1.81   2006-05-23

  - Don't unconditionally try to require packages in Apache::Session::Flex
    (Dave Rolsky).

1.8    2005-10-06

  - Bug fix to stop death in Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore.

1.70_01    2004-09-01

  - Casey West takes the pumpkin.
  - Complete rewrite of test suite to use Test::* modules.
  - Minor documentation tweaks.


Changes in 1.6:

Fixed file age test for clean().  The previous test was never true.

Applied patch to add TableName option to the DBI/MySQL store.  
From Corris Randall <corris@line6.net>.  Tests added by jwb.

Applied patch from Oliver Maul <oliver.maul@ixos.de> for better Sybase support,
without tests.

Informix support from Mike Langen <mike.langen@tamedia.ch>.  Unfortunately no
tests were included.

Changes in 1.54:

Added mod_uniqueid and mod_usertrack generators from 
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <miyagawa@bulknews.net>

Fixed validate function in Flex.

Move to Digest::MD5 instead of MD5.

Changes in 1.53:


Changes in 1.52:

Chris Winters <cwinters@intes.net> added the Sybase backing store and 
related modules.  

Michael Schout <mschout@gkg.net> fixed a commit policy bug in 1.51.

Edward Lopez <zed@apricot.com> fixed a thinko in the POD.

Peter Baker <Peter@eBluegrass.com> fixed a typo in the POD.

Andrew Wild <andrew@eservers.com.au> fixed a typo in the POD.

Alan Sparks <asparks@cpd.harris.com> fixed a type in the POD.

Jay Lawrence <jlawrenc@infonium.com> changed the interface so that an undefined
or false variable indicates a fresh session.  Previously, only undefined was
considered new.

Lupe Christoph <lupe@lupe-christoph.de> noticed that there was a buffer
race condition in the file store, which is now fixed.

Changes in 1.51:

Added the Oracle backing store.

Changes in 1.50:

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Apache::Session, please note
these changes:

The Apache::Session::DBI module is gone.  It has been obsoleted by MySQL
and Postgres.  Please read the documentation for the module that corresponds
with your database.

The semaphore locker is no longer used anywhere by default.  If you want
to turn it on, you need to hack the modules themselves, or us

By default, all IDs are now 32-characters long.  You can truncate them
to the previous default of 16 characters by providing the IDLength argument
when tieing your sessions.  Note that you might also need to extend the 
datatype of the ID column in your database schema.

All of the modules have been refreshed.  I suggest reading the documentation
for the ones that you plan to use.