1.46   2005-01-08

  - SMTP was broken. I made a horrible mistake with my use of eval.
    Honestly, I feel quite silly. I'm sorry.
  - Added eg/send-email.pl, a program to aid in testing and debuging
    of this code.

1.45   2004-12-22

  - Bug in Email::Send::SMTP in collecting addresses to send for RCPT.
  - Added more error checking in Email::Send::SMTP to return proper
  - Updated dependencies.

1.44   2004-12-17

  - Make Email::Send::SMTP use Return::Value for its returns. These
    are compatible with previous behavior, but offer more detail on
    just what went wrong.
  - Require Return::Value as a dependency. Other mailers may begin
    using it for returns in the future.

1.43   2004-08-07

  - Make Email::Send::SMTP send args to Net::SMTP with host first.
    This makes older Net::SMTPs happy.

1.42   2004-07-29

  - Remove hard dependency on Email::Abstract (for IO::All).
  - Declare hard dependency on Email::Simple.

1.41   2004-07-20

  - Only set defaults for $Sendmail and $Qmail in those mailers
    when the package variable is not already set (Peter Scott).
  - SSL support for Email::Send::SMTP.
  - Use different version scheme, I need more numbers.

1.4    2004-07-08

  - Relaxed prereq on IO::All for testing.
  - Included Bcc in list of addresses to MAIL TO: in
  - Now supports Net::SMTP's auth() (Aaron Trevena).

1.3    2004-07-05

  - Doc typo in Email::Send::Sendmail (Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn).

1.2    2004-06-29

  - Email::Send::SMTP now sends multiple MAIL commands for
    each address in the To and Cc headers. It does not fail
    when it encounters bad addresses, as long as at least one
    address succeeds.

1.1    2004-05-27

  - Initial version.