Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-HTDot

0.07    2011/01/04
        POD updates.  Named CGI::Application's load_tmpl_class() as an 
        alternative to this plugin.

0.06    2007/03/19
        Removed my notes to self.

0.05    2007/03/16
        Fixed bug that could trigger a die() if die_on_bad_params is set to 1.

0.04    2007/03/16
        Ported recent modifications to CGI::Application's load_tmpl() method.
        Fixed module metadata.
        Improved test suite.
        Automatically pass CGI::Application object to templates as c.

0.03    2005/08/18
        Added module dependencies to Build.PL.  Updated acknowledgements.

0.02    2005/08/16
        First public version, released on an unsuspecting world.  Mwahaha! ;)

0.01    Never released :(
        For my own testing purposes.