0.225  20110308
    . Applied a docpatch by Robin Barker to fix the documentation
      about the warning of inheriting from yourself.
      Fixes RT #66459

0.224  20101031
    . Change assignment @ISA = (@ISA, 'new::class')
      to use push @ISA, 'new::class'
      This should make class creation faster from 5.10 onwards
      and reverts a change made in 2.14. If this is critically slow for you
      and you can't upgrade your version of Perl, use the old way.

0.223  20090901
    . No functional changes, no need to upgrade
    + Fix Makefile.PL so that (re)installing parent under 5.10.1+
      installs into perl/ instead of site/, patched by J.D.Hedden
      fixes RT #49328

0.222  20090828
    . No functional changes, no need to upgrade
    + Documentation fix suggested by Clinton Gormley
    + Test fix for Perl compiled without PMC support,
      spotted and fixed by Nicholas Clark
    + Distribution changes to placate Module::Release

0.221  20080306
    . No functional changes, no need to upgrade
    + Tests, INSTALLDIRS changed for bleadperl integration

0.220  20080304
    . No functional changes, no need to upgrade
    + Removed beta status

0.219  20071020
    . No functional changes, no need to upgrade
    + Added LICENSE section to clarify the license of this code

0.218  20070819
    . No functional changes
    + Code cleanup as suggested by A. Pagaltzis

0.217  20070815
    + Fixed test failure reported by David Cantrell
    + Ripped out most of the logic. All you can do
      is now specify that the base classes should not
      be loaded from a file via C<-norequire>.
    + 5.004 compatibility restored by S├ębastien Aperghis-Tramoni
      (mostly it's the test suite that breaks ...)

0.216 20070805
    Add a test for (transparently) loading a .pmc
    Loading from an arbitrary file is now possible
    Class names may not contain a forward slash anymore

0.215 20070802
    Changed version to a 0.x version to indicate beta status
    5.004 compatibility patch by S├ębastien Aperghis-Tramoni
    Added a test for a module that returns a false value on load
    5.9.x performance improvement change - modify @ISA by assignment

2.14 20070802
    Commented out "use strict" and "use vars qw()" and "no strict()"
    Changed @ISA modification to better suit the MRO

2.13 20070801
    Forked from base.pm