Revision history for Perl extension WWW::Mechanize::Shell.

  + Think about HTML::FillInForm for displaying changed form values interactively
  + Check how the new WWW::Mechanize JavaScript handling interacts with the
    shells own JS blocking (badly, I guess)
  + Use Scalar::Util::weaken if available
  + Think how to add other (Xpath) extractions to conveniently
    display stuff via CSS selectors or XPath selectors. Steal
    from Web::Scraper.
  + There is a memory leak between ::FormFiller and ::Shell
  + Ditch Hook::LexWrap now that LWP::UserAgent has progress callbacks

0.49 20100817
  + Apply [ #59246] , 
    thanks to Ansgar Burchardt
    This fixes another case where API changes in LWP weren't mirrored
    by this module.
  + Fix t/14-command-identity.t to not make an external request anymore
    Addresses [ #59883]

0.48 20081109
  + More test fixes for incompatibilities between LWP and Mechanize 1.34+
  + Removed way to set up authentication for more than one site
  . WWW::Mechanize monkeypatches LWP::UserAgent and thus you can only ever
    have one set of user/password in your script.

0.47 20081102
  + Fix tests to work with libwww 5.815+ which automatically retries
    with empty user/password
  + WWW::Mechanize 1.34+ breaks Basic authentication with LWP 5.815+
    so all auth tests are skipped until Andy Lester and Gisle Aas
    work out who has to fix their stuff.
  . Hook::LexWrap is subject to bug [perl #46217], this might
    cause problems if you're running Perl 5.10.0. All tests pass.

0.46 20071003
  + Bump version because of borked CPAN upload, retrying
  * No need to upgrade

0.45 20071003
  * No library code changes, no need to upgrade
  - Removed HTML::Display from the distribution
    as that now lives its own life on CPAN
  - Fix failing tests if HTTP_PROXY was set. This fixes
    Debian bug #444634,
    and CPAN RT #29455, thanks to Niko Tyni

0.44 20070707

  + Added C<title> and C<headers> commands that print out
    the title and headers of the page. Suggested by Ed Halley.
  + Added and documented arguments to the C<< shell >> subroutine
  + Quieted up some test warnings
  + IO::Catch now understands C<printf>
  + Upgrade to Term::Shell v0.02 which now displays the help
    summary better.

0.43 20070511
  - fix failures on 5.6.2 with a B::Deparse version that doesn't
    support ->ambient_pragmas() - they get ignored there now.

0.42 200704..
  - Test fixes only, no need to upgrade
  - Patches submitted by MAREKR (RT #26397) and somebody else whose
    name I cannot find, sorry.
  - Delete some more proxy settings for the test runs

0.41 20070414
  - Codeacrobat release
  - Restore compatibility with WWW::Mechanize 1.22
    Thanks to Jörg Meltzer who sent in the patch

0.40 20070117
  - Fixed showstopper bug in prompt method that was hidden
    by all tests disabling interactive prompts
    Thanks to all reporters

  - Bumped module version
  - Fix for RT 22121 - shell does not start

0.38 20061214
  - Bumped module version
  - Added a test for HTML::TableExtract functionality
    which went untested so far
  - Fixed HTML::TableExtract functionality
        This functionality now requires 
        HTML::TableExtract 2.0 or higher, sorry
  - This release now needs WWW::Mechanize 1.20, for the update_html
    method which is used in the tests. Sorry.
  - Reworked code generation and code execution
  - ! Think about plugins for other extractions:
      * Template::Extract
      * XML::XPath extractions
  - Think about using a different shell framework provider

  - Fixed bug that created invalid code for the C<auth> command

  - Fixed the actual bug too.

  - Fixed documentation in HTML::Display::Debian about C<x-www-browser>.

  - Fixed a bug where C<form 2> resulted in an error. Now selecting a form by
    number actually works. Thanks for the report via RT.

  - The C<form> command now got a life of its own instead of being a lazy abbreviation
    of the C<forms> command. It takes a form name or form number.

  - now WWW::Mechanize::Shell directly uses HTML::TokeParser::Simple. Previously,
    it was only needed for special cases of HTML::Display.
  - WWW::Mechanize::Shell now strips all "target" attributes from your HTML.

  - test t/13* didn't work when the CPAN build directory contains a space
  - Added patch by Philippe "BooK" Bruhat to allow downloading big files
    directly to disk.

  Changed behaviour:
  - The referrer header now always points to the original page you save from
    when using the C<save> command.

  - Now needs the latest? Test::Harness because otherwise some tests failed
    from time to time for no apparent reason.
  - using Devel::Cover. Code coverage of WWW/Mechanize/ is now at 75.00%
    through the test suite
  - Provide better text for all links (for example when the content is an image)
  - Now moved to use WWW::Mechanize::Link instead of direct array access
  - This means it requires WWW::Mechanize 0.57 or higher
  - added "comment" command, which allows to add comments to both, the shell
    script and the generated script. (Donated by Alexander Goller)
  - accomodated for most recent version of LWP, which dosen't die on failing host
    lookups but returns error 500.

  - Fixed bug when autocompletion did crash the shell (S. Rezic)
  - HTML::Display::Opera does not open a new window anymore (S. Rezic)
  - Moved private package "Catch" to IO::Catch and made all tests use that package

  - Add $PAGER support for multiline output
  - "referer" command now prints the old referer if no new value is given
  - added RT bug email address to documentation

  - now needs WWW::Mechanize 0.47
  - added "tick" and "untick" commands (plus tests)
  - fixed t/14*.t so that now the correct locations are used
  - removed ::Unwrap class that was not used anywhere
  - If more than one value is passed to the "value" command, the parameters
    are concatenated with spaces
  - added test that all released files are in Unix text format
  - added "dumpresponses" option
  - added "verbose" option that prints the commands while sourcing a file (Prakash Kailasa)
  - "content" now can save the content to a file (Prakash Kailasa)
  - added "ct" command to print the Context-Type header (Prakash Kailasa)
  - added "referer" and "referrer" command to change the Referer header (Prakash Kailasa)
  - added "timeout" command to set the LWP::UserAgent timeout (Prakash Kailasa)
  - added "response" command to display the complete response (request by Mark Stosberg)
  - updated tests to accomodate for the new commands

  - added RE support to autofill
  - fixed broken HTML display as the filename was passed doubled
  - POD fixes
  - HTML::Display now checks for @ISA before loading a file
  - Displaying shared files is now tested against
  - Updated POD to reflect the new RE parsing

  - The "versions" command also lists HTML::Display now
  - hunted down and fixed error in skipping too many tests in t/01-Win32-OLE-fallback.t
  - fixed redefinition warning in t/00-use.t
  - updated local server tests

0.24 - fixup release for 0.23
  - Added $VERSION to all HTML::Display modules
  - patched handing of BASE tags, so that more cases are caught.
    This adds HTML::TokeParser::Simple as a prerequisite. Thanks to
    Mark Stosberg for the initial patch!
  - fixed loading of classes in HTML::Display. Classes are only required
    if there is no method "display_html" in that namespace already.
  - fixed embarassing Linux compatibility bugs
  - HTML::Display::TempFile now also works under Windows where sharing did not
    allow another process to read the file while it was being written

  - "submit" didn't reload the browser HTML. Thanks to Slaven Rezic.
  - t/14* now skips instead of fails tests that can't succeed.
  - fixed test failing if Term::ReadKey was not available
  - fixed synopsis code not reading the .mechanizerc
  - made WWW::Mechanize::Shell use the "reload" method of WWW::Mechanize
    (after all, I asked for that method ...)
  - Test for multivalues added, but it's not testing the right stuff yet
    (see ). Not in MANIFEST
    and/or distribution, but the Changes file is also for me :-)
  - clarified documentation about "watchfiles" and "autoreload" (thanks to
    Mark Stosberg)
  - Documentation fixes for "open" and "links" (also courtesy of Mark Stosberg)
  - The dumprequests feature needs Hook::LexWrap - it didn't work
    properly before. The feature is tested in t/14
  - "restart" in a -e oneliner dosen't crash the shell (it also dosen't restart though)
  - factored out the HTML display into a module of its own (HTML::Display),
    distributed with this. This breaks existing setups, as the "browsercmd"
    and "useole" option disappeared. You can configure the used browser
    class by setting the environment variable PERL_HTML_DISPLAY_CLASS
    or PERL_HTML_DISPLAY_COMMAND, either in your environment or in your mechanizerc.

    If this feature causes too much grief, I will reimplement the browsercmd
    stuff again in a later release (but possibly different).

    Please also tell me whether HTML::Display would be worth a release on its own!

  - The module now requires WWW::Mechanize v0.43, as the internal
    API of WWW::Mechanize changed. Mixing W::M::S 0.21 or below with W::M v0.43+
    will not work as will mixing W::M::S 0.22+ with W::M v0.41-
  - Added new command "reload", which repeats the last request
    (intended for testing/modifying server side code)
  - Altered fillout command - now _all_ fields that aren't predefined
    via an "autofill" command get asked interactively. Previously fields
    that already had a value weren't asked. This means that you maybe
    have to rewrite parts of your scripts if you are using the shell
    as a testing tool. See t/14* and t/16* for scripts that redefine
    the interactive asking method to something noninteractive.
    Field types that do not get asked are : hidden,submit
  - The "eval" command now takes multiline strings. This is not interesting
    if you're using the plain shell, as the readline shell dosen't know about
    about multiline strings, but if you're using the $shell->cmd() feature,
    it's handy to split your evals over more than one line.

  - Fixed error in one-liner usage
  - Fixed embarassing errors in 'forms' and 'save' commands
  - other documentation fixes
  - The history can now be saved directly to a file
  - The script can now be saved directly to a file
  - The generated scripts now have a correct shebang line
  - Fixed redirect behaviour in generated scripts
  - Manually filled values (via 'fillout') now get created as 'value' commands

  - made t/00a*.t a TODO test so that CPAN install (silently) works
  - updated documentation on how to specify custom callbacks from
    within the shell (having an interpreter with eval rules!)
  - various documentation fixes
  - fixed behaviour of "open" with regard to regular expressions
  - extensive testing of shell behaviour regarding the navigation added
  - Fixed t/06* when Test::MockObject is not installed

  - Added t/00a*.t to check for a Term::Shell bug to the MANIFEST
  - renamed the "history" command to "script"
  - the new "history" command now outputs the "relevant" shell commands
  - added "versions" command to print out the versions of the installed modules
  - added "ua" command to easily change the user agent string
  - added documentation for some more methods
  - added understanding of "#" as a comment
  - added a "save" command to save links into files
  - added "auth" command for basic authentication (suggested by merlyn)
  - added live test of the auth command against HTTP::Daemon (code provided by merlyn)
  - added test that 'url' basic authentication also works (
  - added convenience "shell" module method :
      perl -MWWW::Mechanize::Shell -e "shell"
  - added full end-to-end testing for many commands and their generated scripts
  - fixed many bugs in the generated scripts
  - many documentation fixes
  - Term::ReadLine now gets disabled for the tests
  - silenced HTML::Form warning for readonly fields

  - No functional changes to v0.17
  - Discovered that and documented how file uploads work
  - Added BUGS section to documentation

  - Fixed a doc bug where "exit" referred to the (nonexistent) "quit" topic (thanks Mark)
  - Made a test checking the version of Term::Shell and the help summary bug
  - Fixed t/06*.t - it crashed when Test::MockObject wasn't installed

0.16 20030429
  - Changed double quotes around parameters to single quotes
    to allow for urls like (thanks Mark)
  - Added tests to check that created scripts at least compile
  - Made the form fillout more robust by wrapping it in an eval block

0.14 20030414
  - Fixed a bad list bug introduced with my unix-browser patch to the options system. Slaven Rezics
    submitted patch had nothing to do with this, I only grabbed the idea from him but did botch
    the implementation myself.
  - Added a test that all options can be set and reset
  - Reenabled all warnings in the tests
  - Removed one warning for an unavailable module
  - Added first part of JavaScript handling :
      The shell detects when you want to follow a javascript: link,
      and says that you can't do that.

0.13 20030404
  - Slaven Rezic submitted a patch to enable synchronous HTML
    display under Unix ! Thanks go to Slaven !!
    All bugs/errors are my fault !
  - fixed a crash if the url to the get command was invalid
  - fixed a crash if a browser was launched without a previous request
  - added tests for those two crashes
  - moved example shell from examples/ to bin/

0.12 20030320
  - Added a test to check for the behaviour if HTML::TableExtract is not present
  - silenced warnings in the tests
  - No changes to the main module except for the version number

0.11 20030318
  - Updated the tests so they skip when there is no terminal available
    (as is the case when the tests are run from cron)
  - Fixed the inline tests so the synopsis shows again

0.10 20030312
  - Added the "table" command to display/dump HTML tables using HTML::TableExtract
  - Added "table" history
  - Added tests for history
  - Brought README file up to date with the suggested support modules
  - Added example showing off tables
  - Added proxy support to the shell and the produced scripts
  - Added documentation on proxy
  - Added table lister

0.09 20030308
  - I should go back and use the web interface. It was made for people like me.

0.08 20030308
  - third time's the charm

0.07 20030308
  - And again, because I am stupid

0.06 20030308
  - bumped version because I uploaded a partial file to CPAN ...

0.05 20030307
  - Fixed the dependency on Win32::OLE - the module now handles other
    environments gracefully
  - Added some tests for the module fallbacks (these tests need Test::Without::Module)
  - moved handling over to cvs

0.04 20030301
  - reupload as the 0.02 and 0.03 upload was broken

0.02 20030228
  - Made the shell much more robust against wrong parameters and
    internal failures.
  - Open /foo/ now goes into the Perl code as "follow(/foo/)",
    as it should be

0.01  Thu Nov  7 23:04:20 2002
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
    -X WWW::Mechanize::Shell