Revision history for Music-Gestalt

0.06    2005-July-13
        Added Insert.
        Added pitch mode 'row'. Now needs MIDI::Pitch.

0.05    2005-July-4th
        Added NoteLength.
        Changed Perl version requirement to 5.6 (from 5.6.1).
        Added Pitches and PitchesMode functions.

0.04    2005-June-28
        Added automation for velocity and pitch middle.

0.03    2005-June-27
        Duration is now changeable.
        Added Density.
        Added Mirror functions

0.02    2005-June-26
        Bugfixes in the conversion from/to scores and in the append function.
        Pitch and velocity parameters are now changeable.

0.01    2005-June-19
        Initial version.