for closing a tab is now much shorter and likely
      also more reliable as it does not rely on the most recent window
      opened anymore.
    . ->update_html() does not return anything anymore, just like
      WWW::Mechanize does.
    . C<repl> constructor now also accepts host:port
    . Add `` example script to cat HTML to the browser.

0.24 20100624
    ! ->find_link_dom now uses ->xpath and searches through frames
    ! Actually conform to WWW::Mechanize API by requiring a hashref
      in ->submit_form( with_fields => {} ). This might break your
      code, but it's a small change and makes the code fit the documentation.

0.23 20100624
    . Add "maybe" option to ->xpath (and ->selector)
    . Add "all" option to ->xpath (and ->selector)
    . Add a sanity check that prevents calling ->xpath in scalar
      context if no item-count option is specified.
    . Unified code paths for frame expansion and document query

0.22 20100623
    . Performance optimization:
      ->click() does not need a response
    . ->click() now uses ->xpath() to find elements
    . Add link to WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::Examples
    . Don't force C<synchronize> in ->click()
    . ->xpath also takes an arrayref of queries
    . ->selector also takes an arrayref of queries
    . Added INSTALL file

0.21 20100618
    ! value() method now returns the field value
    ! Frames are now searched by default for matching elements
          frames => 0
      to prevent searching through frames or
          frames => ['content_frame']
      to whitelist frames to be searched

0.20 20100610
    . Fix links in example documentation
    . Add tests for weirdo names containing square brackets
    . Fix finding fields that have square brackets in their attributes

0.19 20100603
    . Added example programs
    . Generate example documentation by script from John McNamara

0.18 20100518
    . ->submit() returns a true value now
    . added another test
    . Add test and fix bug in ->form_with_fields, which never worked properly
    . Add test and fix bug in ->form_name, which never worked at all

0.17 20100426
    . Don't only request nsiHttpChannel, also use it instead of $request
    . Fix warnings in test suite
    . Add ->eval() as synonym for ->eval_in_page()
    . Fix distribution MANIFEST

0.16 20100425
    . Added ->submit
    . Added ->submit_form with_fields => [...]
    . Bugfix: Explicitly ask for the nsiHTTPChannel when trying to
      create a response

0.15 20091216
    . Better Makefile.PL and Prereq patch by Alexandr Ciornii (chorny)
    . Removed some dead code
    . Fixed some incompatible Javascript

0.14 20091215
    . Added documentation about bufsize parameter
    . Option to recursively search frames

0.13 20091213
    . Added way to use the "current" tab instead of a new/known tab
    . Fixed a bug regarding reusing tabs
    . Added eg/ directory with examples
    . Added way to specify maximum buffer size at startup
      in response to

0.12 20091130
    ! Renamed to ::Firefox
      This affects all your scripts, unfortunately.
    . Added ->save_url for downloading content to disk
    . Added ->save_document for downloading the current document to disk
    . Make ->synchronize and ->click not automatically fetch the response
    . Guard against empty/undefined schemes when constructing the JS response
    . Add and document a method to launch Firefox if it's not already running.

0.11 20091126
    . Implement real HTTP response codes instead of the faked
      response codes.
    * Fix a memory leak/cycle that prevented tabs from closing
    . Now needs MozRepl::RemoteObject 0.10 for the API to deregister

0.10 20091121
    . implemented ->form_name, ->form_id, ->form_number
    . unified API between ->find_link, ->selector, ->xpath
    . Needs MozRepl::RemoteObject 0.09 to ensure that
      multiple $mech instances work
0.09 20091111
    . Allow ->eval_in_page() to specify an overriding
      environment, for example to override alert()

0.08 20091109
    . Make tests warn if I suspect that Javascript is
      blocked by Noscript. This makes some tests fail.
    . Require latest MozRepl::RemoteObject for sane encoding handling.

0.07 20091106
    . added ->eval_in_page() to evaluate Javascript in
      the context of the page
    . added better frame / iframe handling.
    o Frame/iframes don't play well with data: URLs.

0.06 20091102
    . added 'autoclose' parameter to specify whether the
      tab that mechanize creates gets automatically closed upon
      object release
    . added ->content_as_png() to save the current page
      as PNG
    . Added 'single' option to ->selector() and ->xpath()
    . Added capture of arbitrary rectangles to ->content_as_png()
    . added ->find_link APIs
    . added ->find_link tests from WWW::Mechanize
    . added sending of focus/change/blur events and API

0.05 20091030
    . Added HTTP::Cookies::MozRepl to allow for live cookie querying
    . Added ->cookies method for cookie access

0.04 20091029
    . Added ->set_visible
    . Added ->value (partly buggy with respect to event triggering)
    . added log passthrough parameter

0.03 20091028
    . Added missing MIME::Base64 prerequisite
    . Now has WWW::Mechanize as a prerequisite
    . Also requires MozRepl::RemoteObject 0.2 due to the changed call
      interface and introduction of ->declare for caching.

0.02 20091027
    . rearranged documentation
    . made tests skip if we can't connect to MozRepl

0.01 20091026
    . Released unto a propably suspecting audience