Release notes for HTTP-Tiny

0.023     2012-09-19 09:55:46 America/New_York


  - IO::Socket::SSL and related prereqs changed to 'required' for dev
    release to get better failure diagnostics from CPAN Testers


  - Skip live SSL testing unless IO::Socket::SSL 1.56+ installed

0.022     2012-06-01 23:31:40 America/New_York


  - Supports local_address option to set local socket interface
    [Chris Nehren, David Golden]

0.021     2012-05-15 22:38:57 America/New_York


  - Skip live SSL testing if $ENV{http_proxy} is set

0.020     2012-05-14 15:24:37 America/New_York


  - Capture prerequisite versions under AUTOMATED_TESTING to help
    chase down some failures from CPAN Testers

0.019     2012-05-14 07:14:00 America/New_York


  - Require IO::Socket::SSL 1.56 (which added SSL_hostname support) when
    doing HTTPS.  [Mike Doherty]


  - Provide better diagnostic output in t/210_live_ssl.t [Mike

0.018     2012-04-18 09:39:50 America/New_York


  - Add verify_SSL option to do more secure SSL operations, incl.
    attempting to validate against a CA bundle (Mozilla::CA
    recommended, but will attempt to find some OS bundles). Also
    add SSL_opts, which passes through IO::Socket::SSL's SSL_*
    options to control SSL verification. (GH #6, #9) [Mike Doherty]

  - Reponse hashref includes final URL (including any redirections)
    [Lukas Eklund]

0.017     2012-02-22 21:57:37 EST5EDT


  - Clarified how max_size exceptions work [ #75142]

  - Clarify that 2XX is success for most methods (except mirror
    where 304 is also success) [ #75141]

0.016     2011-10-26 23:05:50 America/New_York


  - Fixed Perl 5.6 compatibility by emulating utf8::encode [David Golden]

0.015     2011-10-26 16:42:26 America/New_York


  - Make sure PERL_UNICODE doesn't affect PUT test data [Tony Cook]


  - Fixed typo

0.014     2011-10-20 13:54:13 America/New_York


  - Adds additional shorthand methods for all common HTTP verbs
    (HEAD, PUT, POST, DELETE) [David Golden]

  - post_form() method for POST-ing x-www-form-urlencoded data
    [David Golden]

  - www_form_urlencode() utility method [David Golden]

0.013     2011-07-17 23:14:22 America/New_York


  - $ENV{http_proxy} support added [Claes Jakobsson]


  - Internal/private errors converted from "croak" to "die" as internal
    errors are caught by "eval"

0.012     2011-03-31 15:48:02 America/New_York


  - mirror() now uses binmode during output (RT #67118) [Serguei Trouchelle]


  - noted that SSL certificates are not verified against CA's
    (RT #66907)

0.011     2011-03-19 20:48:39 America/New_York


  - Made t/000_load.t less verbose under harness (RT#65507) [Dave Mitchell]

  - Removed 'Errno' as an explicit prefix (it is a core module, but not
    indexed by PAUSE, which might confuse some installers)

0.010     2011-02-04 02:45:31 EST5EDT


  - Fixed test errors on VMS (RT#65430) [Craig Berry]

0.009     2011-01-17 16:29:22 EST5EDT

  - Added workaround for IO::Socket::SSL certificate verification bug

  - Minor documentation improvements

  - POST example added to the eg/ directory in the distribution tarball

0.008     2011-01-14 06:34:55 EST5EDT

  - Added support for direct 'https' connections if IO::Socket::SSL
    is installed

  - Added support for a callback to provide trailing headers for
    chunked transfer encoding

  - Data callbacks receive the response hashref as a second argument
    for greater flexibility

  - Additional limitations documented

0.007     2011-01-12 04:56:16 EST5EDT

  - Added support for redirecting 303 and 307 response codes

  - Retry (once) a request that fails due to a closed socket
    (per RFC2616 8.1.4)

  - Automatically sets request Content-Type to 'application/octet-stream'
    if there is content the user has not defined its type

  - Trailing headers from chunked transfer encoding are now merged
    into the response headers instead of ignored

  - Improved handling of malformed or unsupported HTTP protocols

  - Expanded http:///.../ as http://localhost/.../ and set Host header

  - Documented that URL's must be escaped/encoded

  - Documented that the headers hash option may contain an array reference
    to output multiple values of the same header field

  - Improved documentation of limitations

  - Added numerous new tests to ensure compliance with the HTTP/1.1 spec

0.006     2011-01-10 07:28:11 EST5EDT

  - Transfer-Encodings are case insensitive

  - Add additional test for proper behavior when both Content-Length
    and Transfer-Encoding headers are received

0.005     2011-01-08 06:32:05 EST5EDT

  - Fixed bug getting content for servers which do not sent Content-Length

  - Add test coverage for get(), mirror() and request()

  - Add test coverage for requests with static and generated content

0.004     2010-12-15 22:53:59 EST5EDT

  - Renamed 'ok' response field to 'success'

  - Handle all required HTTP/1.1 date formats

  - Documented how callbacks are supposed to work

0.003     2010-12-15 12:30:42 EST5EDT

  - Added 'ok' response field to simplify checking success

  - Added a 'mirror' method mirror content to a file, but shortcut
    if not modified

0.002     2010-12-13 21:59:39 EST5EDT

  - Added some initial documentation

  - Skips utf8::* code on Perls older than 5.8

0.001     2010-12-11 07:59:16 EST5EDT

  - Initial CPAN release