* Updated META.*
  * test creation of brand new, orphan branch
  * fix: no warnings when commits have no author
  * bot: log repository on authentication failure
  * put tag name in changes for plain tags too
  * bot: always decode parameters
  [ Daman Ivanov ]
  * disable indexing of privinc/
  * fix a couple of cases of conrdirtional declaration
  * add a Perl::Critic test for conditional declarations
  * bot: do not answer back if no answers are configured
  * rate-lmit autoresponses
  [ Damyan Ivanov ]
  * Skip some tests when required SVN::* or Git modules are unavailable
  * Fix dist_name from App::KGB to App-KGB
  [ Damyan Ivanov ]
  * Fix version disparity between App::KGB and kgb-bot
  [ Damyan Ivanov ]
  * Client::Git: use --format=raw when describing annotated tags
  [ gregor herrmann ]
  * kgb-bot:
    - fix typo when accessing global config
    - call polygen_available with full class name
  [ Damyan Ivanov ]
  * kgb-bot: drop the asterix prefix from revision number
  * Makefile: fix (real|dist)clean targets to use ./Build for the real work
  * App::KGB::Change:
    + fix typo in POD
    + make the stringification method public and document it
  * t/52-client-git.t: when comparing changes, force objects to stringify
  * fix typo in Client::Subversion POD

  * kgb-bot: use File::Which to find polygen binary; split out the
    polygen-finding function; closes: #593631
  * kgb-bot: check existence of polygen binary before using it;
    closes: #593633
  * add gregor to copyright holders
  * move polygen detection entirely at runtime
  * any problems in finding polygen binary are logged only when debug is
    enabled as a counter-measure against remotely-assisted log abuse

  * use Digest::SHA from core instead of ::SHA1
  * remove references to Svn::* from Build.PL
    Closes: #582739 (by working around #589812)

  * Synchronized versions of kgb-bot and KGB

  * Protocol v2
    + Adds a new parameter, revision prefix, which is printed plain before the
      bold commit ID
    + The default revision prefix is empty ('')
    + Subversion revision prefix is 'r'

  * Client: drop branch/module detection if not all changed paths are in the
    same branch/module

  * ServerRef: send commit_id as a string
  * Commit: decode UTF-8 log messages
  * ServerRef: encode all strings before sending

  * bot:
    + print the path information part along the author and revision

  * bot:
    + bump years of copyright
    + make manual page speak about 'kgb-bot', not 'KGB'
    + out(): this is a class method, do not print the first argument
    + remove the '_ECHO_' network
  * Git:
    + more robust commit parsing
    + fix describing newly created branches
  * client:
    + fail gracefuly when repo type module is not available
  * tests
    + support sending test commits to a live running bot when
      TEST_KGB_BOT_RUNNING is in the environment

  * Git: fix describing merge commits
  * bot: replace change flags (A+)... with colors
  * bot: avoid sending changed files list for commits that don't
    contain changed files
  * bot: always detect common changes directory

  * kgb-bot: fix the code detecting common root for all changes

  * add a test ensuring that App::KGB and kgb-bot are the same version
  * client
    + honor branch and module supplied by commit
    + make server choice stable within one client call
    + Git
      - drop autodie and check for error when calling open()
      - when describing changes, use App::KGB::Change objects
      - fix parsing of multi-line log messages
      - fix reverse commit order on branch updates
      - special handling of signed/annotated tags
      - use raw commit logs to detect file additions/removals

  * move generation of a smart answers to a subroutine
  * make the autoresponder use polygen
  * fix typo in an error message

  * kgb-bot has its own version. no longer pulls the client via App::KGB

  * print unhandled IRC stuff only when debugging is enabled
  * implement logging
  * drop auto-rejoin TODO item (sort of done)
  * move discovery of sender's net into a subroutine
  * respond to CTCP requests
  * implement !version command
  * MANIFEST.SKIP: also skip blib
  * make orig target invoke d/rules clean to ensure the tarball is created
    off a clean tree
  * test-server.conf: use local irc server for testing
    test server considers all local users admins
  * handle both public and private messages